3 types of Running Shoes- Motion Control, Stability & Neutral

3 types of Running Shoes- Motion Control, Stability & Neutral

okay well we're going to talk about are the three different types of running shoot categories there are all right running shoes divided into three basic categories they're motion control stability and neutral the first shoe when the first category we're going to talk about is what makes a motion control shoe a motion control shoe is categorized by being one of the more rigid shoes that are going out for the maximum amount of support for somebody that's an over pronated or has flat feet okay now one of the three things you're going to do to test whether the shoes categorizes motion control stability or neutral is the first thing you do is you test the heel counter this area right here around the shoe is the heel kind the more rigid it is if it's real stiff you squeeze it right here and if it's real stiff and it doesn't really bend or flex then it's probably more on the category towards motion control the stiffer it is the more rigid it is the less the heel is going to rotate inside of the shoe okay it helps hold the heel in place back here okay the next thing you're going to do is take the shoe we're going to try and twist it side to side okay if the shoe has a little bit of twist is good but you don't want it to really fold and roll right the third test is you're going to grab the shoe here and here you're going to try and bend it in the middle and this tells you whether the shoe has any type of shank or internal rigidity in here for the sole don't give that mid foot support where the shoe should flex is here you should have a little bit of flex here but you shouldn't be able to roll the shoe up okay so this right here is the Brooks Ariel this is a motion control running shoe that she has a rigid heel counter pretty stiff in the middle it doesn't really have a lot of torsional flex all right the next shoe we're going to talk about is the adrenaline GTS from Brooks same thing you squeeze back here it's a little bit softer not as rigid okay the shoe has more Bend see it has a lot more Bend as still bridge in the mid foot but has a lot more flexing the forefoot and it twists up a little bit more there's a stability shoe this would be a category of stability next we're going to talk about the dyad which is a neutral shoe still has a rigid heel counter so it's still supporting the heel but you'll notice the shoe kind of fold right up in the middle we can just take and bend and fold it it has a lot of flexibility through the mid same thing here it really twists up so this is shoe more for a softer you know cook more cushioned running shoe it's not really designed for you know really motion control or adding a lot of support any one of the three shoes are still good shoes but it's just different categories that you're going to go ahead and use to determine whether it's neutral stability motion control another thing you'll notice that kind of separates stability and motion control from neutral shoes you'll see a lot of extra material built up right in here and what this is is this is really rigid material that's designed to help the foot from rolling inward so they put this material so that the foot doesn't roll over you'll see it on both this the GTS less there's they're real lot more they seem done right here

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  1. Brilliant answered all my questions as I over pronate and need some new trainers 👟 thanks very much

  2. I have had mild overpronation ,not severe overpronation. Which type of running shoes proper for me? Stability/motion control/natural?

  3. Hello
    I am looking shoes for daily wear and I also want to use them to play badminton on the wooden floor twice a week (one pair of shoes for both the uses) please suggest NIKE shoe types., which I should select and I shortlist 4 (four) Nike Training shoes of my choice, You please give your choice and suggesting in the order.

    1) Nike Free Trainer V7
    2) Nike CK Racer
    4) Nike Lunar Prime Iron II

  4. Can you cure over pronation by wearing motion control shoes? Or are they just to help keep your posture correct and avoid injuries.
    Will the shoe train my body to walk normally and distribute my weight onto my feet evenly?

  5. Thank you sir 🙏🙏 I've watched over than 20 videos to know what a motion control is, this is the only video I could understand from

  6. Hi Team, i went to sports store in florida, they made me run on a treadmill and recommended Brooks GTS adrenaline (Stability shoe). since then iam using this shoe to run indoor (on a tread mill) and outdoors. Can you please recommend a nice stability shoe from under armor. saucony, New balance thats as good as Brooks.

  7. I have had plantar fasciitis now for a few years, it has gotten worse over time, the pain unbariable!!!

  8. I have had plantar fasciitis now for a few years, it has gotten worse over time, the pain unbariable!!!

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