10 Helpful Life Hacks for Men! Smart DIY Ideas and Cool Guy Hacks

10 Helpful Life Hacks for Men! Smart DIY Ideas and Cool Guy Hacks

Here, kitty kitty… Here, Adam Adam… Well, this guy is all high and mighty after
a good workout in the gym This manly odor is like a trophy after a good
leg day! Ew… The smell of your shoes is surely what doesn’t
work out. What does Adam have in common with Mr. Furball? They both have a tendency to produce terrible
smells, but they can both use micro crystal kitty litter to get rid of it! They are made to absorb the rancid smell of
cat feces. Please no, Adam, at least, not here…. Chill. As long as you have one in your bag, it will
completely absorb the smell of sweat and dirty shoes. The relationship between Jess and Adam’s
shoes after a workout will surely work out! Risin’ up! Back in the gym! Went the distance, now I’m back on the beat! Just Adam and his will to lift some weights! That’s the right vibe to keep pumping up
those biceps! But that ain’t the right sports gear hangin’
there. Pockets are for those who got nowhere to put
their hands, right? Adam’s fists are way too busy lifting weights! But his phone has suddenly lost its will to
fight on… Urgh, gotta hate those moments when your gear
just can’t keep up with your fighting spirit… Risin’ up to the challenge of your cables! You’ve sure got the eye of a tiger! Or maybe just an extra pair of socks… Grab a sock and cut off the end. You’ve got it, buddy! A sleeve that you can put on your pumped-up
biceps! Ain’t no one getting on your path, pal! No, it’s not for measuring your progress,
this is an arm pocket for your phone! HA! Keep pumpin! Ugh. The fight is on! [ROAR]
Ah, cereal with… sunglasses? Lucas was looking for them everywhere! Seriously, though…. Quite a lot of repotting that needs to be
done here! Just fill the pots with enough… sunglasses. Seriously! Laying back for a reading session on… sunglasses??? Again!?? They’re EVERYWHERE!!! Except the place where they’re supposed
to be! Now that I think about it, do they actually
have a dedicated spot? I’m sure we can manage to hook up an idea
or two for this. Adhesive hooks will surely help us out! Stick a set right on the backside of your
wardrobe door and we’re set! You’ve got so many shades… of shades!
[chuckle] No more stressy hot head over messy sunglasses! Keep it cool, Lucas~
Isn’t it about time to shave off some of your life problems, starting with your stubbly
chin? The best thing a man can get is a good shaving
session. Not the best though, when you’re out of
foam… It’s never a good time for this… Grab a bowl and throw in a spoonful of coconut
oil. A generous spoon! Then add a drop of vanilla extract for a sweet
scent! And mix it all up. It’s pretty easy when you use a mixer! Put this delightfully scented cream into a
handy jar and get it ready for action! Suitable for any sensitive skin and it works
the same as any branded shaving foam! Coconut oil is full of valuable nutrients. Believe me, your skin will thank you for this! As smooth as butter! I mustache you a question, but maybe I’ll
shave it for later! [chuckle] It’s finally the right season for Adam’s
new shoes! All we need is… to get your feet… inside…
somehow… Put yourself in his shoes, folks, we’ve
all been there… Those high-necked sneakers with shoelaces
seem like a terrible match… What if he could stretch them a bit… Or maybe… stretch the shoelaces? Remove them! Instead of the usual ones, swap them out for
elastic bands! Make a simple knot just like that and pierce
the ends through the other hole. Don’t forget to make another knot there
as well! Be sure to pick a color you like. Stay flexible, you can always find a way out
of tight situations like this! Elastic bands and high-necked shoes make a
good match, don’t you think? Feels comfy, doesn’t Adam? And he’s heading out… on foot, of course!
[chuckle] Who said that a good SPA session is just for
girls? Oh yes, tranquility! A good man-icure when you’re feeling tense! Aaaaand we’re ready for another stressful
day. It seems his hair isn’t, though. Not as tranquil as the rest. Sadly, there’s no more cream to smoothen
the curls. If you can’t pull off that perfect hairstyle… Throw a couple of tablespoons of beeswax into
a bowl! Then two spoonfuls of coconut oil. A couple of olive oil. A spoonful of arrowroot powder. Mix it all up into a slimy mass and put it
into a handy jar. Just a bit of it will help you smoothen those
messy curls. And brush all those problems away with ease! And you might not smell it now, but, believe
me, it smells AMAZING. Doesn’t it, Joshua? This hair wax sure helped him straighten out
the problem of his messy curls. Ah, lettuce get together, precious bacon! No, Adam, this time, no greenery. Don’t you find it strange that we bake cookies
and cook bacon? Nope, he doesn’t seem to have any problems
with that. It’s all fine, isn’t it? But I don’t think it’s supposed to smell
like that… Better go break a piggy bank and just order
some properly cooked bacon… When you think about it, bakin’ bacon does
sound better, doesn’t it? Grab an oven tray and cover it with foil. Align the bacon slices just like that. Oh yes! Set your oven at 400 degrees and throw the
tray in there. Leave them to bake for 15 minutes and we’re
done! Looks like you’ve been ham-bushed by the
delightful smell of baked bacon! And the best part of this hack is – no need
to wash anything! Just remove the foil off the tray. This hack is sure to “bake” any meat lover’s
day! Jacob is already waiting for Joshua. And this guy seems to be ready… almost. These sneakers… Not the coolest style to run with… It’s always the same story with shoes… If it looks good, it hurts… If it’s ugly, it fits… No way is this pretty boy putting up with
that! First, let’s remove the shoelaces. We gotta do something about them! How about we use this super awesome special
shoe lacing technique! Looks WAY cooler, doesn’t it? As long as you keep the laces behind the shoe
tongue, we’re good! Joshua sure ran the extra mile with this shoe
hack! That’s definitely a style to run with, wouldn’t
you say so, Jacob? Everyone keeps forgetting about all the other
ways to tie them! Jacob sure is loving this neat style. Kind of ashamed of his own simplicity as well… Once you see it, you can’t unsee it, right,
buddy? Um, Joshua, please teach us your ways! Pretty please! No matter how much time a girl spends in front
of a mirror, for a guy, it’s always too long… Loooong road to ride, right Adam? Mister, Jessica can sense your incomplete
style from miles away! You have to look like a real gentleman for
once! Happy? The perfect device for necktie ironing doesn’t
exist… Said no one ever. Here comes Jessica’s hair straightener! Not only does it make the perfect hairstyle,
but it also is great for ironing a necktie! See? Almost as excellent as you are! Okay, fair enough, mister!
Well, sir, shall we go? Hey Crafty Pandas! I hope you’re enjoying this video as much
as Jacob is. Let us know just how much by smashing that
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already! And most importantly, don’t forget to leave
a comment down below! We read them all! Joshua has set up the date for a date and
yet. It looks like this situation has reached a
split end… Straighten up, buddy, dry shampoo is there
to save the day! Just spray some right on your messy hair. Don’t be shy, it’s dry after all! And for that desired hairstyle, push that
hair back, boy! Oooooh yessss! Megan has been waiting for quite a while now
but isn’t angry a slight bit [chuckle] A bouquet of flowers and a good hairstyle
is the best combo for a first date. Emily is babysitting Jacob, while he’s trying
to make a milkshake. Little did she know that it’s impossible
to prevent a man from making a mess in the kitchen. You know what they say, don’t be afraid
to take whisks from time to time! [laughter] How is it shakin’ for ya, Jacob? The milkshake isn’t even ready and you’re
already messed up! You will have to change your shirt now. Well, since it’s torn already, I’d say
we give it a little remix instead! Cut off the sleeves. It needs to be in the shape of an apron! With a bit of sewing, our kitchen outfit is
ready for action! Be sure to keep the collar part for a unique
classic twist! But tie it up just like a regular apron! That’s right, Jacob, are you ready for some
manly cooking? Who’s the man now? We hope that it will enhance your cooking skills as well! Life is what you bake it, right? [chuckle] Hey, Crafty Pandas,
I hope you enjoyed these life hacks. Let us know which of them you’re gonna use
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