Детские домашние сапожки из флиса

Детские домашние сапожки из флиса

friends today i will show you
how I sewed shoes for my daughters came cold
uncomfortable legs took her usual the boot she wears circled the foot
it will be our pattern now we will make the top and
start to sew boots it’s all done quickly and easily even
if you do not have any skills you a woman and a woman knows everything even horses
at the gallop stops further cut the sole is almost to the end and bred if
you want them to work out more wider then you can breed widely I
doing right on the foot so spread the centimeters into five circles and
we just need to circle up and on like this go a little bit as simple as
tangent to part we need a pattern to make it with us
these sides now painted ass will make it the same
the size of three and a half cm set aside and with this side three and a half further
height do the height of the lift begins i measured
it turned out I don’t know how many are not there I remember not seen
and also put off three and a half from these sides and now connect these
dots and we get with you here such a mysterious detail with the letter l
we do not measure anything anymore because it is suitable for us because
practically circled our insole now we cut it all out and start cutting on
fabric fabric i took fleece pink fleece because he’s soft pretty
insole yes insole can be done some waterproof
I made of eco-leather double fleece insole
soft and comfortable to walk your choice fantasy has no
borders further we insole on which I cut one more time
draw on paper because we come in handy for cutting just
circle and cut it nothing breeding anywhere here is such a simple pattern we get if you put your foot and circle your foot
then I think that some allowances are necessary will do and will be shoes not just
so it’s better to take some sneaker to enter it we take fleece and
fold and cut into 2 additions doing another plus allowance somewhere around 0.7 centimeters per seam because the shoe seems to be big but in
the final version is still needed allowances for us to be cut for sewing
We have one detail, but we need such 4 details I can’t see the pencil
and cut off so on we take a pattern of this
uncomplicated parts and circle it too with allowances do everything
with allowances fleece you can take two colors that is
you will have one color inside another so that it was more interesting
just my idea for you also cut out I put you to see
what there are allowances everywhere allowances for all the details and even in
the middle then we measure the distance where
we will have a foot enter this distance
11 cm turned out and start draw a rectangle he y
we will be in length 25 centimeters do for all allowances
at the seams and a height of 20 centimeters I because I want to collect it on an elastic band
and then with a twist to do 20 centimeters just enough foot at
daughter 13 half centimeters here if you suddenly need
there will be a pattern you do not want to build you I write on the site I will post on the site
references you know where I write under video button still click on this button and
you have a page from the bottom little window
and it contains all the links that I give I say this for those who write in
I don’t see the link to the comments everything is there and you have to manually look for these
links and write in the comments you know i I realized that I no longer have time for this
enough so I explain to you where these links are here you see 10
centimeters in a bend we got with fold and 25 Well, the second boot for sure
Also, in principle, we have cut for the second boot is already a rectangle
we only have 2 insoles and two make these details
two insoles and up no up again not so put it
here is the sole and here is how to climb goes i don’t know what it’s called i don’t
shoemaker here she’s a little detail soyuz call her insoles
4 soyuzka details and two details the rectangle is all we need so i
didn’t even notice how much it took me fabrics but I bought 1 meter I myself still
I want to sew the same warm shoes I have very much left
many more centimeters 80 left no 80 centimeters 70 left
the cutting process is completed further we start sewing first we sew
an elastic band in the middle to our rectangles, the main thing here is not
mix up the inside slipper because they are slightly the same
but in principle you can see from the bushes so please do not get confused
take a rectangle and the gum right in the middle is not starting from
beginning and retreated slightly I could do it all from the beginning
I think she’ll get together, but somehow gathered not very stretched so
sew simple ordinary straight stitch before I zigzag
attached it and it just attached regular line
stretching very tightly it must be not until the end I sewed it, too, centimeters 15 for
so she pulled the top further we take
vamp face to face folding like this
stretch begin to sew 0.7 centimeters with us
there will be an allowance the line will go 07 centimeter from the edge sew on one side of the rectangle
and the same thing on the other hand rectangle we will do take 2 parts of the vamp also face to face
there you can see on the fleece where is his face it turns the inside out straight without
villi and a face with villi so there is no
confused in fleece we sew also these two details
we grind it is the easiest way because if you sew
rectangle together then you will embroider in a circle then there may move out
move somewhere and get a curve the shoe is therefore the best way and
now we are building up one line our
back seam just look for all seams were connected together
so that nothing goes anywhere Now we cut off all that is superfluous so that behind
nothing got in the way and turn make a bend on
here we connect everything together you can fix the seam inside here
where we have a vamp connects with a rectangle but you can just
I’ll sew these two parts together Now I’ll collect together and right around
I will stitch the perimeter all over this so we connect the length along the edge of the line
we lay so that they are already stitching haven’t moved anywhere to be together
forever and when washing generally I will insole do a seam out
because daughters don’t like when some irregularities come across waited, waited for a daughter here do you understand
you don’t put anything on her we also connect the insole with each other
now and so that the details do not go anywhere and
then together all this stitching without inverting is simple and I will sweep on
typewriter immediately and stitch together basically some kind of oblique you can sew with an inlay
can do but i did so cold suddenly suddenly stepped like this
always everything comes unexpectedly winter unexpectedly comes test
unexpectedly comes into our lives do not mix insole too
on the insole also has a recess which
there is a top so do not mess with her it is visible now we connect the sole to each other
friend there, in principle, everything is visible because what serifs do on her
to connect and the sole and top part
but since we are not much apart she hasn’t changed much
therefore deformed practically the insole is the same as up
leg will not flounder it is possible
not bare to wear but you can just bare shoes
it will not be worn and dumped if would have developed a little more it would have turned out and
we have more here this is our version of the boot I wanted from behind
sew the wings but the daughter is already separating them and went so the wings did not have time to be sewn scampering without wings so now we
overlock handle this shovchik and we admire the result
the process is practically accessible to any mom please any grandmother
make them a new thing you can decorate by any things you can sew the crown there and sew the wings behind also from fleece only white
like me there is a very good course about sneakers for dolls if you suddenly somehow necessary
the link below will be under the video we sew and shoes and shoes for all of them
the shoes have turned out successful for you creativity
see you soon friends sign up thank you for your attention bye bye

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