5 Simple Mens Back To School Outfits  – Back To School Outfits For Guys

5 Simple Mens Back To School Outfits – Back To School Outfits For Guys

What’s up, everybody George here from GP lifestyle and in today’s video I’ll be going over five super simple yet stylish back-to-school outfits for guys now I’ll be using every single item mentioned in my back-to-school wardrobe essentials video You guys haven’t seen that I highly recommend starting in that video and coming back and watching me outfit There’s always over there are timestamps links in the description to every single outfit on this list. Let’s get started Okay number one on this This is exactly what I’m wearing right now and is excellent for that late summer early fall school time weather here We’re starting off with a non distress light pair of denim jeans now I actually happen to find these at Walmart for around twenty-five dollars and forty super cheap pair of jeans. They’re actually really nice They’re fairly comfortable and overall quite nice them We’re gonna pair these with a burgundy crew neck t-shirt. This one that I’m wearing right now is from Uniqlo They’re pima cotton line is very excellent and very lightweight Last thing we’re gonna pair these with a low top pair of white sneakers. Very basic very simple this is outfit is so straightforward but a person light here the burgundy and the light blue very Well complement each other and it’s not super Basically, if we just throw on a white t-shirt or even a black t-shirt it mixes it up a little bit it shows a little bit of different color variety, and I personally think it’s an excellent outfit for that again that early Fall late summer school time. We’re like for the first two weeks would be an excellent oven It’s very simple and it’s so stylish Now outfit number two on this is we’re spicing it up a little bit with having your go to jacket Now for this other we’re starting it off with a suede biker jacket this one I got from ASOS and one of my favorites. I love this rich brown color We’re pairing it again with a white Cruze short sleeve crew neck t-shirt this weekend It is a pima cotton one from Uniqlo And then we’re going to pair it with a mild distressed pair of denim jeans and one thing I got to say Which I’m excited to announce is that these jeans that I’m wearing right now are of my own collection and will be available at GP Lifestyle dawn CA I mentioned in my thousand subscriber scrap special that I’m starting a store and these jeans will be available there So if you guys want to sign up and save 20% off your first purchase I’ll leave a link in the description for that. But one thing I gotta mention needy jeans. They’re super stylish. They’re super comfortable they’re a skinny fit, but they have Super stretchy material blend which actually like if you see I’m squatting in them just to show how flexible their and their style is Super super awesome in the variety and get is amazing. Like right now what I’m doing with the suede jacket the white Sneakers and the white t-shirt for me. It’s an excellent back-to-school outfit for that early to mid fall So during that middle of the semester we can throw something on throw something off in pair. What a nice stainless steel watch You’re good to go now in the third outfit on this list We’re going to be taking a white crew neck sweater and mixing it up. Just a smidge here we’re gonna start off with that a long-sleeve white critics whether this one is from H&M, and we’re gonna pair it with These black and white pinstripe joggers, which my camera seems to have a hard time Recording but these also gentlemen will be available at GP lifestyle dot CA in the next few weeks. These are excellent They are versatile. They’re stylish. They look like suit trousers, but they are cut like a jogger. They’re slim through the thigh They are tapered at the bottom They have a snug fit around the cap which for me gives that sort of classy fit to it but again These are jog so you can dress them down like what we’re doing right now with a white pair of sneakers and a crewneck sweater And the versatility here will be nearly endless You’ll see what I have cooking up special for this item in the next few weeks in for me This is an excellent outfit because it’s sort of taken that basic, you know Match a white white top with a white pair of sneakers and adding a little bit more of a fun street wear Yet dapper wear inspired look to the pants and for me, this is excellent I’m gonna be wearing this one for the next few months I just love it that much not just because it’s my own outfit number four on this list is good to be actually for that mid to late fall look and we’re gonna add in some Layers now here we’re gonna start it off with a black and white shorts leave teeth We’re gonna throw on a little bit a little bit of silver chain in there just for a little bit of drip We’re gonna wear this with a flannel we’re gonna wear it open We’re gonna pair it with a pair of a lightly distressed. Black Jean Which are also gonna be available at JP lifestyle dot CA once the store is open These are part of my first introductory collection as well but then we’re going to with a tan suede pair of Chelsea boots just to add sort of that little bit more of a Smart calves a little bit over a grown-up aesthetic. Maybe you’re in college. Maybe you’re doing you know some post-secondary Education you just want to look a little bit more refined than your street wear aesthetic counterparts We’re going with a little bit more smart casual look and for me, this is excellent And again, these jeans are super comfortable and they are super flexible so you don’t Start for the fifth and final up and on this list We’re going to bust out a graphic tee for a grudge street wear aesthetic here I am wearing my black and gray xxx identity on tee. I’m pairing it with my GP lifestyle Jeans, and then we’re gonna pair which the black and white vintage We’re just going for that all black aesthetic a little bit more of a grunge street wear now here if you do want to wear a chain bracelets Sky’s the limit here But I what I love this look especially it Elongate you make you look a lot taller a lot slimmer and also it shows how you can style a graphic tee without looking super Dorky or super really out there and for me It’s a very excellent outfit for students that like street wear but don’t know where to really start for me this is a Very simple and basic starting point because you’re not doing too much and I’m being super out there and super out of your comfort zone It’s basically all neutral colors. So everything’s gonna match you can wear this with pride and not have to worry That’s it for me today guys Those are my five simple back-to-school outfits for guys If you guys enjoy this video and you got anybody please drop like and consider subscribing To channel because on this channel I help you become the best version Obviously, I’ll be teaching you how to dress better how to look better and ultimately how to be better Thank you guys so much watching me be sure to check out the GT lifestyle store linked in the description and you can snag yourself a 20% discount code just by signing off. Thank you guys so much for watching. I hope to see you in the next video peace

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  1. For the first time, I found a guy with my exact same body type with amazing style. Thanks for the ideas bro. New sub for sure!

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