$500,000 Entire Sneaker Collection Largest Air Jordan on YouTube

$500,000 Entire Sneaker Collection Largest Air Jordan on YouTube

easy easy easy just jumped over jump me easy easy what's going on hey kind of you're not coming in here with those on okay two hours later hey Conor yeah man now you can come in yo guys we just got down in the basement right now this is insane check this out so inside the basement right here we have one thousand one hundred and thirty three pairs of Jordans alright guys so I'm here with Mark right now now he's gonna pretty much show you guys like through the basement so over here what do we have over here we start in this corner on say the north west wall we have the Jordan one and this was my wife's idea to just go along this whole wall and then go around so we have 23 different stacks 12 ha starting with 2 Jordan ones then you see they pick up with the tools right here here's some that people love to see some finer the off-white and we have those candy pack twos mocha threes they keep teasing us with this we're gonna release and we're gonna release them and they never do those came out in 1999 that's here Osborn and we have the three as you see the nike air booty there then you have your jump man here's another pair that people would love to see with thunder there is lightning yes lightning force 2006 these are the fours here and we jump over after we get past the world's greatest city park later we have and I'll plug my promo code it's gonna be on the screen right here and you jump basket to that Caesar yo yo yo what's up so you want my trophy Seventeen's I'm an really you go get me you're gonna give me like I know you saw the ones the twos and threes the fours and then these the Pfizer burgundy boys actually have a jacket shirt Angie and then a lot of people remember these from The Fresh Prince these aren't the ones with the Nike Air branding on the back great five they really haven't begun to turn in hold these on the back 2006 these are like my absolute favorite fun the db5 and I just got these last year so a lot of times I'm unable to get shoes when they first release you have to have a backlight with those right yeah they've actually come with the light oh it comes with the light yeah I didn't know that everything lights up on them it's even sweeter if you turn the lights out here down here and then it's just pitch black beautiful yeah a 6s in the 7th please don't call these the Raptors the Raptors because these are the dark charcoal these were out before the Raptors came into existence these are from 1990 to 1992 well before your time I know young grasshopper that means they're my favorites as most people know how the great eight eighths of my all-time favorite number silhouette and I wish come on Jordan breasts I plan with me bring knees back with the rare pour tab in the back because the retros we have a black pool table because they like to show respects to the older shoes so they always make slight changes on any retro that they come up with so then we start with the nines here one of my favorites that just came out at Mello 9 just because I couldn't get the bin nines but I did have a benign low custom made by Astra for how long did this take to set up all of this oh wow this was done days weeks and maybe two months total with just a little bit at a time I did time-lapse videos that I put on my Instagram this is just a positive so it took a while to change this all over but I'm super happy that I did it and shout out to the Container Store for the major major assists with this and I started off with 1718 drop boxes just to put like my Pease in the shoes I didn't have boxes with I like the way it looked and it's just started going ahead about 300 I was 300 in and then started to partnership with them they reached out to me and then BAM take a little break in between the teens and moving to the Elevens and this is a little display I have with the K 54 5 just autographed by Ray Allen some of Ray Allen socks up top then we go through some of the first retros and a couple of the OGS and this one I want to go back and show you is called now this shoe is the toe cap 10 from 1994 again before your time this shoe was recalled because Jordan didn't like the toe cap really I had already bought my pair in the stores are reaching out to people to bring the shoes back because MJ wanted them all recalled I kept them I not only have one pair this is the pair from Korea right there's another pair bring out the right one so they know it's not saying shoot this one is from Taiwan they made them in two different countries I kept them because I like the toe cap and they keep rumor in if they're gonna bring them back out and hopefully it's with the toe cap but these are you know somewhat the Nike Air when I do events a get booked to do sneaker events a lot of people like to see these because a lot of people still don't have them in their classic so I go 3 4 5 6 7 and you know I just went all the way up to 13 with some of the first retros and oh geez my 1000 suit from Uncle Mike V out of Chicago he's actually gifted me a couple pair shoes and I bought some shoes from him that he was getting rid of and then we have some Oregon nines and three events of other college PE shoes Randy Moss and Eddie Jones then we jump back over to the eleven 2000 was a great year with a snakeskin 2001 so that's when I was alive but I wasn't in the game yet and then you you see along here are some of the first originals and the retro of the cherries in the university blue they changed the names of these because you could no longer call these the Columbia's because of the laws and copyright yes the retro and the original you see how the patent leather is starting to to turn I don't believe in and using that soul sauce and all that stuff that people use to turn your soul back the twelve the wings I actually had the wings brought out by a friend of mine who I saw his pair done and I really loved it and he said oh sure I'll do yours Jumpman so fire it is these these are cold and you notice some of the shoes stand some of them you have to lay on the side but it's because some of them are true height opsins others that are mid top this is my latest pick up so this is 1133 you guys could tell that like he has a huge all right he has a size all these sizes are either size 13 or size 14 see I would love to try some of these on except they're gonna be they're gonna be huge on me alright I wear a size 8 we cross over and we're still in the 13 now what's your favorite the eights are my all-time face their all-time time favors did my second favorite which is my shock a lot of people out of 14 so let me go around here is called the Jordan mock then we go with the with the 16s here this is the ginger a lot of people want to small lateral yes the Shroud comes off throughout our coverage so this is the look with them without this Rob here is a trophy room 17 and this way don't here is me you know you see that motion and ocean boat it's the motion in the ocean alright what did these right here the 17 these actually came with a suitcase and I can't like I said I kept those boxes and the suitcases inside of the box this is a shoe I know that you will wear yeah I really like the Lightning yeah I'd wear these lightning 17 yeah your little booty yeah no point intended come around to the 20 21 22 and 23 and the Bentley boys this is something I want to show you I need my black light for they have a cold behind the tongue and then your your 23 this is a rare pair not many in existence of this saw the finale people don't understand what there's two versions of PE player exclusive a PE that's made strictly for the players to wear and their materials are different this happens to be a PE for Ray Allen you won't believe the price that I pay for it imma let you zoom in on that tag in a minute the Ray Allen 15 man people offered me thousands of dollars this is not rest in peace this is Rip Hamilton his PE 14 try to cop something like this point thousands of thousands of dollars at a time when I got these people weren't really trying to get them people want to be known for having the most expensive shoes and all that if that's not me definitely go subscribe his channel guys he's about to hit 100,000 you ready for that I'm getting close to it you're close get this venue 100,000 what a lot of people don't know I'm gonna put you to the test you see this yeah this is supposed to be a 2 this is supposed to be at 3 no can you see it – I never knew that and on this side M J I never knew that before don't collectors nobody not a lot of people know that Jordan toyo cleats hi guys if you look really closely on these you can see the M in the jail what I like about this whole collection too is not just do you collect all of these shoes but you also collect still got the cereal I've never opened the box also have autographs fogging basketball by my MJ shoutout to og sneakers now do you collect any other shoes but Jordans BAM oh man we're coming over here coming over here paper max look at that man this is like walking on color put some pillows on your feet put straps around my wife see those Pumas these are all red suede yeah I know you know these oh yeah I got the Blazers and these are the silver surfers mm-hmm so me and my little man we both got those to match this whole hook up here to the Container Elf closet system they let me design it so I got to be a designer for a day and design it the way I wanted it and they had their designer and make sure that it will fit in the area so I had to measure and get my measurements these are jackets look in here whose name is on it this was specifically for him somebody I know sent me I'll take both of them yeah these are super dope so we just moved on from the all the clothes we're gonna bring it all the way over here guys is absolutely insane literally like check out this basement you you can't really like see it on camera but it's just so it's insane Jordan be loyal oh do the right thing you know there's so many different varieties of shoes that people are close-minded to become get caught up in the hype and don't want to get roasted those are so cool easy feel all heavy day off that's like my god guys check these out ankle weights on your feet that's it with that's a collection again guys don't forget to go subscribe to his YouTube channel I'm gonna put it up on the screen right here now and don't forget he also does giveaways he's gonna give away one of his first Jordans ever oh so definitely got nice giveaways on my page and don't forget to go check him out at Instagram Instagram that Jumpman Bostick is my Instagram at Twitter snapchat so pretty much Jumpman Bostick at the end of his videos he always has his like his words okay like you'll see what I'm talking about all right so like what's your words for today my words always stay in your lane never let anyone get you out of your comfort zone and get you to feed into anything that they do they dislike something doesn't mean that you have to always be yourself and never follow anyone else but yourself that's why I worry Z's over here

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  2. I bet this man got lazers turned on in his basement at night with guard dogs and guards trained from the military lol

  3. wow…not many choose the 8s oder 14s as their favs…i dont like the 8…the top 5 are the 3s, the 5s, the 11s, 12s and 13s

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