adidas Running | adidas x Parley | Run For The Oceans 2018

adidas Running | adidas x Parley | Run For The Oceans 2018

55 thoughts on “adidas Running | adidas x Parley | Run For The Oceans 2018”

  1. Couldn't people just say they'd run lots so that company donates money to making the place we live not turn to shit? Or does adidas only help people for advertising benefits that makes them look good?

  2. Sounds awesome I’m just saying I didn’t know we need a shoe company to show everyone the ocean needs to be saved it’s a bit sad that we need a few company to get us to start cleaning up our ocean I feel like we should just be able to just figure herself for about 20 years late to15 years late please answer me that

  3. How everyone. Suddenly realise that just because of an advert it’s funny to think that we need an advert to do the right choices

  4. The song is made from the sample pack sounds of KSHMR vol 2 lol. I don't think the song itself is an official release but someone used the pack to make it for the advert.

  5. The song is at this URL address, just click play demo when you get on the site:

  6. Ok but why not just run to the nearest beaches and clean I mean the little bit of money they raise won’t really do much just go out and clean the ocean got the beach pick up trash take a boat out around the bay clean any garbage you see

  7. Bon visiblement la vie de leurs employés sous payé balek mais l'océan non. Bon… Bah c'est déjà un début… Je suppose

  8. I found this song
    Math Club, Tia P. – Move it

  9. and where does that money come from ? Oh right, from selling you unnecessary new fashionable shoes that's made with nondegradable materials

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