Amber Ruffin Addresses Protests Against Nike’s Ad Campaign Featuring Colin Kaepernick

Amber Ruffin Addresses Protests Against Nike’s Ad Campaign Featuring Colin Kaepernick

-After Nike announced
that former NFL quarterback and activist Colin Kaepernick
would be the face of its new ad campaign,
angry consumers began posting photos
of themselves burning their
Nike shoes and apparel. Now, this story obviously has
some strong racial overtones, and I’m not sure I’m
comfortable commenting on it. -But I am!
[ Cheers and applause ] Yeah! Okay, here’s the thing,
white people. I’m not saying you don’t have
a right to protest. I’m just saying you’re doing
it the wrong way. Why not burn your
shoes privately, instead of putting it on the
Internet for everyone to see? Why are you disrespecting
the hard-working people of Nike? -Oh, I don’t think
that’s what they’re — -Protest is a right guaranteed
under the constitution, but there is a
time and place for that. And the Internet is neither
the time, nor the place. -It’s not? -I’m tired of you people
politicizing shoes. -Oh, wait, wait. I see. You’re just saying all
the stuff white people said when Kaepernick
was kneeling, aren’t you? -You’re damn right I am! Whoo! Go ahead. Burn your shoes, you dummies. And if you don’t have any Nikes,
take your ass down to the ATM, take out $140, and burn that. Whoo!
[ Cheers and applause ] -Amber Ruffin, everybody!

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  1. Someone should suggest all white catholic NFL players kneel during the anthem to protest sexual abuses by Priests being swept under the rug by the Church. Then see if these flag loving folks still have issue with flag protests.

  2. nike already made money on those shoes .burning them after you paid all that money, shows just how stupid republicans are .

  3. "Hmmm, should I burn my shoes, or donate them to homeless veterans? Well, I know which will get me more likes on Instagram."

    –too many people.

  4. More than 4000 African Americans were lynched in the US from the 1870s to the 1970s. Lynching often involved burning people alive. This was nothing short of terrorism and it played a major role in the African American migration to the Northern states in the 1930s. To my mind, a country that once burned a certain group of people alive has absolutely no right to expect the descendants of those people to be "patriotic" towards it. Indeed, such an expectation is preposterous. And that is even before you get into the issue of African Americans being shot by police in disproportionately high numbers.

  5. this was lazy writing.. it could have been done with much better 'in your face' points… comparing politics to nikes.. silly writers.

  6. Hmmm… I'm guessing white nationalists and other groups of white racists are not a large part of Nike's customer base.
    What athletic shoes do the white racists wear — KKK-Swiss?

  7. I wrote an article recently on this issue, "A Conversation About Taking A Knee," please READ, SHARE, & LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU THINK (and do click the link in the "NOTE" at the bottom):

  8. No one seems to comment on how Nike uses sweatshop labor to make their products. There are legitimate reasons to hate Nike but all the right cares about is the Kaepernick campaign.

  9. I was all set to burn a pair of Nike's,
    but they were too wet
    with sweat,

    and the neighbor wearing them
    was not amused much,

    I mow his lawn tomorrow..
    I'm nice like that..

  10. I'm going to buy Nike apparel with the visible logo, not because I'm impressed with the company, but so people know where I stand. From now on of you openly wear Nike you're making a statement. PS: Chucks are Nikes too.

  11. Realize when you have a smug chick mugging for the camera calling everybody she doesn't agree with names, that is no better then the people she is targeting. Please for the love of god remove both of those smug girls from the front of the camera. It doesn't matter what the write, nobody cares, but having them call the right stupid everyday isn't helping.

  12. 叔叔,是真电伝修或?,北伯伝或?。

  13. Instead of burning Nike, why not donate them to the vets who sleeping under bridges or those begging for money…. white people are backwards

  14. It’s crazy that there are people who cannot afford shoes and clothes and these people are burning theirs because a Blackman is standing for something that we should all be aware of!! Mmmm

  15. Whatever you think of the ad campaign, burning shoes is just stupid. The smoke is toxic for people and pets, and while you can go buy a new pair, many people can't afford it. Just remember every time you see a shoe burning video, someone that needed those shoes can't have them because people are too angry to see that what they're doing doesn't change anything. But seeing another person cry just because you stopped to talk, listen and help, that'll change your whole week for the better, guaranteed.

  16. I actively protest against the KKK…but you don't see me burning my perfectly clean white sheets! My bed needs those more.

  17. Trump supporters should burn their Nike shoes and apparel while still wearing them. Trust me, you will get a more efficient burn.

  18. she's cute. at first, she sounded adorably hoarse like Michelle Wolf.
    I wish she could be pocket size to pop out and enlighten ppl I meet harshly.

  19. There's not a single patriotic or humane thing about this Nike protest. Give ur products to homeless ppl on the street, to poor veterans, repurpose clothes as cleaning rags. sell it online and get some money. OMG

  20. So eight million jehovahs witnesses dont salute the flag or stand for the anthem and that doesnt bother conservatives but one black man respectfully kneels and they go crazy. Some severe racial understones

  21. "Here's the thing, white people"? …are you fucking kidding me? How is that not fucking RACIST?! Guess what, black lady, I'm a white person and I haven't burnt my Nike shoes. This fucking leftist BS is going way too far.

  22. Do Nike really care that you burned shoes AFTER you already gave them your money? No. They don't. They might as well start selling special edition exploding shoes for this particular brand of moronic protesting customers. They don't care what you do with your shoes after you buy them.

  23. Black People stop tripping on Niki! They are closing polling places all of the nation.
    Spend your energy, time and money on helping people to the polls! Nikie is not going out of business.

  24. im gonna buy the exclusive nike air max 90 'independence day edition' in all 3 colors: red, white & blue! Well done kap! Shouts out to

  25. Love the overall message of the segment but as a left-wing white person i found your "white people" generalization (used by amber and seth) to be counter-productive, offensive and a distraction from the message of an orherwise brilliant piece. Maybe consider the label conservatives instead.

  26. I wonder how environmentally sound is it to burn Nike shoes? Wait why would they care about the environment anyways, they Voted for Trump

  27. Reminds me of during Bush's illegal invasion of Iraq, conservatives were going to liquor stores to buy French wine in order to dump it out into the street during protests against the French not supporting Bush's actions. Not sure what that did other than maybe put some extra change in the pocket of the store owner so he could take a vacation or buy that TV he had been wanting for a while.

    Berke Breathed of, "Bloom County," fame had a strip in the early 80s of a leader (Otis Oracle) of a conservative group of evangelicals going into a record store to find records they could burn.
    Otis: "Here's something. Blondie. Is she laden with turpitude?"
    Clerk: "Turpitude?"
    Otis: "Yes, moral turpitude."
    Clerk: "Man, I don't know, but she is one wicked chick!"
    Otis: "Super! We'll take 30 dozen."

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