Are Sneakers An Investment?

Are Sneakers An Investment?

yeah okay so we back with another topic Tuesday today was one that I was really excited for I thought of this over the weekend and it's basically our sneakers and investment to answer your question in short to keep this simple so you don't have to sit here and watch yes okay yes yes so yeah man obviously sneakers are an investment otherwise there wouldn't be all these sites and reselling none of that would even exist now the reason I'm really making this video is because I get a lot of teams whether it be you trying to feed your family whether it be you young and you trying to make some money and your parents just don't believe in the culture and what it's about or you know you're just interested playing it simple and I kind of wanted to break this down mathematically you know intelligently in the sense of if you wanted to take a proposal to your parents to an investor whatever this is how you would do it sneakers have obviously done a lot for me changed my complete life man it helps me pay my bills buy me my dream car help me pay our forty four thousand dollars of credit card debt and you know we're still going but I will say this man don't put all your eggs in one basket don't think that selling one sneaker is gonna make you rich this isn't something that just happens immediately I don't really sell sneakers I obviously just do content I've made sneakers my job so my situation is different but this still applies that those of you that want to be a youtuber but you know will say that for another day this is strictly on our sneakers and investment first and foremost what we're gonna do is go right onto my computer and I'm gonna show you guys a little template that I came up with you know these are some of my most recent pick ups maybe some that I haven't even shown yet so there goes some of my content but as you guys can see we have the sneakers list this is some of my most recent pick ups and I broke it down by the size obviously I worked through size 12 retail price price paid the date specifically on stock X we use stock X for an example what I would get after the fees what the market is and my wins lose ratio you know what I would make and what I would lose if that makes sense so let's start with you know for example right away you have the Air Jordan one six rings now this is like the track red color size 12 retail was 160 dollars I paid two hundred and eighty two dollars for this specific shoe because I bought it off resell did purchase it from stock X so right now I could actually sell that shoe for two hundred and sixty dollars that's not asking that's what I could immediately sell if all hell broke loose and I needed to get rid of my sneakers at our new dead stock I can sew that shoe right now for two hundred sixty dollars after the Fiat ended up getting two hundred and twenty-eight dollars the market right now most of the asker around two hundred and ninety dollars now as you guys can see from this specific shoe I would be losing fifty three dollars if I were to sell it now and then we go over to the profit now if I did purchase this shoe for a hundred and sixty dollars and I resold it right now I would be making a hundred and thirty dollars so that kind of gives you a profit loss margin now this is the kind of stuff that they teach you in school well hopefully I was a business administration major you know a lot of this excel is kind of the breakdown of how I'm able to do what I do how I balance and you know just how I manage my finances I put it all in an excel sheet and the numbers speak for themselves the numbers of facts so I mean plain and simple that is the easiest approach to going to your parents as far as hey Dad can I borrow $100 man I'll make $50 I'll give you $100 back you just made $50 it's one of those things and I know a lot of your parents are kind of like no that sounds stupid but there's a real market for it you know and kids could be doing a lot of worse could be selling some drugs sneakers flipping supreme whatever it is man there's always reso for everything I think one of the most important things is like if you're a grown man you got family you got kids and sneakers isn't going to make you rich and be able to buy a mansion you know focus on your kids do your job and this is just a little small buy some groceries pay for some gas you know look at it like that and if it turns into something bigger than that cool I just think a lot of people need to hear that because they get their mind wrapped around oh man I'm gonna follow my passions we're gonna make all this money but no in reality man our biggest victories are those days of doing stuff that we completely hate because that's what builds us you know those days that you don't want to go to work you don't want to do this you don't want to do that you do it that's mentally training you to be prepared man believe it or not and like I said I'm lucky man you know I originally applied for a job I was ready to get a normal job even in high school I wanted to work for Nike they didn't hire me and boom here we are I created a sneaker life you know it it's funny how life works make sure you always keep your day job like I said man I don't want you guys thinking oh you're just gonna become the biggest reseller ever and you know it's possible but keep your day job I don't know how sustainable this is I don't know how long it's gonna last but this is the facts now I'm low-key having like focusing issues over here right now so I mean this topic Tuesday is simple it's very short straight to the point I didn't really need to beat the dead horse here man the numbers speak for themselves it's all strategic one thing I'll say about shoes most recently is when you get them usually the first day flip it immediately make your profit and keep it going there's no time for greediness this isn't back in like 2013 2014 you can hold the shoe and you can basically just not be nice to know if you could be rude to anyone because they were gonna pay premium but nowadays there's just easy access to any sneaker so you know resale is just boom you gotta get rid of it with this this is super quick investments and this isn't a case for everything I mean you look at something like the Shawn Witherspoon that doubled in price so you know the thing about the sneaker market is you can never predict it some people say it's not investment because you can never can predict it even though stocks somewhat the same situation if the market decided to crash you lose all your money or you lose some of it or you lose pieces of it it's the same thing as sneakers one day a sneaker could be going for a thousand and the next day it could be going for under retail it all just depends on how the and really who the person is and that's a risk you're taking you know scare money don't make money and obviously it's not all about money it's not you don't get into sneakers you know get into supreme to resale I didn't start doing this for that I could didn't even care about any money I genuinely love sneakers I love clothes and it was just a creative outlet for me and it turned into money obviously I just want to bring you guys value I know a lot of people are gonna be butthurt all men every sellers blah blah blah man get over it bro just get over it people always wonder why I talk about oh you buy this wear this you might be able to reach you might be able to sell it later it's because trends are always changing it's out with the old in with the new why not buy you a brand new pair of 2019 bred fours wear them hoes selling for 200 and then get the next shoe that you want you know everybody was hating saying I had ease they right here may but you know I hope this answers your question I hope this helps a lot of you guys out just know you're not gonna get rich off of selling sneakers this is kind of like a small little hobby originally it all came from I buy two pairs sell the other pair which would pay for my pair now it takes a little more than that to pay for your parents honestly just a constant hustle and it's a lot of fun a lot of people get into the sneaker game for the wrong reasons everybody thinks they're just somehow gonna become rich and famous I don't know what it is whatever helps you sleep I'm just letting you guys know regardless at the end of the day this was something that genuinely excited me and was my passion and I put tons of work in and Here I am I don't really sell sneakers I like to collect and like I say when I get tired of shoe I'll usually sell it I'm gonna be moving soon so I might be getting rid a lot of my stuff so stay tuned for that video but yeah man at the end of the day as far as money is concerned just chase your passion figure out what excites you and honestly everything else will fall in place I I didn't force me any youtuber I just made videos people subscribed and here we are and I thank you guys every single day for that because I don't know what I would be doing without it honestly I'll be some boss CEO cuz I still have my degree you know so I'll be a boss burger imma succeed regardless just letting y'all know make sure you have that mentality there you guys have a man that's it for topic Tuesday if you guys enjoyed the video give me another thousand likes because we are crushing row topic Tuesday's killing it man y'all know imma be here next Tuesday subscribe and know imma be here Tuesday but make sure you let me know what you guys want to see on the next topic Tuesday you guys have not been doing a good job with that some of you have but for the most part give me some topics bright also all my patreon people out there I did finally upload a video talking about just motivation life all that good stuff so you haven't already become a patreon and you want to the link could be down below otherwise do you think it's your boy sneaker like I'll see you guys in the next one stay tuned funny

39 thoughts on “Are Sneakers An Investment?”

  1. Rewatching this video just makes me more motivated to work hard at work and school. Mike you the goat 🐐

  2. Can someone please help? I am new at this and i would like to know what’s a good shoe to start with? Also how much above retail i should charge and can i wear the sneaker once and resell it and still make profit?

  3. lol yeah easy investments aslong as you know which ones to get and sizes to get they should always appreciate

  4. A lil light 2019 Jordan retro 4 BRED flex…Let's see those manufacture tags buddy👀…lol
    New subscriber and impressed…Be easy

  5. sneakers are a great investment. resale didn't ruin the game, hybeasting

    how do you save money?
    how do you build your credit to be able to lease/own property?

    I am hype for the new place! seen the insagram vibe you posted

  6. This clown had fake Jordan 3 breds in his video….let’s see 2 j’s don’t have them early, Fineline don’t have them early…hmmm 🤔 why doesn’t this clown do an early review if he they’re legit. Getting sneakers early is like a cheat code to shoe-tubers

  7. But it's only so many pairs that u have to sell. How do you keep going when you sell out and still have bills? With stocks u can buy as much as u want. U don't have to worry about bots or legit checks….sneakers are just temporary investments. How long can u sit on a sneaker without going broke? It doesn't provide passive income. It requires no true skill to feed yourself besides limited supply, demand, and maybe some luck whether u have a bot or not.

  8. Love your videos man! Here are some of my thoughts!

    As both a consumer and a reseller. My advice to resellers is that before buying a shoe, know the worth of a pair before copping it. Don't cop a pair of shoes for resell price expecting to resell it for a higher price. Most importantly, if you are fortunate enough to cop a shoe at its RETAIL price and that particular shoe has hype behind it (banned 1s, royal 1s, shadow 1s, yeezys, sean weatherspoons and etc) than abuse it and cop as many as you can. Same applies to hype clothing brands like Supreme, Stone island, and certain collabs.Be patient with your listings. If someone offers you a lowball, just kindly decline because another consumer who wants the shoe will come along.

    Me personally as a consumer, I have taken L's just like you guys as well. My advice would be to be patient and look around different sites/apps like GOAT, Grailed, and other 3rd parties. Try to find steals on worn shoes close to deadstock condition. Cause a good steal will come your way sooner or later. One of my favorite shoes to rock in the spring/summer time is the adidas ultraboost cause they make some dope ass colorways. Recently copped a pair of cream ultraboost (1st release) for only 160$ in VNDS condition off of GOAT!! If I can't find any steals, I wouldn't mind paying resell price because I know i will rock and appreciate the shoes. I don't pay resell price with the intent to resell it for a higher price. You just have to be patient and smart with your money!

    In the end, shoes are just shoes if you have the means to cop then, by all means, go for it. I personally sold a lot of my collection in shoes and clothing (supreme) to save up for accelerated nursing school. I kinda grew out of the supreme items, but occasionally buy them to resell them. In general, sometimes you gotta know when to let certain items go to help fund your bigger dream. Whether it be for college, your dream car, or to help your family out and etc. Just know you can always re-cop it back!

  9. They’re an investment if you can grab the right pair for retail. It also depends If the interest earned from holding the shoes will be more than what you could get from leaving your money in an index fund

  10. Hail nah. Unless you reselling full size runs you only making back enough to fund your hobby. That's it. Be real with your money. These damn shoes disintegrate after a while anyway lol.

  11. i like it… but it really seems like on your sheet you are losing some money on every pair… i feel like sneakers were once a great investment but nowadays increased retail/tax/seller fees are killing the profit margin… plus maybe we should also consider the time value of money and use a higher discount rate for sneakers because if we invest in something else like bonds or stocks we may get more from those…

  12. I mean at the end of the day, who wouldn't wanna make a dollar off something that's worth a little more. Now in days anything can be flipped so why not sneakers. Good investment if u want to grow yourself.

  13. Where did you buy your hoodie bro it’s 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 and if it’s an xl would you consider selling it ?

  14. Not gonna get rich and famous of reselling sneakers??? Go check out two j's at urban necessities and then come back and tell me that.

  15. Ur a business major right? Hit us with some basic stuff we may not know. Also I remember u were goin to teach folks how to use or get their credit together. (u may have dropped it. Jus don't recall) Mine is great as of now, but it's some kids goin into college gettn them pre-approval letters who need a professional standpoint on wut to do and wut NOT TO DO. Personally I've spoken to my younger siblings on how to build and create a strong base. How not to get suckered and which cards are the best to start off with. But u sir have a following of all ages who don't kno how to become financially sound and ready for the credit world.
    I wud luv to see this kinda content. Not all into detail, but a tip here or there. These kids need a better understanding of wuts in front of them. CCC are luvn the first few months of college to hold a student hostage with debt. 🤦🏽‍♂️ Teach them Obi-Wan

  16. Very mature take on this. Not everyone can do this for their career, which is why everyone should have a backup plan. Good video.

  17. Yes. If you flip them. Unfortunately, GS sizes don’t have any resale value. So every GS size purchase is strictly for wearing. Maybe smaller sizes of Yeezys have value since they’re harder to come by?

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