AYS Daily Growth Hacks 283 The Shoemaker Whose Kids Have No Shoes

Today’s Topic: The Shoemaker Whose Kids
Have No Shoes Hi, I’m Doug Holt with Author of Your Own
Story and this is your Daily Growth Hack where each day we bring you a tip, trick
or insight to help you up level what we call the Five to Thrive. That’s your mind,
your body, your soul, your relationships and of course your business. I’m recently
redoing my website DougHoltOnline.com. Now, this was my
personal website, something that I threw up years ago as more of a way of
exchanging my muses my ideas but I also have a back-end to the website where I
have mastermind groups and clients that I run and frankly I’ve never really paid
much attention to the website itself and over the years it’s kind of gotten
outdated and doesn’t really reflect what I do or Who I am
now the reason I share this with you is I actually own two marketing agencies
and besides that I am coaching some of the highest level performers in business
that are in the world I’m working with the best of the best yet my website
isn’t reflecting what I’m doing and what I’m up to in the world right it’s not
showcasing what I am and what I’m trying about and so when I look at this I
started laughing to myself and I actually brought somebody else a good
friend of mine to audit my site and he was laughing – it’s like Doug this is
horrible I can’t believe you’re doing this
you get paid six figures to consult and work with businesses to help them with
their website and their branding yet yours is crap and when he said that to
me at first at first I wanted to get angry and at myself and then I
immediately recognized the trigger and switched and started laughing he was
totally right I was the cobbler the shoe maker whose
kids had no shoes I wasn’t I was giving people advice yet I wasn’t doing it I
wasn’t following it for myself now the reason this is important for me isn’t
just for vanity to have Doug whole online my website representing me it’s
not it really isn’t what it is is this is my opportunity my way of giving to
the world you know see I set a goal two years ago to have a positive impact on
over 1 million people and we are making our way there and I’m so proud of that
my team is doing a great job yet if you didn’t know me and maybe you maybe you
don’t maybe you’ve stumbled upon these daily growth hacks and you
you’ve gone to Google me to see Who I am and what I’m about you wouldn’t have a
representation of what I’ve been doing you would see what I’ve been what I was
doing eight nine years ago not today and I would be so upset
if I ran into a business and I was consulting with a business owner and
they were in the same position I would say geez what are you doing your website
is your is your modern day front door to the world you need to be cleaning it up
on a regular basis every quarter doing updates yet I wasn’t doing it and it
started making me think how often do we give advice do we go out there and say
hey I want to be a coach when you actually haven’t hired a coach you know
I get that a lot too I get people reaching out to me and saying Doug you
know how can I be a successful coach how can I be a mentor to people I really
want to help and the first question I ask is that is awesome right but who’s
your coach and I hear crickets I hear crickets because they’ve never
hired a coach or a mentor or suspect somebody at a top level and made that
investment themselves how can you ask somebody to make an investment in hiring
you as a trainer a coach an accountant or anything else if you’re not using the
same services yourself you can’t it’s just not respectful that it’s out of
integrity in my eyes and see I was being out of integrity
because I get paid to go in and consult with big companies as well as small ones
people that are making a big change in the world and I help them with their
branding in their marketing yet I wasn’t doing it myself so right here right now
if you’re listening to this you’re going to see a commitment go over to the site
so you can laugh at it and then come back a month from now it should be
totally different hopefully a couple weeks from now but I’ll give myself a
month a little leeway I want to play with my family too so what I’m gonna ask
you today is where are you the shoe maker whose kids have no shoes is that
in your mind right are you doing are you not doing the work right are you not
reading the books are you’re not taking the courses that allow you to be the
author of your own story is it your body are you giving people advice on on diets
as so many people do yet you have no experience and you’re not doing it
yourself or workouts you know CrossFit’s the best kettlebells are the best the
Pilates is the best yoga is the best but are you doing the work or do you have
the experience no were you in the relationships are you giving your
friends relationship advice I hear this all the time from
many of you you know someone’s giving you relationship advice yet their
marriage is crumbling and they haven’t figured it out right or maybe it’s an
idea of business right maybe you’re out there telling people how great your
business is yet yeah when I peek behind the curtain I know what your P&L really
says and what’s really going on there so what are you and I invite you to be like
me and laugh at it just look at it be real raw relevant and honest with
yourself and then just laugh it’s okay we’re human we’re on this journey
together but once you recognize where you are giving advice where your pillars
aren’t very strong what are your giving advice and you’re
not doing it yourself now right here in this moment it’s time to make the
commitment and take that first small step whatever that step is on your
journey and make sure you’re doing what you’re preaching. That’s it for me today.
As always, go to AuthorofYourOwnStory.com Where you get the latest tips tricks and
techniques delivered right to your inbox. And of course, share this with at least
three people that you know that you think would actually get value out of
this message. That’s it. Have a great day! I will see
you guys tomorrow. Remember go out and be the Author of Your Own Story.
Take care.

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