hey my shirt actually matches oh no it doesn't what's going on guys Josh from soccer reviews for EUCOM bringing you my review + RP video of the brand new inner game pack colorway of the adidas nemesis 19.1 the lace top and variation within the nemesis line bear in a retail price of 225 dollars so up until this point on the channel I've only reviewed the messi variant of the nemesis 19.1 which unlike previous generation nemesis boots is actually identical to the regular version aside from of course the colorway mainly the fact that there's no messi logo anywhere either way it's been a month since these came out we've had some time to reflect on this release because I really do feel like this is a legitimately great pair of football boots that a lot of people aren't going to consider based on the fact that the nemesis line up until this point hasn't been that great this in my opinion is the greatest nemesis boot adidas has ever put out and it is one that you definitely should be paying attention to so if you want to learn everything there is to know including how they fit and feel on feet please stick around watch the entire video and if you're interested in a pair for yourself I'll leave a little pop-up on screen or you can click the first link down below that'll take you to the review page on my website where you'll find Buy It Now links with exclusive SR for you coupon codes we'll be able to pick them up below their normal 225 dollar retail price if you guys do end up enjoying this video please support it with like and I've also had a lot of requests to do comparison videos with the new nemesis 19.1 but I've kind of been undecided on what to compare it to so if you have any suggestions leave those down below in the comments and I'll definitely make that happen also if you're new here watching for the first time I don't want to miss out on daily content for me make sure you hit that subscribe button along with the little bell notification so you get notified when the next new video goes live so really quickly I just wanted to go over the colorway this of course being part of the inner game pack and you'll definitely notice that the Nemesis 19.1 does look distinctively different from the nineteen plus variation in that it does not have the metallic chrome gold wearable finish split soul soleplate instead what you're going to find is a translucent black soleplate with kind of like a gold glitter which actually does look quite blue stud tips of course and an intention tape upper for the most part is the same color base where you're gonna find a nice royal blue with a black detailing in there as well white stripes across the back which is a bit of a controversial positioning but honestly I think that this generation of Nemesis actually does look quite cool a little bit of gold detailing and the adidas logo there a top across the top of the foot and the Nemesis 360 agility branding right there on the medial side also in gold as a whole this is by far in my opinion the best colorway for this new generation nemesis that we've seen so far but let me know what you guys think down below in the comments and just in case I wasn't clear this is not a wearable soleplate finish so the Nemesis line from adidas is all about agility in fact they are branded as agility boots but the funny thing about agility boots is that everything that makes the majority boots is also what would make a speed boot a speed boot and of course adidas also offers the X line as their speed options so for the sake of simplifying all of this let's categorize agility and speed boots into the same category which means what do you pick between the Nemesis and the X if you're looking for a quote-unquote speed agility boot and that decision up until this point has been pretty simple because the first two generations of Nemesis 0.1 or plus just haven't been as good as the X offerings I would say but this time around the Nemesis 19.1 is a really great option in comparison to the X 19.1 the question is which one do you buy you want to go faster do you want to be agile I can't believe people believe this stuff so unlike the X 19.1 which features a speed mesh upper you will not find any mesh in the construction of the Nemesis 19.1 instead the upper construction is actually very similar to the laceless 19 plus the retails for $50 more a two hundred and seventy-five dollars utilizing tension tape tension tape being basically these wide bands of a very thin material you can see some of it is left exposed across the top of the foot it's thin it's stretchy it really doesn't have much actual tension to it which is part of the reason why the laceless model doesn't really have the best locked up in my opinion and that seems to be a pretty common opinion across the board but the tension tape instead of being really thin bands like we saw in previous general relations with inserts of like a mesh based synthetic in the forefoot for the sake of touch the entire boot is now made out of one piece of material in the form of big wide strips of course there are internal reinforcement in the form of basically like a synthetic type kind of frame as well as a liner and then you have a polyurethane layer on top except for the area across the top of the foot where they leave things nice and stretchy either way the end result is arguably the thinnest boot on offer from the adidas brand right now so if you're looking for the ultimate in barefoot feel while you might expect the ex line to be a thinner touch on the ball this is actually the thinnest boot you can buy from the brand right now and it does have a very penny sensation it doesn't feel plasticky it doesn't feel rigid in any way it's actually a really really nice upper and in my opinion the best nemesis upper we've had from the brand by a long shot running through the middle of the boot is of course the lacing system which covers up what is a one-piece construction and you can see that there is some overlapping tension tape similar to the laceless model but not at all similar in the fact that they're legitimately is no tension here at all it does wrap the top of your foot snug but it's by no means tight and there's just no lock down here so for those of you that were planning on buying these pulling the laces out and wearing them as laceless boots be my guest but do not expect the boots to just stay on your feet period let alone have proper lockdown however if you're a slightly more logical person with the laces tied tight you'll find that the fit is quite good the lockdown is really good especially through the heel they have lowered the heel as well which was a pet peeve of mine with previous generation nemesis boots and the responsiveness as a whole I would say is pretty much on par with what you're going to get from the ex 19.1 to me one of the benefits of the nemesis over the X is that you have a much more I guess normal construction to this area of the foot where you don't have that extension piece with the thin mesh base on the X 19.1 and even the 19 plus for that matter that kind of bunches up and crinkles across the top of your foot doesn't have any impact on touch or performance based on my experience but it is very annoying and not the best looking moving to the rear the Nemesis 19-point one of course features a more standard low-cut construction versus the very strange-looking collar you find on the laceless model it still features that kind of v-cut Shea here along the outside edges but it's been shortened at the back so the chafing that you got during the first couple of wears with the Nemesis 17.1 and 18.1 are no longer an issue here with the nineteen point one which is great because a lot of pros were wearing these with this modification in previous generations not sure why the retail version was left so high there is also an internal plastic heel counter which is nice and solid and then as far as the internal liner is concerned it's pretty much the same as previous generation nemesis boots a nice synthetic suede material with plenty of extra padding the insole is pretty standard adidas it features this nice soft synthetic material on top some perforations through the forefoot and the heel it's made from a single layer of this black foam moving to the soleplate and stud pattern you'll notice one distinct difference in comparison to all other adidas models and that is the split sole construction which actually if I'm comparing it to any other boot on the market right now feels a lot like the split sole you'll find on the current series of mercurial boots either the vapor 12 or the Superfly 6 elite mainly in regards to thickness as well as the stiffness of the soleplate this is distinctively a lot firmer and more rigid and feel versus what you'll get from the speed frame on the ex boot it also does add some weight which we'll talk about in just a second either way it feels really good I much prefer this design over the torsion frame that we had on previous generation nemesis boots and it's actually a really solid setup as a whole that feels quite premium as far as the stud pattern is concerned it is there FG AG layout that you pretty much find across the entire adidas brand they have changed up the stud tips this time around for this new Nemesis generation where they are kind of more conical in shape for the most part performance I would say is very similar to what you'll find from the X line maybe not quite as aggressive but basically right there it's a really solid stud pattern and one of the better ones on offer from the adidas brand which brings us to the weight which is another area where you'll definitely find some separation between the nemesis and X 19.1 boots that like we talked about are kind of competing against each other in a size 9.5 us the Nemesis 19.1 weighs in at eight point one ounce is the equivalent of 200 and 30 grams which is by no means heavy for a pair of football beads but for a pair of top-end football boots it's also not particularly lightweight we have to consider that the ex 19.1 is almost an ounce lighter pretty much all of Nikes top-end models are right around the 7 to 7 & a half ounce mark so these are above average in weight for a top end pair of football boots period so I've swapped out the blue and black laces which do look good it's the two main colors of the upper after all for some white and black grid pattern SR for you replacement laces the white accenting the adidas stripes here on the heel and then the black acts empty nicely with the black detail and you have throughout the boots plus it makes your boots that much more unique in comparison to everyone else with the same pair so if you're looking to change up the style of your boots in a very inexpensive way the website to go to is wws r4u laces com so be a little pop-up on screen as well as a link down below so if you're interested in some be sure to go ahead and check that out on feet the Nemesis 19.1 fits really well if you want to compare it directly to the X 19.1 they're very similar in width I would say the shape is slightly more refined in that it's a little bit tighter through the forefoot and toe box area and the volume as a whole is a little bit lower with the Nemesis in comparison to the X so you could make the argument that in terms of speed boots this offers the better tighter fit around your foot and I think that's a fair thing to say it's really really flexible as far as the uppers concerned there's really no stiffness to it it doesn't have a plasticy sensation at all but there definitely is more stiffness to the split sole design versus the speed frame that you'll find on the X heel lock down is really good and as a whole the boots are just very comfortable out of the box was very little to actually break in as far as width is concerned while it's lower volume than the axis is definitely not a narrow fitting boot at all I would say that these are gonna be suitable for most people as long as you don't have excessively wide feet and as far as sizing is concerned I'm laying these in my usual size 9.5 us and fitnah length is perfect so if you are looking to order a pair for yourself I'd recommend going true to size for the best possible fit so in conclusion I really think that the Nemesis 19.1 is a great pair of football boots I can strongly recommend them and as I said at the start of the video I think it's the best nemesis to date it has a great upper it has a great fit the touch is good the traction is good the split soul feels really nice it's got a nice solid feel despite not being as light as it perhaps should be and there's just not a lot that I can realistically criticize about this boot however I think it's only fair to throw this into the speed category given what adidas has put out so with that in mind comparing it to the other speed boot on offer from the adidas brand at the same price point the ex 19.1 I just feel like that's a better speed boot overall would I prefer the ex over the Nemesis in some ways yes in some ways no but given the choice gun to my head which I'm not sure why someone would have a gun to my head asking me to pick between two pairs of football boots but if that were the case I'd probably go for the X but I'd be just as happy to wear the Nemesis which makes this a confusing conclusion anyways guys that's it for my review hopefully you enjoyed the video if you did be sure to support it with 'like again if you're interested in a pair of these for yourself you can click the first link down below that's gonna take you to the review page on my website where you'll find Buy It Now links with exclusive s-sarah for you coupon codes we will be able to pick these up below their normal 225 dollar retail price if any questions as always leave them down below in the comments and I'll do my best to get an answer out to you as soon as I possibly can subscribe if you haven't already for daily videos on all the latest and greatest soccer gear you can find all my social media information linked down below in the description as well nother than that guys thank you so much for watching and we'll see you in the next one you


  1. I have always like the Nemeziz boot line. I feel these boots just fit me well. Will they make me a better player? No. But they do allow me to play a full 90 with no foot pain or blistering. Which is what I think is the most important element when buying a pair of boots. Fit and feel is most important to most as we all know we suck compare to the pros who endorse them.

  2. “Do you want to be fast or do you want to be agile?” 😂🤣 had me dying. Marketing really pushes boots making some aspect of your game better

  3. Can you pls make a video of how to put laces back into doube lace boots as i can't seem to get the laces back in to the cr7 chapter 7

  4. Is the 1oz weight difference between these and the X something which you would realistically notice if you weren't aware of it prior to using the boots?

  5. Hallo,can you help me please?
    I am looking for a football indoor shoes and I have two options:Nike tiempo lunar legend 7 pro and adidas ace 17.1 pogba white-grey(I saw some pictures and this model has other upper).I need a pair of shoes for one season and I will play indoor/outdoor and I need to find the best deal for me,so please,help me to choose the correct one.

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