adidas STAN SMITH custom sneaker part 2 / 2 アディダス・スタンスミスのソールカスタム後編ENGLISH SUB

adidas STAN SMITH custom sneaker part 2 / 2 アディダス・スタンスミスのソールカスタム後編ENGLISH SUB

This is Sugiura from Radian Shoe Repair Radian In the previous PART1, we delivered a custom-made sole of adidas STAN SMITH This time is PART2, following PART1 This time, attach the sole It is a video until completion The black one has a midsole attached. The white one is sewn. I will continue to work. First, we will sew this part with a sewing machine. The black one was customized with the image of George Cox The customized parts are the sole and eyelet. The white eyelet is changed to silver. Last time I said that leather soles are good. The white one is a custom sole only. Eyelet is also pure white. These two sneakers are the sole at the customer’s request. To the taste of the person watching the video The sole can be customized. I think vibram100 or leather sole is acceptable instead of this white sole. The atmosphere is very different from the original Stan Smith, so the taste is divided. Unlike the original sole, with a volumetric sole, Recommended for people who want impact. This time, it is a one-to-order made-to-order product requested by the customer. We accept requests such as those who want the same sole, or different soles. The price and delivery date are written on the blog. From the summary column below, you can check the blog post for details. Please feel free to contact us by phone, email or line. We also look forward to inquiries from overseas. Please come look again. Please subscribe to the channel.

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  1. 予想上回る出来でビックリ スタンスミスって言われなければ判らないですね

  2. あの白いソール面白いですね この動画で初めて見ました。想像以上のカスタムでビックリしました。これからも楽しい動画よろしくお願いします。靴磨きももっと見たいです。

  3. こないだオリジナルス買ったらインソールが剥がれないモデルだったんですが、自分で買ったインソールに交換しても問題ないのでしょうか? クッション性ないオリジナルスにクッション性のあるインソール入れてもあんまり意味がないですか?

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