История бренда Puma | Почему это одна из самых крутых компаний в мире?

История бренда Puma | Почему это одна из самых крутых компаний в мире?

Puma company at this
moment is in the top three the coolest manufacturers
sportswear! The best football players in the world
wear boots with a logo as an image WILD
cats, teams in uniform from this German brand
mundial win Olympic athletes pose
equipment world records company. But which way did the cougar go
in 70 years to reach such results? How did it all start? What decisions did
powerful influence on development company? Right now i’m about it and
I will tell. Here is the second series
rubrics “history of football brands. ” Let’s talk about Puma. But before starting, I remind you
what is the partner of our channel is a company marathon
Beth which at the BR award Awards has been officially recognized
the most reliable bookmaker Russia, and also is
partner of one of the main Puma brand yoke clubs
– Manchester city. The link to the Marathon below,
and we are starting! It all started in the year 24 when
two young siblings founded a company with the name
“Brothers shoe factory Dassler. ” The younger Adolf loved more
invent new models and their sewing,
and the elder Rudolph was strong in marketing. Together, the guys
reached a good 20 years – invented and released
football boots athletes they won in their products
olympic games while the factory had two full workshops
and made about 200 pairs of shoes per day! But in 46, the brothers are very
fought hard because of development disagreements
companies and political views. They generally stopped talking
and decided to split the family business equally. The brothers agreed that
none of them can use The past name of the factory is Dassler. So both decided to call
own firms by connecting the FIRST
letters of a name and surname – senior came up with ruda – from Rudolph
Dassler and the younger AdiDas – from Adolf Dassler. As a result over time
a unique situation when the headquarters of two
largest manufacturers sporting goods are
a few hundred meters apart in a maaaalenky
a place with 20 thousand inhabitants. Herzogenaurach called
“The city of the bent neck” because the townspeople walking
through the streets, viewed who has some shoes. Even people are divided into
two camps – it looked like to confrontation in fierce
Derby. Two city football
Club of course occupied different sides: one played
exclusively at adidas, another – at Puma. From this TEMPORARY point
separate stories begin two giant world
sports companies full BATTLE FOR AMBASSADORS
FROM SPORT, competition ON SALES, scandals
and cool inventions. The name RUDA lasted
not for long – Rudolph decided change it to Puma – such
he had a nickname in his youth. It was also associated
with speed and agility – what sports needs
brand. In the future, the company always
tried to match to these characteristics! First global product
new steel factory wildly stylish soccer shoes
Puma Atom With Unscrew spikes in 52. It’s still not clear who
actually was an author this technology, because in
same time Adidas released shoes with a similar system. The younger brother turned out to be more
agile and shod in their soccer team of Germany on mundial
54 years, which she won. Cougars boss was furious
what not his shoes went into a story. He believed that Adolf had time
spy on his best practices. Further on FOOTBALL
this later. Despite the first failure
SPORTS – Athletes in shoes of this brand have reached
cool results – gold at olympiads and championships
of the world. Rudolph built the image
company so that she associated with victories
speed and innovation. He clearly decided to distance himself
from Adik. Rudy did not focus
on one favorite form sports (like a brother in football),
and constantly expanded the scope activities. Company introduced into the circle
easy interests and weightlifting, basketball,
cycling, rugby, tennis … But not only the width of the assortment
and marketing he paid time without cool technology
beat brother would difficult! So in the 60th Puma introduced
revolutionary for those times technological method
connecting the sole to the top shoes by vulcanization. And a little later appears
another know-how – Velcro instead of shoelaces. At that time it was real
cool! And in 67 the logo was born
Cougars, who now know worldwide! Its author Caricaturist
Lutz Bakes spent several hours at the zoo nearby
with a cell of the same name animal and realized that it
not compatible with grace and lightness
about which in the TECHNICAL Rudolph mentioned the assignment
Dassler. “I took a notebook and sat down
in front of the cage with cougars. Before me is beautiful, strong,
but not a graceful animal with a big butt. In the next cell sat
black, flexible and elegant panther, ”Beckes recalled The artist advised the company
use her image in the logo, and also recommended
change the name of the factory. “Yes, but they called me in childhood
Puma, not Panther! ” Rudolph was angry. The artist suggested about
200 logo options, but all it was not that. Then he went to the trick:
painted the body and movement panthers adding head
cougars. And it worked! As a fee to Lutzu
suggested two ways payment. Or sales deductions
half euro a cent on our money for
every puma product with its logo. Or a fixed payout
– at the current rate of about 255 euros. Even Gerd Dassler is a son
Rudolph who in full helped his father, convinced the artist
agree to a commission. “Take a half cent apiece
– you did a good job maybe we will continue
use your drawing “, He said. Backes figured in his mind: for
5000 issued bags with logo he would get just about
25 euros at the current exchange rate, funny money. Lutz chose 255 euros right away,
and also asked for a pair of sneakers and bag. So he missed a chance to become
phenomenally rich person. According to one magazine,
currently an artist would own a state of about
22 (TWENTY TWO MILLIONS) million euros if I received
half a cent for every sold goods from the logo of the cat. Do you feel sorry for this guy? In the 70s, Walt Fraser WINS
NBA CHAMPION RING in Puma sneakers, and through
10 years brand ambassador became tennis player Boris Becker
– the youngest winner Wimbledon’s story. In 86, Puma surprised the whole
the world by releasing smart shoes – exactly what they are proud of now
many companies. A sensor was built into the crosses,
which fixed the speed and the distance of the athlete. Check out how they looked! And in the late 80s, the company stopped
to be family – already sons Rudolph Armin and Gerd, who ruled
at that moment Puma put up venture to the stock exchange and
got rid of 72% of the shares. And in 91 he came to the corporation
new CEO not related
connections with the Dasslers. His task was not to yield
actively developing competitors and find new
niches. The company moved away from sports
in the narrow sense, and began to produce shoes and clothes for active
Lifestyle – Life Style for a wide audience. They began to create collections
for children, for youth, for the middle generation,
for the elderly. We were involved in cooperation
fashion designers and technologists maximized
practicality of products while reducing its cost. In the beginning of the 90s Puma released
technology that lives to this day – lacing system
Disk. Shoes are fixed simple
by turning this contraption – imagine how it was
cool at the time. In studs with this system
ambassadors won 3 gold at the Olympics 92 years. In 96, the company impressed everyone
their marketing move. Sprinter Linford Christie
besides performances in a bale brand put on a press conference
Puma logo lenses and shocked the whole world. After more than 20 years, this
the case is still shocking. In the 2000s and 2010s, the brand is still
actively looking for new niches: Formula 1, yacht racing, boxing,
golf, yoga, e-sports. List of Puma Ambassadors
always been full of top stars: Oscar De La Hoya, Michael
Schumacher, Serena Williams, Usain Bolt. And of course there were many
interesting in football! Despite the activity
in many sports football always
was important. Especially since Rudolf Dassler
could not but excite and don’t motivate first
the success of the brother’s company, and then bold Americans
from nike. But it’s worth saying that competition
benefited the industry generally. After all, thanks to the struggle of brands
the market developed by leaps and bounds in steps. There were other interesting facts.
confrontation: For example, in 58 Rudolph
challenged in court advertising slogan “Adidas – the best in
sports shoes in the world! ”, since the team
Brazil won the World Cup, speaking in Puma boots. Can champions wear
not the best bale? Brand loyalty in the second
half of the 20th century scandalous proved immediately two GREAT
footballer – THEY went contrary technical sponsor
of his team (ADIKU) and did not obey the requirement
change the brand of boots. First was famous
the story of Johan Cruyff, which is not only not
refused to boot Puma, but also removed the logo adidas with
of his form the national team of Holland and played in a T-shirt with two
stripes on sleeves instead three on the World Cup 74. One in a team. And then Lothar Matteus in
80s did not agree to anything change shoe supplier
in case of transition to Bavaria, which was equipped
adikom. The midfielder is from Herzogenaurach,
his father worked in a factory Cougars. Brand love was stronger
desire to play in Bavaria. End up bosses
club made concessions talented soccer player. TWENTY YEARS OLD
– In 68 the cult was born brand Puma King boots with brand
sidebar which released to this day! She was made of leather
kangaroo and had a special water repellent coating. Months before
World Cup 70 Armin Dassler (son of Rudolph,
who replaced his father at that time) hired a resident
in Rio de Janeiro journalist Hans Genningsen who had
good connections in south america so that he convinces how
more local footballers to compete in Puma boots. But Genningsen was ordered
do not discuss this deal with Pele. This was because
Armin and Horst (son of Adolf WHICH BY TIME
became the head of adik) earlier made a secret agreement
according to which they committed don’t lure one friend
friend football players as well do not sign a contract
with Pele to avoid the jump amounts of advertising transactions. However, Pele, who knew about the agreements
OUR TEAM PARTNERS with Puma, voiced to Henningsen
claim and cougar decided break the agreement. Contract to the king of football
was suggested, adik was shocked. So
founding fathers war two companies outgrew
in the war of the sons of the heirs. Pele went to the opening match
in the brand new puma king and showed them to the whole world by starting defiantly
tie the shoelaces before starting whistle. Others played in these boots.
legendary soccer players – Diego Maradona, Johan
Cruyff, Eusebio, Lothar Matteus. Really a cult model! Worth saying love Puma
was for what – the product was upscale and technological. Here are a few significant
football releases in history feline brand: Back in the 60s, the company produced
textured cleats on horseback – what is now being used
many companies. It seems that this particular model
seriously influenced modern different technologies
inserts for BEST grip with a ball. Also in the 70s, Puma released
cutout model Achilles site
reducing the load. You saw how some
modern football players manually shred their shoes
just around the heels – for example Coutinho? It is very strange that now
such models are not produced straight from the conveyor. In the 80s, the cult model Puma
King got a revolutionary, lightweight and manoeuvrable sole. Maradona in such boots
scored two of his most famous goal against the English. In 2002, marketers and
Puma engineers struck everyone on the spot by releasing the form
for the national team of Cameroon without sleeveless to the Africa Cup. Reason so bold
design served not only possible hype, but also real
the problem is brand employees noticed that the players
because of the heat they roll up their sleeves. Indomitable Lions won
that tournament but got ban on the form. FIFA rules sleeves
must be required because they are placed
miscellaneous advertising and patches tournament. To the World Cup Puma just
sewed on the shape of black sleeves that terribly contrasted
with the foundation. And in 2004 at the Africa Cup
the company decided to hold another experiment with
the shape of Cameroon by making her tight
overalls. Assurance kit chip
the brand was that rivals couldn’t grab anymore
HEAD. Do not believe it, but this form
Fifa rejected, nothing plainly not explaining and fined
Cameroon Federation. The Cougars Guide Still
sure that this happened due to the influence of Adidas
on FIFA. By the way, that jumpsuit
worn with zippers on your shoulders – you probably
they asked themselves how did it work AT EVERY BIG FOOTBALL
TOURNAMENT Puma found a way surprise and promote your
products. It doesn’t matter if it’s bright
abassador or multi-colored cleats dazzling on a TV picture,
the brand has been in the spotlight. In the whole history of worlds
45 teams played in uniform from Puma, and the Italian team
in 2006 won the coveted trophy. And the players who won
trophy in boots with logo wild cats are hard to count. The brand is still trying
match your ideology and be yourself
DYNAMIC company for the fastest athletes. PUMA reaches capitalization in 70 years
more than 5.4 billion euros. Products sold at 120
countries for the benefit of the common about 13 thousand work goals
human. If we talk about football,
then the cougar is trying to hold on in TOP and overtake runaways
ahead of competitors who paid a little more attention
to this market. Over the past 2-3 years done
tremendous work and invested a lot of money for development
football division – all thanks to the new leader
former professional company player Björn Guilden. Boots advance by
search for new ambassadors, Partnership Outfit
with clubs and teams. Check out whom the Germans from
stars signed for the last time: David Silva, Zinchenko,
Clouds, Lukaku, Suarez, Coulibaly – and this list
is growing. Here is a symbolic team
brand we are wrong long made up. A lot of tops, including
Griezmann and Aguero. Brand at the moment
promotes 3 boot silhouettes – synthetic Future, leather
One and classic King. But despite the generally technological
shoes and cool ambassadors, in this market the brand has
only about 7%. Adik and Nike came off
far away but there is a feeling that something could change soon. From clubs on contract
the corporation has a valid Premier Champion – Manchester
City, as well as Borussia Dortmund, Milan, FC Krasnodar, and soon
Atletico will join Madrid. Competition here is no less
tough – to sign elite teams need
invest a lot in this. Among 98 clubs from TOP-5 European
championships 12 perform in the shape of a cat logo
– which is a little over 12%. Among the national teams in the form of Puma
playing Italy, Uruguay, Serbia, Switzerland, Czech Republic,
Slovakia, several African teams. With the 19/20 season, the brand has become
official supplier balls for Spanish examples. This is a big event considering
what national tournaments were almost monopolized
Nike. Cougar is also quite successful
competes in the goalkeeper market gloves equipping top
gate guard. About 10% of goalkeepers from European
championships perform in a bale of feline brand
logo, among which Donnaruma, Leno, Buffon
and cloud. The company is still storming
new niches – for example, basketball and eSports, collaborating
with superstars even from showbiz world – sort of
Jay Z, Rihanna and Selena Gomez and of course is working on
new technologies. Here are the top 3 coolest topical
developments from Puma to this moment: 1) Custom boots
lacing They are not like any
market competitor model – the cool invention of Puma,
allowing to adapt foot shoes practically
any shape and width. Realized the problem and came up with
her decision! 2) Sneakers with live bacteria,
which are adjusted under biological features
their owner. They are made of material,
whose cavities are filled microorganisms. Bacteria can sense
sweat or heat. The more sweat and heat
the more active they are: microorganisms selectively remove material
with shoes creating a unique ventilation scheme, in those
places where it is needed. Really some kind of fantastic
thing. 3) Clothing with thermoregulation
If the athlete is moving, vent valves
open, letting cold air in and out
warm AFTER HE HEAT, which is optimal
regulates the body climate. And if the athlete stopped
– holes are closed. This jacket was so
cool that won the nomination Outerwear at the exhibition
ISPO AWARD 2016 And the company is serious
confused to protect the environment environment and spends big
forces to research this directions. For a few years cougar seriously
reduced the percentage of harmful emissions at OUR ENTERPRISES
by optimizing production and developing new green
materials. The company’s website indicates
that the protection of nature is one from priority areas
German outfitter. It can not but cause sympathy. Despite the fact that the Russian
the market is not so interesting for many outfitters,
Puma is quite active with us. Все новинки появляются
оперативно, компания устраивает классные презентации – вроде
приезда Тьерри Анри, на которой мне удалось побывать. Отдел маркетинга активно
сотрудничает с лидерами мнений из мира шоубизнеса,
спорта и YouTube – среди амбассадоров Федук, Луна, Алина Загитова,
Эвонеон. Бренд активно работает
в соц сетях именно с русскоязычной аудиторией – Группа Вконтакте
насчитывает около 350 тысяч подписчиков, а паблик в
инсте в районе 75 тысяч. В Российской премьер Лиге
в экипировке от Пумы играет две команды – Краснодар
и Крылья Советов. Несколько футболистов
являются амбассадорами бренда – например Матвей
Сафонов и Илья Кутепов. Первые магазины Puma в России
были открыты в 1999 году. А сегодня компания работает
в 18 городах страны! Ну а если вы ищете продукцию
бренда с хорошей скидкой – заходите на наш сервис
Мяч Маркет. Там порой попадаются очень
сочные товары немецкого экипировщика за приемлемый
прайс. Ссылка в описании – экономьте! —
Вот так во многом благодаря острой конкуренции Пума
подарила немало классных продуктов всему миру. Мне кажется самое крутое
в этой истории то, что когда-то мааалькое предприятие
благодаря упорному труду превратилось в самостоятельного
гиганта индустрии, который жив и процветает даже спустя
десятилетия, после отхода от дел семьи основателя. Надеюсь вам понравилось
это видео и вы оцените его жирным лайком. Давайте наберем 6 тысяч
и я приступлю к созданию ролика о другой компании
– какой – пишите в комментарии. Адидас? Найк? Может что-то из олдскула,
типа Умбро? Решать вам. Зацените наши прошлые ролики,
например историю Андер Армор – говорят получилось
interesting. Я Юра Русанов, Мяч Лаб. Будьте быстрыми как амбассадоры
Пума. Till!

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