$720 SELF-LACING Back to the Future Shoes

$720 SELF-LACING Back to the Future Shoes

– How hard was it, Kate? – So hard. (laughing) (beeping) – Hey, what’s up, guys? Keaton here and yes, my
arm, ow, is still broken. I’m here with the infamous Kate. – Hello! – She’s back. – I’m back. – And we’re checking out
these limited edition shoes. These are the HyperAdapts,
they tie themselves. Legit insane. – You ready?
– I mean I’m excited. Are you excited? – I’m ready to do this. – Let’s do it. – Let’s check it out! Ow, that hurts so much. – So yeah guys, these shoes are super… Stop. (laughing) (beeping) Are super limited. I wanna give a big thanks
to Jean, Matt, and Christian for making this all happen,
legit guys, you went hard. Tracking these down was
really, really, really insane. – And these are 30 years in the making. – They are, they’re
from Back to the Future. Let me know in the comments if you guys have heard of these before. Your boy goofed. I’m a size 13 and I bought the wrong size. – They’re way too big! – I know. So make sure you guys stay
tuned to the end of the video ’cause I’m actually gonna
be giving these away. – And go down there and hit
the Like button because… (drumming) – What? – It’s my birthday! – Oh shew. – What are we gonna do? We’re gonna party… – [Both] Like it’s your birthday. – So, we’re gonna go for
21,000 Likes for this video. – ‘Cause it’s her 21st Birthday,
so go down there, T-bam. Hit the Like button. And Kate, are you ready
to check these shoes out? – I’m so ready. Are you ready? – Let’s do it. – Do you need a hand? – Yes, I need a hand. This box is ginormous. Like, this is the biggest
shoe box I’ve ever seen. Have you seen a shoe box
bigger than this one? – Yeah, oh there we go. It’s almost as big as me. – All right, open it up, open it up. – All right, ready? Oh my gosh, look at that!
– Oh wow. Oh my. All right, what does it say? – “The future isn’t tomorrow, it’s today.” I don’t know where to begin. – All right, I’ll go with, you go with that shoe I got this shoe. – Okay, you ready? – These look insane.
– Oh my gosh. They’re so cool. – Okay let’s keep going in the box. – Okay. – We have a charger! These shoes have a charger! – And an adapter, so
that’s always a positive. – Have you had shoes that
have a charger before? – No, never!
– I haven’t. Let’s unbag ’em. Oh wow, oh my.
– Ooom. – Wow, wow. – Oh my gosh.
– Whoa. These are insane. – Check that out.
– Look at these. The outer sole here is wow. – But you know what, I’m more interested in the
fresh shoe smell, like… – Mmm, that smells good. – Yeah, that’s fresh. – That’s like that new baby smell. I wouldn’t know what that smell is like. – What? – You never smelled a baby before? – Is there something
you’re not telling us? (laughs) – I mean, Kate, do you
want to tell them now? – No, I’m good, I’m good. – Do you want to tell them now? Is now the right time to tell them? All right.
– No! Is there any further down? Nope. – We’re making it work,
we’re making it work! You got this like mesh
kind of pattern here. So what’s really cool about these, guys, is you click a button
and they tie themselves. That’s why this is like really awesome. – So how do we actually
get it to self-lace? – Uh, well, um… – Yeah, that’s a good question. – Oh, I got it. – Oh, oh my gosh, a light just turned on. – Oh my god, I got it. – Look!
– Check it out! – Whoa! – [Keaton] Whoa! Look at these lights! Oh wait, I got it, I got it.
– How’d you do that? – Look, look, look, look, look. Look on the side here. Depress the top button.
– Just press the start button? – Yeah, the top button to tighten. (mechanical whirring) (gasping) That is so cool. Why did I not buy a size 13?
– That is so crazy. – And it even lights up on the back. – One of you guys is
gonna legit be so lucky. Make sure you stay ’til the end. – [Kate] Yeah. (buzzing) Look, they light up. – You can see the laces adjusting, too. I would love if Heelys made one of these. – Heelys? – The wheel, they have
a wheel in the bottom, and you can, one of these. – Oh, yeah, but, look
what happened last time you were on a wheel, so let’s… (laughs) – Thanks for that low-key diss there, fam. Appreciate it. So since I wear a size 13 shoe,
and I have really big feet, you guys all know what that means. I wear big socks, of course. I’m actually gonna have Kate try these on. – What? – You don’t know, like
big feet equals big socks. What were you thinking? Like, what were you thinking? Please tell me.
– Nothing. Nope, nope. All right Keaton, I’m
going to try these on. Why I’m going to try these on? Ooh, oh my gosh they’re super comfortable. All right, I’m gonna
chuck my foot up here. Now to begin with, like, I can totally feel how the
comfort is on this shoe. Let’s give it a go, let’s see how it goes. (mechanical whirring) Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh, even though
these are a size 11, I’m not even kidding you,
they lace so tight that I can fit…
– How tight? – [Kate] So tight. (buzzing) Kinda feels like a blood pressure thing when you go to the doctor’s and get your blood pressure taken. They like, they feel like
super tight around here. Still a little bit big for me, because they are, you
got a way big size for– – I have big feet, you
know what they say, Kate. You know what they say.
(laughing) – [Kate] But I mean like
they’re comfortable. – They’re comfortable? All right. – [Kate] They’re definitely comfortable. – You’ve had guys
squeeze your feet before, so like this isn’t just… (buzzing) – I’m not gonna even reply to that. Any time today. – I think this shoe’s dead. (buzzing) Oh wait, no, we’re lit, we’re good! – [Kate] No, no, we’re good! – You could charge your shoes. Like, what has life come,
what has life come to? – Hey, Keaton. – Sorry, don’t like, I mean, yeah. – Keaton, what’s this? – That’s a pepper spray gun. Be careful. (laughing) – Oh my (screeching)… (laughing) They look sweet. I just smelled your foot, what up? (laughing) – How much retail do these go for? – These go for $720 (cash register ringing) but you wanna try to find
them on eBay right now. They’re like two, three thousand dollars. They’re so expensive. So let’s get to the real
reason why you’re here, besides Kate being in the video and me having the greatest thumbnail ever. But we’re actually giving
away a pair of shoes, and another pair of Snapchat Spectacles. So all you guys have to do to enter is make sure you’re
following me on Snapchat. (dinging) My code just right up there. Scan that, come say hi, (bird cawing) and make sure you’re
following me on Twitter, I’m just @techsmartt. And in 48 hours, I’ll pick two winners. (bird cawing) I’ll ship these to anywhere in the world. You guys want full
instructions, link’s down below. But seriously, guys, enjoy these shoes. I think there’s only like 100 made, and (sniffs) they smell real nice. – Woo! So that’s pretty much the video, guys. I’m Keaton now, so go
drop a Like on this video because it is my birthday. – Happy birthday, by the way.
– Thank you. – And if you guys are new on here, make sure you get to Subscribe. You can just click or tap
this button over here. I like my hand here. You get subscribe that way. Check out my last video right over here. And these shoes are lit. Whaddup?

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  1. TFAM i spent forever finding these Nike kicks so ENJOY!!! btw, you guys want me and Kate to do more vids together? lmk!!!! ✅

  2. Kate: You need a hand?
    Keaton: Yes Please.
    Me: Keaton,of course you need a hand,did you forget than one of them is broken XD?

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