Adobe Photoshop "T-Shirt MockUp w/ Displace Filter" wk322

Adobe Photoshop "T-Shirt MockUp w/ Displace Filter" wk322

never stop learning week 322 we're gonna take a quick look at how to create a t-shirt mock-up using the displace filter in Adobe Photoshop CC 2017 alright so the displays filter has been around for a really long time and I recently started playing around with it just trying to get the hang of it and I realized I can make better mock-ups using this filter so let's check this out here I've got this great t-shirt and I want to apply some artwork so I'm gonna jump over to Adobe Illustrator and grab this logo so this is a logo for venez dynamics and shout out to those guys I'm gonna copy this onto my clipboard and come over to photoshop alright in here I'm gonna paste this and I want to bring this in as a smart object whenever I can I'm gonna work with a smart object all the way until I'm forced to have to rasterize it alright I'll click OK now I've got my artwork over here above the t-shirt but I get a chance to transform it before I actually bring it all the way in so what I'm gonna do is grab one of these corners click and drag now I'm resizing it if I hold down the shift key that's gonna keep the aspect ratio and if I hold down the option key that's gonna bring it in right towards the center alright that looks good click and drag hold down the shift key to keep it nice and straight and release alright that looks pretty good so I'm gonna hit and throw my keyboard and there we go so now we brought in this design and it's looking pretty good the locations great but it doesn't really look like it's part of the t-shirt and that's where the displace filter comes in alright so with this layer activated I'm gonna go to the filter menu at the top scroll through to find a store it and then choose displace alright once I click on that I get this little panel here now in here it shows a horizontal scale of 10 and a vertical scale of 10 but it doesn't show me a preview of what's gonna happen all right so let's click OK now the reason it doesn't show us a preview is because we haven't chosen a map yet so in here we're getting the opportunity to apply a map unfortunately I haven't built it yet so let's build that next and hit cancel and it's back out of here alright so to create this map all right we're gonna use the grey t-shirt because we want to use the luminance value of the t-shirt to make changes over here on our artwork it's actually gonna start bending with the folds of the t-shirt all right so over here in the layers panel down on the bottom right I'm gonna target the t-shirt right click on it and I want to choose this option here for duplicate layer all right in here the change that I want to make is the destination the document we're gonna switch over to a new document and this one we're gonna name it map shirt all right click OK all right so now we got this new document with our t-shirt all right so we need to make some changes we need to end up with a grayscale image that's really high in contrast now the good thing is I'm already working with a great t-shirt but let's say you were working with a different color t-shirt you want to go into the adjustments panel choose black and white and a lot of times I'll go with a high contrast preset because we want to end up with a high contrast t-shirt anyway all right so we go now we have a more a high contrast version of this and I'm gonna bring in some levels to really help us out with that so I'll click on levels I'll bring this white point in towards the middle I'll grab the black point bring that in towards the middle and then I can make changes over here with this gray point if I need to now if you're not sure what's happening here what's gonna end up happening is Photoshop is gonna read this as a map every where we have these white or light pixels you're gonna see our artwork get pushed forward wherever there's darker pixels you're gonna see that the artwork gets pushed back all right so we're gonna use this as a map to distort our new artwork all right this looks pretty good but we're ending up with a really crunchy version of this t-shirt now the problem with that is we could end up with some rigid edges for the logo so let's soften this up by coming over here in the layers panel targeting the t-shirt layer I'm going to go into the filter menu scroll down to find blur and then choose Gaussian blur all right over here it shows a radius of 2 pixels click OK now that worked for this document size and what I wanted to do is just soften up the map a little bit I want to make sure that I don't end up with any rough edges all right so this map is looking pretty good I'm gonna close this out and save it all right make sure you know where you're saving this that way it'll be really easy to find later click Save okay there we go so now we have our map ready to go and we have to apply it to this artwork so we're in the layers panel I'm gonna target the vector smart object then go into the filter menu at the top scroll down to find distort and then choose displace all right so we're just gonna run with the default settings to see what happens I'll click OK choose the map then open alright now this is actually going overboard this is too much here it's actually distorting it so much that we can't even read the design so that tells me that I have to back off on the settings so back over here in the layers panel I'm gonna double click on this place and for the horizontal scale I know that a value of 2 is gonna work out and I'm gonna go with a vertical scale of 2 all right click OK choose the map again then open alright there we go so now starting to bend with the t-shirt and it's looking really clean let me show you the before and here's the after alright so this is looking good but I actually want to make another change so that you could start seeing the t-shirt start kind of like going through you want to see the fibers inside of the artwork so back over here in the layers panel instead of just dropping the opacity I'd rather make a change to the blend mode so I'm gonna go with this area here this is the contrast stack so we have overlay and this looks awesome and you could also try soft light alright when I go with soft light it looks like we're not laying down as much ink or it kind of looks like maybe the t-shirt has been worn before and washed multiple times alright so I'm actually gonna go with overlay that works great in this case now let's say you want to change the color of the ink there's a couple different ways to do it in Photoshop I'm just gonna double-click on the vector smart object it's gonna open it up in Illustrator I'll select my artwork and choose a color from in here let's go with a dark blue I'll close this guy out then it's gonna ask me to save then let's switch over to photoshop all right and just like that my artworks already updated and it's looking like an awesome mock-up so let me zoom in one more time just so you get a good look at it and there you have it folks that's a quick look how to create a t-shirt mock-up using the displace filter in Adobe Photoshop CC 2017

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  1. i watched a lot videos to learn this effect but i am not satisfied even these videos are the top of youtube search ..after watching this video i understand how apply displacement map filter are great from Pakistan …

  2. Hello, why do you think the art work I copied from AI is going behind the T-Shirt in Photoshop? The images moves on the background but it won't come to the top.

  3. Hey, how's it going? Do you provide this service? Found someone on Fiverr but it didn't turn out so well lol

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