Best Document Setup For Designing T shirts

Best Document Setup For Designing T shirts

what is up guys charlie pings here welcome to another tutorial I'm so glad to be back I hope you guys are having a fantastic day so today I decided to show you guys how to set up your document correctly for t-shirt designing so if you guys are looking to create some t-shirt designs in Photoshop or even illustrator for that matter this is the appropriate way to do that and this is the way I do it the really cool thing about this tutorial is this works great with merch by Amazon as well so if you guys are looking to do other POV sites or merch by Amazon and you want to print your designs the document set up I'm showing you today works perfectly with that so it actually is a multiplied tutorial basically because you're doing multiple things in one and this is the way I've been doing it for so long and I've never had issues so I know this works and I'm excited to show you guys how I do it so without further ado let's go and hop in the computer and get started I always say that without further ado I never understood why people say that and then I started saying anyway let's go and do this alright guys so we're in Photoshop and we're ready to create a new document and set it up correctly for t-shirt designing because that's what the whole point of this video is right you guys want to create t-shirt designs but maybe you just don't know how to set up your document it's okay Photoshop has a lot of buttons and it can be really really confusing at times so I'm going to make it easy for you guys today and I'm going to show you the way I set up my document every single time to kill it in Photoshop and t-shirt designing in general so let's do it guys so I'm in Photoshop now and what I want to do is I want to go to create new so I'm using Adobe Photoshop CC if you guys are using older models models I don't know if it's called models if you guys are using older versions as what I meant to say then you could do this too so don't worry so we're going to go ahead and hit the button crate nails a little fancy button here on the left crate now and as soon as we do that we're going to see a new document saying pop up a little thingamabob er it's going to pop up and it's going to call new document okay so with this we can actually start setting up our document the way we want it so the first thing we want to look for is the dimensions because those are super important so you want to go to the right where mine says pixels yours might say inches which is actually what we want so we want to go from pixels and we want to change it to inches and then the document set up is actually going to be 15 inches by 18 inches high okay the reason why we do 15 by 18 is because the t-shirt is taller than it is wide okay so if you have a teachers that's wider than it is tall if that makes sense then you probably have a really awkward t-shirt you should I toss that bad boy and go get another one that's better unless you're into that kind of shape of a t-shirt then just keep it and wear it rocket you do you I'm not judging you the next thing that's super important is color mode you want to switch it from RGB to CMYK and the reason for that is because CMYK I keep wanting to say see ymk but anyway CMYK is print colors okay and that's the print profile that you need to use for printing now if you do RGB your print shop might ask you to convert it to CMYK I almost did it again and if you don't do it it might print funky so just make sure you're doing CMYK because that is the print profile okay so anyway go to CMYK keep 8-bit the same don't mess with that and then you can keep the background white or you can change in a different color if you so desire like for instance if you're designing on a black t-shirt you can change the background to black I'm just going to pretend that I'm creating a t-shirt design for a white shirt so I'm going to keep my background on white and once all that looks good once you have exactly what I have here you can hit the blue button that says create you hit that and it's going to pop up a new document with the exact dimensions and the exact resolution that you just inputted into that new document field and you were ready to go guys that's all you have to do is as simple as that so now when you create your design it's going to be the right format every single time and you never have to worry more often than none a screen printing shop will ask you to use Pantone solid uncoated unless they use another profile but that's the colors they're going to ask you to use now if you don't know anything about that it's okay I'm going to show you guys how to pull those up so you can use them in your design so basically when you're actually designing the shirt instead of using a regular red you want to use that Pantone red instead and it's pretty easy to do so let me go ahead and show you so what you want to do is you want to pull up swatches here it mines on the right side yours might be somewhere else now I already have Pantone color selected but if you don't it's ok yours is going to look a lot more simple than this you're going to have a lot less colors but all you have to do is you have to go to this little menu icon right here it's a bunch of dashes stacked on top of each other you want to click that and then once you click that you go down to Pantone solid uncoated and then you append those or you can click OK and that add them to your swatch library and those are all 10 tone colors those are all good to use on your design and when your print shop actually opens up your files are going to be super impressed because you're going to be prepared and ready to go and they don't have to do extra work for you now you guys are experts at creating your own document appropriate for designing t-shirts I hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial and if you did smash that like button and subscribe if you haven't ready that's it for me guys I know is short lived alright that's that's all I got for this tutorial but I have plenty more coming and if you guys want to stay updated follow me on instagram at Charlie Kangas subscribe if you haven't already that's it guys I'll catch you in the next video bye all I got to say before and this video is have fun designing guys and also check out my other videos they're going to be around here somewhere on the outer corners or whatever I don't know word you know what I mean they're going to be right here one hour here want to hear

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  5. I've tried using cmyt before but for some reason i went right back to rbg or whatever. i forget the exact reason. i think it was because i couldn't save as a .png if it was in cmyt color mode.

  6. Hi Charley, I am having a hard time picking a drop ship print company. Right off the bat you said the print area was 15 X 18….that's awesome, which company do you use.
    I have canvas art that I will be transforming to shirts and am having a hard time with choosing a company because of small printable areas…Thanks !!

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    Keep it up bro! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  8. awesome thank you so much. Im not a tech savy or any close to creative. Your video definitely nailing it. Been cracking my head on the shirt dimension as well.

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