19 Year Old Woman Now Wants To Know Her Real Father (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

19 Year Old Woman Now Wants To Know Her Real Father (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

JUDGE LAKE: You may be seated. Hello, Your Honor. This is the case of
Hayslip v. Hayslip.
Thank you. Good day, everyone. Miss Hayslip,
you are seeking a DNA test to prove that Mr. Hayslip,
the defendant, is your biological father. You’ve believed he’s
your biological father
for many years, yet you say he has
never allowed you
into his life. You acknowledge that
your mother may have had sexual relations
with multiple men at the time
of your conception, but you claim
you were always told that Mr. Hayslip
was your father. You’ve brought
your aunt along here today
for moral support. Now, Mr. Hayslip,
you say you wanna prove that Miss Hayslip is not your
biological daughter today. You admit to being very angry because you claim
you’ve been forced to pay child support
for the past 19 years for a child
you did not father. You are also asking
Miss Hayslip to change
her last name so that she no longer has yours
after today’s test results
are revealed. Yes. JUDGE LAKE: Now, Mr. Hayslip,
when did you first hear that Miss Hayslip
is potentially your daughter? I had moved
from southern Michigan
to northern Michigan. I was on my way back,
about 200-mile trip
to southern Michigan. I was pulled over for speeding. And he said,
“You have a failure
to pay support.” And this was the first time,
you’re driving along, routine traffic stop,
and they say this to you? Yes, ma’am. In fact, they handcuffed me
and when they did, I was pretty mad
and I struggled
a little bit with him. And, uh,
he was adamant about it
and I asked for who it is… You know, “Who is it?” And he’s like,
“Well, it’s not comin’ up.” You know, “All that’s comin’ up
on my computer.” JUDGE LAKE:
Because you knew nothing? Nothing. JUDGE LAKE:
Never received a notice? They served me at the address
that I lived at three months previous
to when I moved
to northern Michigan. Wow. And so you’re
sitting in jail? Yeah. And you have no idea, who… Who or what
or where or when. Just, that county
is all I knew, that I supposedly had
a child in that county. I was shown no pictures,
no dates, no name… JUDGE LAKE:
So, when you finally got out, how did you go about
finding out what this information was
and how… When I was released,
uh, from the county,
they gave me a court date. They stated the mother’s name
and the child’s name. And I’m like,
“Look, it’s uh…
The timeline’s off.” You know, there’s no way.
It’s off by at least
two months. I had only seen her mother
for maybe a month. And you submitted
those dates to the court in the form of
a calendar of sorts. So, according to this calendar, you were intimate
with Miss Hayslip’s motherin October and November.Yes, ma’am. And that would put
the latest expected
due date…That would be in August,
around the 20th.
DAVID:Yes, ma’am.JUDGE LAKE:But Miss Hayslip
was born
at the end of September,
on the 25th.
So, you’re saying that… I believe her time
of conception would have been
December or January. So, in your hearts of hearts, you truly believe this time
just does not match up. This is what I believe. JUDGE LAKE: Now,
Miss Hayslip, you have a completely
different understanding, that you were told as a child. As I was growing up,
I knew David as my father. JUDGE LAKE: Who told
you that he was… My mother. JUDGE LAKE: Okay. And then, my mother
would tell me that
he had nothing to do with me. He never wanted anything
to do with me, but was trying
to get with her. JUDGE LAKE: So, as a child,
what’s your first memory where your mother told you? It was around five, she told me
that he could be my father. But earlier, she always
said David Hayslip. And I would always ask her… JUDGE LAKE: She would
name him by name. Yes. Did you ever try to meet him? Um, yes. I met one
of the Hayslips in school, which is Courtney. And I told her that
my dad was David, and she also said
that was her father. And she went home
to my Aunt Susie and told her
that she met me, and my Aunt Susie
told her the truth. Up until that point,
you all goin’
to the same schooland don’t know
you’re potentially sisters?
SELESTE:Yes.For long time, they rode
the same school bus
and they didn’t even know it. DAVID: Can I jump in with that? Mr. Hayslip,
how did this happen? She had a different last name. She did not carry
my last name up until, as far as I know,
her freshman year
of high school. And that was
her mother’s choice. Her mother gave her
the Hayslip name once she approached
junior high. Why didn’t she give her
the Hayslip name when she was
born then, if she’s mine? I don’t know. I just feel
and I know, to me… JUDGE LAKE: Well,
Miss Hodgemire, let me
first get you on record. You are… Seleste’s aunt. JUDGE LAKE: Seleste’s aunt. David’s sister. JUDGE LAKE:
And Mr. Hayslip’s sister. Yes. (AUDIENCE CLAMORING) JUDGE LAKE:
And you are standing on
this side of the podium because you obviously
support Miss Hayslip
in her claim. Yes, I do.
I met Seleste when, uh,
she was, like, five, six. Uh, her mother kept
approaching me and I didn’t know
who she was. And then
she was approaching me
telling me that my brother
fathered her daughter. JUDGE LAKE: Okay. I kept askin’ her
and askin’ her and askin’ her
to let me know Seleste, get to know her,
she denied me. She wouldn’t let me
get to know her. Really? SUSAN: Yes. And then, finally,
after several months, she finally set it up
to where that
I can meet Seleste. My first impression of her,
I thought she looked a lot
like me when I was little. Mmm-hmm. SUSAN: And… We had a bond
that we get connected and then we started
getting close, and then her mother
pulled her away and I didn’t see her
again for a long time. And the next thing you know,
they put her into foster care. JUDGE LAKE:
Five and a half years? Yeah. JUDGE LAKE:
I feel for you. I see that this still
is very painful for you. I just wanna know why,
if he knew me back then, why didn’t he try to get it
tooken care of back then? Yeah. Did you try to say
to your brother, “Hey, David, this young girl, “I think she reminds
me of myself”? Hey, she…
What really happened is she brought Seleste
to a family gathering. Without… This is before…
I’d never seen her, ever. She brought her
to a family gathering. Took it upon herself
to bring her
to a family gathering without me bein’ there, without me knowin’ about it, and tellin’ my kids, my mom, my whole family and friends, that that was my daughter. JUDGE LAKE:
And that infuriated you? DAVID: Yeah! I mean, you know,
I was never tested for it. I deny her.
But even if she is my daughter,
which I don’t
believe she is, that should be up to me. You felt like
she was out of place bringing, uh, Miss Hayslip
to your family before you made
that initial… Yeah. Yes. Yes. That’s my decision. And Miss Hodgemire,
why is it that you felt like that was
the appropriate time? Because he didn’t want
to accept it. He didn’t wanna
accept Seleste, he didn’t wanna accept
the situation. And I was feelin’
that the only way
to get her into this family and to get her accepted,
she had to be known. How do you know
you’re not bringin’
someone into my family that’s not even part
of my family? And I have seen,
I’ve fought… It’s Cass County, Michigan.
I have fought them for years. Every month, I have filed
paperwork with them. They deny me,
they deny me,
they deny me. Since I didn’t answer
the letter, the original
letter for the blood, back then
it was a blood test, then I was deemed
the father by default. JUDGE LAKE: Exactly. And they’re saying
there’s nothing I can do to get a DNA test. I’m just, for 18 years,
I’m stuck paying support
no matter what. JUDGE LAKE: And… Because I had a fling. JUDGE LAKE: I’ve also read
in the statements
to the court that you were married
to someone else when you had
that relationship. Yes, ma’am. That’s correct. So, this whole getting
pulled over by the police
and arrested for this, this was the way
this information came out
in your marriage as well. That ended
my first marriage, yeah. I was very young,
and, you know, that’s no excuse
for what I’ve done, but emotionally and morally,
I was not ready,
really, to be married. I was as far as being, you know,
takin’ care of my children. And you also had to reveal
this information to your…
Your daughter. You didn’t reveal. I kept it from her. You kept it from…
How long? Until she ran in. SUSAN: I told ’em the truth. Yeah. So, there was no time
in between where you mention… DAVID: To my children? Yes. DAVID: No. This could possibly
be an issue? No. And then you found out
this girl that’s in my class
could be my sister? Yeah. JUDGE LAKE: Wow. So… They had tested two men, that I know of,
possibly three or four, before my name
even got brought up. And I can tell
by lookin’ at her, my best friend at the time,
she looks exactly like him. (AUDIENCE JEERING) I’m still a human being. Miss Hayslip,
I wanna hear from you. What was your childhood like tryin’ to manage
this kind of information? I’ve grown up as him
as my father, her as my aunt,
her as my sister. But also, when he said that
he would not take me
because of foster care, that also hurt me so bad. ‘Cause I went
to foster care
for five and a half years. Because he said no. And before
you were placed
in foster care, they came to
Mr. Hayslip and asked
if he would take you? Yeah. And you’re sayin’ that… DAVID: That’s a lie. JUDGE LAKE: …he said no. Yeah. DAVID:
That’s a lie. Even though I denied her
as my child, I’m still a human being. I went and checked
on her well-being. And where she…
They would not tell me
where she was being placed. I drove. I drove 60 miles… You went…
You drove 60 miles.
You went to find her? Twice. To find her. JUDGE LAKE: Twice. JUDGE LAKE: To find her. Yeah. And, when you got there,
they would just look at you and say, “We don’t know
where she is”? They railroaded me.
All they would tell me is she was somewhere
near Grand Rapids. And I seem to agree with him
because me, to be supposedly aunt, too,
I’d done the same thing. There would times
that I would call
her mother myself and beg her, more or less, to let me know
something about her. Well, let me tell
you an incident. There was a time
I was gonna take her
to the fair when her mother gives me
a phone call tellin’ me that she was going with
her other aunt. Her sister. So, I just said, “Okay,”
and left it alone. Come to find out,
she sat there dressed
all day on the bed, waitin’ for me to show up. (AUDIENCE GROANING) JUDGE LAKE: Ugh! You know, Miss Hayslip,
I have a child, and I cannot fathom what in the world would allow me, on any level, to be that cruel. All right, let me
bring in your daughter. Courtney Hayslip,
please step up
to the podium. Thanks for being here. Now, is there a reason why you have not accepted
Miss Hayslip, Seleste,
into your life? Are you doubtful
that she is your sister? A little bit because
I’ve never been
told about her, and I wouldn’t think that
he would deliberately
try to hide something from the family
if he knew it was his. I had two other children
from another mother after… After my marriage
had broken up. Yes. I had gotten
with someone else. Okay. I did not hide those children
from them or anything. I told ’em straight up,
you know, “Hey, you got a brother,
you got a sister. “Here they are
and let’s meet ’em.” The only reason,
a big reason, that things went
the way they did with her, her mother… But you shouldn’t let
your actions from my mother
come towards me. But what have you been
involved with since
you’ve been a teenager? Huh? A lot. Right. I’ve gotten
in contact with her. No, no, no. I’m talkin’ about
as far as trouble. Um, college.
I had a job. DAVID: How many times
you been arrested? Twice. For what? Assault and battery. Okay. You think I want
that influence around my other children
that are goin’ to college
and goin’ to school? (AUDIENCE GROANING) JUDGE LAKE:
Well, Mr. Hayslip, before you are so quick
to be her judge and jury, we have heard
in this courtroom today an account of a childhood that I don’t think
you’d wish on
any of your children. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) You’re right. You’re right. Or any person. You have to understand
that at least before you go and condemn
this young woman. You know what,
let me go to the results. Wait, Judge.
Before you read
the results, can I ask you
two things? Absolutely.
What would you
like to know? Any way this turns out, I ask that she takes
my last name away from her. AUDIENCE MEMBER 1: What? AUDIENCE MEMBER 2: Wow. DAVID: The other thing… If it turns out
she’s not mine, I ask for all
child support money
that’s ever been paid to her to be returned to me. First off… Even if she proves
to be your daughter, you don’t want her
to have your name? No. JUDGE LAKE: Well… (AUDIENCE MEMBERS
making with that? The point that I’m making
with that is her mother’s side
of the family, I don’t want associated
with my last name at all. But that’s not
Seleste’s fault. But you’re angry
with her mother.
Why are you taking out the anger you feel
for her mother on her? How can you be angry with me?
You have nothing to do with me. JUDGE LAKE:
What has she done to you? I won’t never accept
some of the things you’ve done. JUDGE LAKE:
What has she done to you? Nothin’ personally. So you’re just stating
to this court that “If she is my daughter, “I just don’t feel like
she’s good enough
to have my name.” That’s how you wanna put it. It sounds like that’s
what you’re saying. Then, that’s what
I’m saying, yeah. JUDGE LAKE: And so… You know what,
let me go to the results. And then I will have my say. In the case of
Hayslip v. Hayslip,
when it comes
to Seleste Hayslip, Mr. Hayslip, you… JUDGE LAKE: In the case of
Hayslip v. Hayslip,
when it comes to
Seleste Hayslip, Mr. Hayslip, you… …are her father. (AUDIENCE CHEERING) Told you. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) Well, at least now we know
your money spent
was not in vain. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) And you have a beautiful
young lady over here, that the name she carries is in fact her rightful name. That has changed my mind. JUDGE LAKE: Has it? DAVID: That has
changed my mind. JUDGE LAKE:
How do you feel right now? Oh. Because, for all these years,
I truly believed
in my heart of hearts that she was not mine. What do you want to say
to your daughter? I’m sorry. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) JUDGE LAKE:
Thank you for that. That is what
this court is about. None of us,
including me, here today,
are perfect people, but I always say,
it is never too late
for a brand-new start. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) I want you to learn
to love your daughter, Seleste Hayslip. That’s your baby girl. First I get to know her. JUDGE LAKE: You’re…
Absolutely. But, know this. When it came down
to the “come-down,”
as people say, and you didn’t know
where she went,
what was your instinct? I went to find her. JUDGE LAKE:
You went to find
your baby girl. Find her, find out who she is. Miss Hayslip,
this is your day. You have found your family. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) I’m so happy for you. Court is adjourned. I’m sorry, I never knew. I’m not a monster. Well, I’m happy
that we found out. That was my
main problem. You know,
that in my hearts of hearts,
I truly didn’t think I was. I feel Judge Lake
was fair, honest, she did a good job. Um, she actually
brought a family together that I believed
didn’t exist.

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