2017 Tecnica Ten 2 HVL 70, 100, and 120 Mens Boot Overview by SkisDotCom

2017 Tecnica Ten 2 HVL 70, 100, and 120 Mens Boot Overview by SkisDotCom

Welcome to Ski Talk. I’m Thom from skis.com and today I’m joined by Jonesey from Tecnica, how’s it going Rob? Good Morning, how are you? Oh, very well. Today we’ve got an awesome series of boots to share with you guys, the Ten2 HVL which is newly revamped and extended for this year. Yes, it is. The Ten2 HVL refers to HVL is High Volume Last or High Volume Liner so it’s typically designed for someone with that mid to higher volume foot to make the boot fit a little better. And that starts around that really generous 106mm last? Correct, right across the metatarsal it’s going to be slightly wider than your average D width or medium width foot for someone looking for that warm fuzzy slipper feeling. And then not to just be a warm slipper type boot, the boot is decked out. It’s got a bunch of features, super easy to get into with the Quick Instep. Ya, the Quick Instep allows the tongue to forward so for a younger person or someone who’s not in a boot all the time it makes it really easy to get on and off. The boot is actually extremely overbuilt for the price category that it falls in. All the buckles on it are made out of metal. They all have micro-adjustable buckles so you have a lot of fit options on it so you can really get a great fit. And then one thing I think is really cool in this type of a boot, you guys put your I-Rebound into it. Yes, the I-Rebound is the way that we attach the upper cuff to the lower cuff where it is a metal on metal connection so we get a really extremely, torsionally stiff spine in the back of the boot. So we have a boot that’s going to flex to go over all the different type of terrain you’re skiing but give you great torsion-rigidity so when you put it on edge it holds very well. Ya, adds tons of performance and then for just a great out-of-the-box fit you guys UltraFit liners in all of these too, right? Yes, heat moldable liner that’s going to mold and shape directly towards the shape of your foot. So you’re holding the 70 right there, what type of skier are we going to see in that boot? So the 70 is pretty much for your beginner to intermediate recreational skier, maybe someone who’s getting out of junior equipment or is tired of renting and wants to have a boot that’s going to fit really well or, you know, for the casual skier that just skis a couple of times a year with the kids. Awesome and if you do need a little bit more you can jump up to the 100 which I’m holding here. Correct, when you go to the 100, maybe a little bit more athletic person maybe someone with a couple more bounds to him that is skiing a little bit more aggressively, likes to get out there and ski fast and hard in the morning but might be skiing mean green in the afternoon with their kids. Alright and then to add to that to give it that little extra you also go to a beefier power strap so a little better wrap up top. Little bit better retention around the cuff just gives you a little bit better fit around it and also, on the 100 we do go to a cuff alignment as well so we just get a little bit more positive performance fit of the boot. And then for people who need a little bit more beef than the 100 you guys also offer it in the well known, the classic version, the 120. Yes, this boot does extremely well for us. The 120 is for your bigger guy, your higher performance skier, guy that’s out there charging all the time that need s a great performance boot but needs the width in the forefoot. Absolutely and this boot has been around forever and has just been a classic strong boot for the wide footed skier. Sure, you got that fred flinestone paddle-type foot that you’ve never been able to fit anything besides a rental boot, this is the boot for you. Great performance, tons of adjustments on it, UltraFit liner, skis absolutely fantastic. Awesome, well that’s been the Ten2 HVL whether you’re looking for the 70, 100 or the 120, stop by skis.com and check them out. Thanks for joining us.

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  1. Hey Guys. I ordered the Tecnica Ten 2 100HVL size 27. But when the box arrived it says the last is 102mm. I upgraded from Atomic LIve Fit because I wanted more width. Now I am concerned that the 102mm wont be wide enough. Why does your video and the Technica website say 106mm but the box says 102mm

  2. Hey, i have the 120s, I weigh 250, 45th season, average 20-25 days per season these days. My feet and kanakles are gnarled so I was really happy to find these great performing boots. I would say that the 120 is real as I actually back them off for hard snow and go stiff for crud. So the flex adjustment is responsive for function. The boot fitter at epic mountain gear in frisco punched these boots out in no time to accommodate a lump on my big toe knuckle. The three position ankle buckles make the shins really big or so small that I can't use em. Perfect on biggest holes. The quick instep really works for easy in as that gnar toe does not bend back making entry impossible on a lot of boots. All I can say is these boots are great performers and not,just because they are big but because they rock big turns solid, small turns fast and real solid at carving speeds.

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