2016 Dalbello Voodoo, Blender, and Boss Boot Overview by SkisDotCom

2016 Dalbello Voodoo, Blender, and Boss Boot Overview by SkisDotCom

Welcome to Ski Talk. I’m Thom from skis.com and today I’m joined by Ray from Dalbello. How’s it going Ray? Great Thom, how are you doing today? Very good. We’ve got an awesome, not really a series but a collection of boots here that share a really cool new shell shape, in the Voodoo, the Blender and the Boss. Yeah, this is a shell that I’m really excited about. This has been kind of a freeride, freestyle group of boots for the all-terrain riders and for the park and pipe kids too. Awesome. It all starts off a 103mm chassis, so pretty comfortable up in the forefoot but tons of precision with the C4 shaping. Right. With C4 shaping you have those four key spots that boot fitters have to punch and grind and do whatever. We shape it around the vernacular bone, the ankle bone, that sixth toe area and the heel. So you’re just giving a great out-of-the-box fit that doesn’t need that customization? Right. Again, with these boots we also see that classic Dalbello Cabrio design. Right. When you’re talking freestyle, park skiing and freeride skiing, you need the shock absorption. And what the three-piece Cabrio design does, you have that low hinge point which gives you that real shock absorbing rear cuff and it’s pushing against a ribbed tongue, so that it’s all designed to work together to give you that great shock absorbing, all mountain ripper. Just a great smooth feel and whole lot of comfort and performance. And new to these boots is the new twin step closure system. Right. Twin step closure is kind of a unique thing that our engineers designed. You have two buckle racks built side by side here and then a hinging buckle that can move back and forth, so basically you have low-volume fit, high-volume fit, so depending on foot shape or size, it’s really accommodating. So we’re really kind of guaranteeing the right fit over the top of the foot with that. Exactly. Then a couple of cool features that all of these share are your high-grip soles, which ease of getting around whether you’re hiking up to a rail or going up to the bar, it’s nice to have that extra traction. Yeah, you know when you’re walking around on rough terrain, parking lots, ice or whatever, it’s just a better feel. And then we also have a flex adjust on all of these too, right? Right. So when you buy this boot right here, this boot starts out at like an 80 flex but you can increase it about 10 to 15 percent. And then the same thing in your other models, so it increases the performance if you need that. And another great feature that is both a comfort and a preventative thing, if you have a bad landing, you have shock absorbing heel pads in all of these, right? Right. There’s a big honking thick piece of rubber that’s about a half inch thick and about that big in the heel and you can actually see it poking through this whole right here, but it’s a soft rubbery landing pad. Awesome. So you’re holding the Voodoo right there which as you said is the 80 flex, you get a trufit liner in there, what type of skier are we going to see in that? Well, you know you have a lot of those young guys, those teenage and junior high school age boys that are park and pipe rippers, and they need a boot that actually flexes soft enough for a lightweight, 120, 150lbs kid – that’s the Voodoo. So this is great for the park, great for the pipe and it becomes an all mountain boot. Awesome, and if you are a little bit bigger guy, still that hard charging park guy, you guys also offer the Blender. Right. The Blender is really a big mountain animal. This is for the tougher guy, the stronger guy, the guy that is pulling off the biggest tricks. It’s got a lightweight polyether shell and, actually one of your favorite things is the cool factor, the sublimated design. Yeah, the graphic on this boot is awesome, it really pops with that sublimated design. This boot is also wicked light. Along with the shell material, it has that full wrap ID liner, that intuition custom fit liner. Awesome. So we’re looking for the real, hard charging freestyle kid, whether you’re in the park or not, just a great all around freestyle oriented boot. Yeah and along with that rubber piece that we talked about here, there’s a really cool feature that our engineers designed, is a power strap that has an engineered feature to allow you to have more absorption. Every once in a while you don’t stick all your landings and you have a little bit of backwards motion, this allows you to absorb shock in the back of the boot, it’s called TLG. Awesome. If you wanted a more all-mountain version of the Blender, you can look here to the Boss. Right, and the Boss is the boss. It’s the boot that’s for the big guy that needs a bigger fit, wider boot, he’s a tough all mountain skier and freeride ripper and he just can’t wear those narrower boots that we make, like in our Krypton series. Awesome. So really from getting your first set of real good boots in a teen all the way up though a hard charging adult, this shell really has something for everybody to look for. So whether it’s the Voodoo, the Blender or the Boss you’re interested in, stop by skis.com and check them out. Thanks for joining us. Thanks Thom.

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  1. dude………….what is the freaking difference between the PANTERRA and the BOSS, list the characteristics first and technical description last please. In fact skip the technical differences, I can read that for myself, don't need you for that. What I do need you for is to freaking 'draw conclusions' tell me for which type of skiers you intended them and why, that's what i am after. Learn how to show case your boots please . I have been trying to buy one of your boots for a freaking year, and all the idiots that review them can do is list the features and say nothing as to what type of skier they are meant for. So many brainless sellers. Please be an exception.

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