Aesthetics on Omegle 2: Girls are Speechless | Connor Murphy

Aesthetics on Omegle 2: Girls are Speechless | Connor Murphy

I’m not real?

100 thoughts on “Aesthetics on Omegle 2: Girls are Speechless | Connor Murphy”

  1. … Then they all became his Girlfriend and nagged him forever more for always being in the gym and cheated on him and ran off with a 'Dad Bod' … And they all lived happily ever after … The End.

  2. Too see the girl's face at 0:28 – go to this video: at around the 1:28 mark

  3. Nothing but posing just to impress because of that body ? there's a lot of bodybuilders better out there yet they are not that showy type !!!

  4. When he dies, I am going to sneak to his grave and steal his jaw to play some boomerang on the beach.

  5. This guy needs a life how many videos does he have of oh I'm a geek wait let me take my shirt off. Lol get real

  6. Can't believe this narcissistic self obsessed dude actually put that music in a video about him taking off his shirt online

  7. Excercise and eat properly for your health (physical and mental), and not for girls (because you are already enough).
    Nevertheless, a witty commercial.

  8. It's ok when females fantasizes men like this, but when it comes to guys fantastizing other women for their titties and ass, we get shamed on and get called out.
    Such hypocrisy with double standards to the feminazi WAHMEN

  9. Who creates such a physicist just to impress girls has little value in my opinion. I do not doubt that aesthetics is an important thing, but the well-being that is achieved through fatigue and effort loses meaning when it is used for such purposes

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