5 Comfortable Shoes Every Sneaker Collection Must Have

5 Comfortable Shoes Every Sneaker Collection Must Have

so over the past couple weeks I’ve been
getting dm’s recently and people have been asking me DJ what are the most
comfortable shoes that you wear and I’m like oh I know exactly what to tell you
for this one welcome back to the channel what’s up with you guys how you doing
how you been if you did not know by now my name is DJ and this is the DNA show
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welcome down there in the comment section as well so I get this question
often and obviously I wear a bunch of different shoes and there are a lot of
different factors when it comes to this stuff I’m just going off a straight up
what’s happening in my life right now but what I am comfortable is wearing all
the time a long day being on my feet or something like that what shoes I go to
for those situations so I’m gonna give you guys my top 5 I don’t know if
there’s any specific order for comfort and all that stuff but I’ll let you guys
make those decisions down below in the comment section so let’s go ahead and
get into the first shoe the Nike Zoom Revis trainer man I’m telling you right
now this shoe is so comfortable it is ridiculous I love it I love it I love it
when I’m in the gym when I’m on the field when I’m just walking around when
I’m just living regular life like this shoe is that thing obviously you can see
I have this one pretty loose laced this is more one of my Rock Around type shoes
I have other colorways that I kind of beat up like all black or something like
that the shoe comes with the strap over the front so if you really want to start
training or doing something like that you can lock in tie the laces tight get
good traction it’s kind of got like a turf type bottom on the shoe as well and
then you got your fly wire here a nice mesh and then you got a nice toe cap
here as well it’s got a pretty wide bottom so you’ve
got a nice stability when you’re training and different things like that
this is like my number one favorite training shoe maybe ever and then
besides from that like just walking around everyday life
I love these you could literally go from the gym or the field to just like
walking around and wear them for the rest of the day
honestly they might stink so you might want to have two different pairs for
those times if you ate but I’m just saying they are that
comfortable where you would wear them all day shoot number two we have the
adidas ultra boost now a lot of people understand and already know what this
shoe is I have to add it to the collection because it just only makes
sense right the shoe is obviously very comfortable a lot of people like it not
just because of the style and when it comes to comfort this is definitely one
to have in your rotation I do have a couple colorways I always recommend
getting a darker color way because usually when you get a darker color we
have any shoe it’ll last a little bit longer for the look at least because you
know like if it gets dirty it’s not gonna be as bad compared to like if you
had a white shoe and then you wear that every day and it gets dirty and it just
like burnt out like you don’t really want that to happen it’s 9 times out of
10 the boost is gonna be white I have seen pairs with the black boots but
that’s just very selective when you’re talking about shopping for that specific
shoe but overall it’s a very loose shoe or all upper knit you got your ultra
boots on the midsole and the outsole a little bit of rubber on there for some
traction you got a cage around that with some
lacing similar to the next shoe that I’m gonna pull up and honestly I like the
next you way more than issue but everybody has their opinions right the
nike presto oh my gosh now this shoe right here
childhood memories I’m talking about comfort I’m talking about style I’m
talking about breath this is like actually I’m gonna pull it back up right
here as you can see there are some similarities to say the least this one
came out years before this one came out but that’s a whole nother topic but
either way I just love this shoe so this shoe right here I actually ID’d these
ones for myself on Nike ID and I have plenty of colorways of the Nike Presto I
plan on making plenty more as well because I love the Presto I used to wear
these back in the day when I was a young gunner like when the og Presto’s was
dropping like remember autumn classic presto styles they used to drop back in
a day a lot of people forgot about that stuff I still love it for the nostalgia
the style and the comfort and obviously you can freak it with a bunch of
different colorways they have released over the past couple of years or you
could go to Nike ID and make your own colorway so that’s just a couple of
different options when it comes to this shoe so the reason why I like these a
little bit more is because I feel like they’re more effective they’re more
protective and different things like that and
do I say that and what do I mean you have a toe cap here in front on the shoe
so then I’ll protect the front of your toe a little bit more you have a pull
tab on the back so that way you can actually pull your shoe on and off you
still have your cage system like the ultra boost and then the outsole it’s
not ultra boost but it’s still a comfortable foam outsole so I’m not even
tripping I’m not even mad I could literally wear this shoe day after day
after day after day like honestly the Presto out of all these shoes is
probably one of my most worn shoes in my collection right now I wear Presto’s a
lot this one is probably one of my favorite Air Max styles or models or
whatever you like to call it you have so many different color blocking styles
that you can go with this you got your Olympic styles and different things like
that obviously I’ll have the pink version I just love this shoe so much I
don’t know what it is but every single time I put it on I don’t want to take it
off like they’re so comfortable I don’t know what it is about this shoot it has
a nylon style tongue that’s connected to the sole of the shoe and that will then
also lock your foot inside so when you’re wearing these loosely you still
kind of feel a little bit more secure and I love that it’s got a cool big
tongue on there so when you’re rockin them like that you know I’m saying
tongues popping out the style is amazing I love the look of the shoe but the
comfort oh the comfort you got an air unit here on the back of the foot
obviously you know what that is a 180 bubble bang-bang this back half 180
degrees you know what I’m saying does that make any sense
I just gotta keep telling you these are comfy I literally love this shoe you can
go buy these in any colorway and the most of these shoes that I’m listening
right here they’re pretty cheap like you can get them for a hundred or even under
100 bucks now if you want to go for like a rare colorway or something like that
that’s up to you and your pockets but these are all recommended shoes that you
can buy for an affordable price that are very very comfortable now take it into
my last and final shoe I don’t know why this one is in my top 5 but it
definitely deserves a spot so I have to show you guys this I know it’s gonna
blow your mind it’s not gonna make any sense but go ahead let’s do it I know
Air Jordan 1 why do I say Air Jordan 1 there’s no Zoom there
no nothing like that in it it’s kind of flat-out soul they just don’t make sense
for some reason once I get it air drawn in one and I start breaking it in and I
start wearing it day after day after day and it starts getting the leather starts
forming around my foot and that’s not I you know I’m saying all those different
things it just starts to feel so good like I’ve been to events for a whole day
I like my feet you have to hurt like everything’s been good and for some
people that probably sounds crazy I know but for me they’re comfortable I like
wearing them I can throw them on whatever it gives me a high-top vibe I
can freakin wet sweats jain’s you know I’m saying I can get
different outfits going so for me this is probably one of the most universal
one most comfortable shoes that I would love to always have in my collection and
then obviously you got different colorways and factors like that it’s the
Air Jordan one I know right this is it is what it is so that is gonna be my top
five most comfortable shoes in my collection that I like to wear right now
in this moment in this day and time so let me know what you guys think down
below in the comment section what are your top five most comfortable shoes I
might have to jump on your wagon and you know test them out see what they all
about but there’s so many different shoes I mean you got like the sock darts
you got til areas you got other different adidas people like to say ease
ease and all that stuff I don’t really um that’s a whole another
topic I’m not even gonna talk about that right now but you get I’m saying there’s
a lot of cool shoes out there that you could wear that are very very
comfortable as well that is in an everyday rotation so please jot comments
down below let’s share different ideas with each other and help each other get
more comfortable sneakers in their life you know protect the feet and still feel
comfy and go about a good day because that’s what we want to do right we want
to have good comfy shoes because I mean yeah you could have all this cool stuff
that looks nice but at the end of the day if your feet is hurting you don’t
want that I’m just telling you right now like you gotta be wise when it comes to
selecting somebody’s shoes and uh yeah these are my my top five I just pulled
these out real quick you know I just realized like them most of them are uh
Nike I got one pair of DJ’s in here got a pair of Jordans with us like still
Nike so maybe I should diversify I’ve never really been a New Balance guy I
know a lot of people like New Balances I know for me it’s just another very bulky
shoe and I try to have like somewhat of a sleek vibe when it comes to these
shoes and in a darker tone because I have a size 13 foot and it looks large
and in charge so I try not to have that like oh you know I’m saying like I don’t
know that’s just me the Jordan one is like its own classic sleek vibe in a way
even though it’s a high-top and it’s kind of bulky so that’s a whole nother
conversation but yeah I hope you guys enjoyed this my name is DJ I’m signing
out oh if you guys have any other recommendations for top 5 videos drop
comments down below because I need your help we gotta make some more videos I
gotta help y’all at the same time so my name is DJ sign it out I’m called News’s

25 thoughts on “5 Comfortable Shoes Every Sneaker Collection Must Have”

  1. What are your most comfortable shoes you like to rock?

    Thank you everyone for watching and always showing love! Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE and join the #DNAFAM

  2. Hi bro I don't know why it took so long to come across this channel but so glad that am here and am part of the D.N.A family now 🤘🏾keep doing your thing Dj love from London

  3. May that was a great video. You are right on point with all your selection. I like you love, the "One" for comfort and true sustainability. Keep them coming I'm watching.

  4. I would have to agree with Jordan 1s. I can wear them all day. Sure, it’s not cushiony like boost or react, but the feeling on my feet is the same through out the entire day with Jordan 1s. Boost is so fluffy, so cushioned, it feels amazing on feet… but my joints get a little aggravated after about 3+ hours of use.

    P.S.— React is better than boost periodt.

  5. I rock the shadows heavy in the rotation, 1s are definitely more comfortable beaten up a bit for sure. Love my ultraboost, especially rockin a clean pair around the house. I like the air cusion feel in the Jordan 12 but my 4s get worn more for the look and ankle cushion. Dope vid as always, homie🔥🔥🔥

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