2016 Ride Anthem Boa Boot Overview by SnowboardsDotCom

2016 Ride Anthem Boa Boot Overview by SnowboardsDotCom

Welcome to the Morning Shred, brought to you by snowboards.com. I’m Jenna, this is Ryan from Ride and this is the Ride Anthem. Ryan, tell us a little bit about it. Anthem, probably one of our best selling boots at Ride snowboards, it’s a great boot. Starting with the lacing system, it’s a Boa lacing system so you get the Coiler, you get the Ride Closer which is this little black piece in right here – exclusive to Ride. Basically what that does is you see the cables come in here, the cables in here, so when you tighten it down it gives you a great fit and, hence the name Closer, it closes over the top of your foot. Basically giving you a perfect fit all the way up through the lacing system. Rather than like pinching down or having too much tension just on your higher end and your foot being a little bit sloppy in the lower end. So the closer in the Boa Coiler system really compliment eachother. We’ve got Intuition liner and all the way through, all of our boots have Intution liners which is heat moldable, pretty cool stuff. This is the Plush Liner so it’s going to give you a little bit more support, Ride Lockdown system harness, internal/external J-bars, so a lot of boot here for $210 or whatever the price is at. So we’ve got the grip sole good sole, articulating cuffs here allows you to move the boot. Entry-level rider to advanced rider but the Boa system really tells the story about this boot. So the guy looking for just a comfortable solid boot, like you said, sort of that mid-level guy or maybe even that athletic beginner that knows they’re going to progress. Exactly, I mean you really can’t strong-hold yourself with this boot, from entry-level rider up to that advanced rider can get into it. Well there you, make sure you check out the Ride Anthem on snowboards.com and thanks for watching the Morning Shred.

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  1. so after a season of boarding, i noticed that my boot is actually like half a size to big. I feel my heel comes loose when i make a turn. By heat molding it, will it fit better?

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