Army Hack: How to Fold a Day's Change of Clothes - Ranger Roll Compact Packing for Travel / Vacation

Army Hack: How to Fold a Day's Change of Clothes – Ranger Roll Compact Packing for Travel / Vacation

hey what's up guys so somebody recently asked me if it's possible to pack all your undergarments in the same role so that way you have your undershirt your underwear and your socks rolled up in one for your travel so I mean this is a good technique to have in your travel toolbox if you will for whenever you go camping hunting you know if you go to the field if you in the military so anyway that's going to get started so we have shirt underwear and socks so this is I mean this is not rocket science okay so we do the same thing we do with normal Ranger role for t-shirt the only difference is you might want to pick up quite a bit more slack here because they're all going to be a little thicker so get it to this mm-hmm we'll put underwear in the middle so and then the socks and in case you're wondering know–this is not a commercial for Hanes and Nautica socks so yeah it's just the stuff that I happened to wear all right now going to go ahead and roll it up nice and tight the BAM so all right like I said this way you only have one roll instead of three rolls you have one roll that's got all of just all this stuff in you for the day you know we change our clothes shirt underwear and socks I hope this is useful thanks for watching and as usual like share and comment thank you

30 thoughts on “Army Hack: How to Fold a Day's Change of Clothes – Ranger Roll Compact Packing for Travel / Vacation”

  1. My ranger rolling addiction has gone insane and I won't last long before I start to crave Ranger rolling. A fresh new load of laundry just finished and I'm trying to get to the laundry room before my parents find me, I have to be quiet since my parents will ground me from Ranger rolling if they find me. Wish me lu……..

  2. Not even gonna use this for travel. Gonna reorganise all my clothes into rolls so that my drawers don’t get so full anymore lmao

  3. Love is a highway and i wanna roll it all night loooong.

    I keep rolling rolling rolling rolling, rolling rolling rolling. Ain't rolling for myself no more.

    All the other kids with the pumped up kick they better roll better roll, out roll my gun.

    We could of had it allllllllllll, rolling in the deeeeeeeeepp.

  4. I do this to all of my stuff when Im travelling! It saves a lot of space inside my bag!! Light packing rocks

  5. Hey dude I did all your tutorials with my hole clothes. It took me fucking 6 heours and i have now just rolls in my wardrobe 😂. But its cool, i have now like the doubel space.

  6. Hey man I really got the technique now, I ranger rolled all my things into one pack but it wasn't enough for me so I started doing ranger rolls of this pack over and over and it just started to collapse into itself… HOLY SHIT I THINK I HAVE A LITTLE BLACK HOLE HERE…OF FUCK IT'S SUCKING ME IN!!!!….AAAAAAAAA….THERE'S NO WAY BAAAAA

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