Best Method: Packing Cubes vs Rolling Method in a CarryOn – My Test and Review

Best Method: Packing Cubes vs Rolling Method in a CarryOn – My Test and Review

hey there I’m discussing the best
packing method for a carry-on suitcase is it going to be packing cubes or
rolling your clothes pop into my video and let’s compete the suitcase is by
travelpro and it is considered a carry-on suitcase I had one for 10 years and we travel a lot and
then I just had to get one probably three years ago anyway it does expand
okay I just wanted to show you this suitcase that I actually use as my
carry-on but when I’m talking about a backpack that is my backpack carryon
one thing I like about this suitcase is that it has a handle here and at the top
so when you are picking your suitcase up in the airplane to put it in the
overhead bin you pick it up and you can hold it with two hands like that so I
highly recommend the TravelPro brand and I don’t know if I said this but the
base is made of steel like this it’s got a steel frame on it and the wheels
have never messed up the ten years that I had my first one and the three or four
years i had this one the wheels have never ever ever messed up and we do
have to put our suitcases in the belly of the plane a lot even though it’s a
carry-on suitcase because they make you check them at the last minute
sometimes the plane is full I am going to start with 13 outfits and five pairs
of shoes I have one pair of tennis shoes and then the rest are sandals or flip-flops
so I’m going to keep my dresses on the top because I feel like they will not get
as wrinkled even though they’re going to be totally rolled up I will put them on top so then for the bottom of my suitcase I’m going to use my shoes
as walls around the suitcase and stuff my underwear in and all that kind of stuff like
you know and then also I’m thinking what can I put in my backpack that I’m going
to have on the airplane I always especially for a trip to Europe I always
pack slide on shoes and a pair of socks in my backpack
I can put on as soon as I get in the airplane and that’s what I did I wore
these flip-flops in the airport with my travel outfit and this is my favorite
tunic to wear when I’m traveling especially with leggings because of
circulation and everything then when I get on the airplane and settled I
ditched these into underneath the seat in the airplane and I put on these
because my feet are cold because I want them to be comfortable and I can wear
these to the bathroom okay do not ever go into the bathroom barefooted I am
packing for a ten day trip to Europe we are going on a cruise so I have cruise
type dresses but I also have clothes to go sightseeing in so we are going to be
sweating this summer we are going to be walking a lot that dictates what shoes
you need it dictates what kind of shirt you need it dictates what kind of
dresses you need I’m using shorts I have two nice shorts that I can wear with
nice shirts or t-shirts one way to switch up and pack efficiently is to use
nice shorts and wear them with a cute little t-shirt like I did today I have
nice shorts and I have a cute little graphic tee one thing I do is I lay out
all of my outfits so I’ve laid out my nice shorts and my nice shirts and my
t-shirts then I also have laid out my exercise outfit I also laid out my
bathing suits and my underwear and under garments that I’m going to need I have some
dresses that I am choosing now my trip was for a cruise a 7 day cruise I dressed
up a couple of times but not all the time my name is Laurie I create YouTube
videos about ideas that pop into my head if you would like to subscribe to
my channel just click Subscribe right there you can click on the upside down
triangle if you’re watching me on your phone or the show more section if you
like this video feel free to share with your friends or the entire world I would
appreciate it of course I had to get bright pink packing cubes these are from
Diniwell travel I did not want to spend a lot of money on my first trial so these
were around $15 i think but they come with a ton of cubes I just
love that they each have a handle okay my first judgment is that the zippers are
really cheap like not the handles the handles are rubber but the zipper I can
see where this could get broken very easily because it’s one of those really
cheap zippers if you have kids trying to force the zipper closed I think it
might be difficult anyway all right so this is a really large one and it is
almost the size of my carry-on bag but my carry suitcase will hold a ton so we’ve
got another mesh one that’s this deep and it has a handle on it
one pouch a bigger laundry pouch and a bigger
laundry pouch I’m not sure why i would need three and then we have a medium sized
mesh bag with a handle on it a great thing about these is that when you do
Pack in cubes you just zip it up and you lug it you know and when you get to your final
destination you just grab it out of your suitcase put it in your drawer and then
when you’re done you pull it out of your drawer and put it right back in your
suitcase so I do see the pros of packing in cubes what I’m going to do is take
out my roll-up clothes that are already in my suitcase because it is so hot in
this room this time of day so I don’t want to unroll everything lay it out and
then roll it up for you ok so pop in with me this is how stuffed the cube is you can
see it’s risen a little bit okay it doesn’t lay completely flat so an
advantage is is that it’s moldable the packing cube is moldable it doesn’t have
to fit in a certain in a perfect rectangle shape the corners can
bend into edges smooth edges you know that kind of thing but just wanted you
to see that okay now I have to fit it in here with my curling iron and my shoes I can see that it popped up more and I
would have room and I absolutely kind of smoosh this like can you see this is how far
it sits above I mean it’s at an angle but this is how far it sits above the
edge of the suitcase another disadvantage to packing cubes is that
there are not set edges and I can see where that could be good but I think
it’s bad because you can just stuff and stuff and stuff and then you’ve got to
squish and squish and squisht so that it fits in the middle of the suitcase I
don’t like that part of it with rolling I like how each piece can contort to a
different shape that you need it to each piece can be an outer boundary or it can
be a stuffer a stuffer piece I do not have room for this cube or this cube do
i because I’m in a carry-on suitcase so i don’t have room for these extra
ones but if I had another whole section of a suitcase to use I can see where
these would be very beneficial so we are still at odds at which packing
method is correct all right thanks for popping over to my LauriePOP channel I
really appreciate you taking the time to watch my videos I hope you have a good
planning session and a good packing session which ever method you choose

100 thoughts on “Best Method: Packing Cubes vs Rolling Method in a CarryOn – My Test and Review”

  1. Long before packing cubes came out, I packed in big ziplock bags. It was a must when I traveled to extremely humid countries like Peru and Costa Rica.

  2. I could have packed what you had in a small backpack… you need to look up rolling tutorials girl….. you could take sooo much more or fit your hubbies or kids stuff with yours and save more money…. just saying.

  3. Here’s why I like the cubes. I can pack different categories in each cube. On a recent trip I had work for one week, followed by a wedding and then 5 days at a monastery. I put all of my items for the final trip in one medium sized cube and knew I never had to open it till then. Same with the wedding. So at the first hotel I took out 2 cubes for the business trip and the rest stayed in the bag. She used one very large cube. Two medium cubes would likely have worked better.

  4. Hi Laurie, I notice many folks remark on the rolling technique. The real reason flight attendants roll clothes is to avoid having to iron them. If you fold your clothes before you roll- you’ll have wrinkles. Avoid any folding along the front (visible) panel of any item of clothes, Also, I would advise against packing your clothes next to your shoes (yuck). Shoe bags (even plastic bags) help. My best tip is to make sure as many of your clothes co-ordinate with EACH OTHER as possible – therefore expanding your options once you arrive – and also stress the importance of Layering clothes instead of packing heavy things – weather and temps change throughout the day and having options for hot then cold (in some countries/seasons) is paramount. One other thing that I ALWAYS try to do now is to pack two pairs of underwear and a nice shirt in a carryon – in case my suitcase gets lost/misses my connection. And DO NOT FORGET to put a TILE into a suitcase (GPS tracking) so when you are waiting at the baggage pick up – and your suitcase doesn’t come out – you can see if it made your connection. Also, do not forget to pack a laundry bag so you can separate your dirty from clean closthes if you go to multiple destinations (just helps also to keep things straight). Lastly – do not pack you luggage completely full – leave space for some purchases of clothes on your holiday – you will remember your trip everytime you wear them. Hope some of these are useful to pass on . . .

  5. I dont.know what I was reading. I thought it was rolling vs. folding. Was waiting around. 🤣. I fold and use packing cubes. I personally find it easier to see what I have, it's completely organised and it takes up less space.

  6. Great video. I’ve been on the fence with packing cubes. Don’t listen to the rude comments! I think you do a great job! 💖💕

  7. Ok my opinion, consider if you're going through security check, packing cubes can be good so they pull your stuff out at one time. So use the smaller cubes in the carry-on. You don't mention cameras? Still love your videos they have really helped me.🙏💋🤔💖

  8. Thank you for showing how to roll properly. I like that better than the cubes. I have watched many of your videos and really like them.

  9. I use my smallest lacking cubes for items I want in flight and put everything else above in laugauge compartment. This leaves me leg room and I can keep an eye on my pack back but I don't need the whole thing during the flight. So earphones, small journal, pen, gum, eye ask and phone. Then after flight put my phone in my pocket and packing cube in backpack. I do use the packing cubes, IKEA cheapest I've found. I do find them now at yard sales since they are getting more common.

  10. I like the way you speak. Some vloggers try to be funny, but they aren't funny at all. I hope other vloggers can learn how to vlog from you.

  11. I’m the queen of packing cubes ( since I have several), but recently discovered that rolling your clothes takes less space. 😮

  12. Packing cube that's the size of your suitcase is pretty pointless. Use smaller ones to separate and organise your things. I roll some of my clothes, fold some and stuff some smaller items in the inevitable gaps. My laptop is too big for handbag so I put it on top of my case for easy access at customs. I take it out from the case before sitting down. Same with socks for flight and toiletries: zip log bags are great and cheap but also for customs. I like shoe or laundry bags for stuffing small items that can rattle around and for putting dirty clothes in, a plastic bag for wet clothes during transport. Flip flops or sandals are also best at airport: often they don't insist taking them off but if you do, they are quick and hassle free to put back on.

  13. Hi! Could you fold your clothes for the cube? I think it will fit better and probably fit more. I’m traveling soon and I’ll try mines and let you know. Enjoy your trip. Be safe! Blessings!

  14. Bad thing about the luggage tho it's got two wheels instead of four. It's so much more easier to just wheel around when there's four because you don't have to pull or push the weight. Put your shoes on one side of the bottom of the bag and use a toiletry or electric bag to separate from ur clothing because shoes can be dirty. Another hack use an oven mitt for that curling iron if u ever have to pack in a hurry and it's still hot.

  15. You can save soooo much more space if you incorporate folding and rolling. Instead of rolling and bending ur clothes, fold and then use it for the edges that you talked about. If you do that and focus on keeping it tight you'll save space and wrinkles.

  16. I like compression travel cubes. I tend to travel with a duffel so it's easier for me to keep everything organized with cubes.

  17. If your trip is to one destination, I don't see much advantage to packing cubes, but if you have multiple stops then all your stuff can be sorted into shirts, underwear, etc. I don't see the point of such a large cube either. The point is to have categories. I would NEVER take 5 shoes, but then I don't think I own 5 pair of shoes either, 🙂 BTW, you might be interested in checking out Sarah Murdoch. Seems you two might have a lot in common, .She shows the best packing cube technique,

  18. I like the LUG brand of travel bags, from wallets to rolling bags to cubes & backpacks! You can get them on their website @ or for the bast prices I get mine from QVC. Wheels never misbehave! These have the most pockets, zippers, & storage areas in a bag-I own several! Also, do U know if U have a metal knee implant would the ID card that U get from surgery be sufficient to show when going thru security?

  19. I use the folding layering method with my hold luggage so I can lift it all out in the one go without crushing anything. Rolling is great for T shirts, shorts etc but dressy stuff I like to lay out and layer, great tips though

  20. Well before I had ever heard of packing cubes, I started using that method. But instead of purchasing cubes, I just use the clear plastic packaging that bed sheets are sold in. LOVE them. Love that they are clear and you can pull them out and see exactly where (nearly) each piece of clothing is. Pack my workout clothes in one and it saves so much mess of reorganizing the suitcase each time you need something. And, they're free!

  21. if you are packing many shoes or sandals. I save all the shower hair caps that the hotel leaves with the shampoo and use them to store my shoes so if your shoes are sandy or bit dirty it doesn't fall all over your clothes.

  22. It typically is recommended to wear full shoes for travel due to preforming better during an emergency.

  23. you should consider traveling with one of that new plastic, or hardcover carryons. those are lighter >(

  24. I love my packing cubes! I use smaller cubes so I can use them for separating things like underwire, socks, or swim clothes, taking small items that might get lost, etc. I also found cubes that compress like an expandable suitcase, which gives me more room in my tiny suitcase.

  25. Packing cubes work great for organizing things. I use one cube for socks/undergarments, so they're super easy to grab. Then you can separate shirts/pants out, too. A lot of the purposes of cubes are lost if you just stuff everything in random ones.

  26. We recently traveled for 2 weeks in England, Scotland and Iceland and used packing cubes for the first time. We each took only 1 carry-on, which was terrific, as our connection was too short (due to late first flight) for our luggage to have joined us at the destination! I didn't use the huge cube, but used the medium sized ones. I carefully rolled 8 dress shirts for my husband in one. I made them the width of the cube and rolled with collars at the top and carefully placed them in cube. I did the same for slacks. A smaller cube held all underwear. For me, I had one cube with several dresses, another with other outfits and a third with what I would need in the colder climate of Iceland. It was terrific. Nothing wrinkled and we were able to keep organized. We just unpacked what we needed each day. We brought the larger bag and used it for laundry as things became soiled. I had never thought of packing cubes, but am hooked now! Your videos are nice and you have a sweet personality! All the best!I P.S. I think your first packing of just rolled clothing would mean you would have to re-pack and re-organize all the time!

  27. Your adorable and your ideas are great. I place a pashmina on the bottom of my suitcase, I roll all clothing , place on top of pashmina, then I tie the corners of the pashmina together into a knot. Everything is tied down and covered. My shoes fit along the side, along with my toiletry bag. A neat bundle & nothing touching my shoes. I luv your videos and I will not wear the tank top ever. Don't like having to remove little cardigan at checkin and showing all that skin. Lol

  28. I read thru the comments and did question the size of your carry on. What are the measurement of this particular carryon? I am getting ready to fly for the first time in 10 years. Have several carryons from before, but they are all an inch too wide.

  29. This comment has nothing to do with the packing. I just wanted you to know you made my whole day with your gingham and cammo combo!

  30. No joke, the way you roll your clothes you might as well just crumble them into a ball and wrap them in foil

  31. I just bought cheap cubes to try but as I was packing with them I wondered if they would work as good as just rolling I think maybe for the underwear and private things they would be good but would not do everything.

  32. That is such an inefficient way to roll. Fold clothes in half or thirds, then roll. You have about a 6" piece of rolled clothing that way. Stand each piece up like little soldiers. This allows you to see each and every piece. Push the rolled clothing to one side. When done, at least 1/2 of the suitcase is empty for shoes and toiletries.

  33. So it seems that the cubes might be good if you need to keep something aside for another part of the trip- like you wouldn't need it for a bit But otherwise it looks like the rolling method gives you more space.

  34. I have never seen rolling like that lol! i roll like Sam M below, rolling to the length or width of the cube is the correct method , you should never under fill cubes as it defeats the object and creates more volume so therefore takes up more space and don't stuff the clothes into the cube as that creates too much bulk, for non crease items you can get compression cubes and compression bags too so you can fit more in a tiny case x

  35. Your rolling “technique” was just odd, especially in the packing cube. I only use packing cubes, and a variety of sizes. I don’t recommend packing everything in one giant packing cube. I would also suggest cutting down on the amount of shoes. For those viewers interested in packing cubes, there are other brands that are well made, and you can find many excellent tutorials on how to pack your clothes in them.

  36. I like to use cubes in our large family suitcase. I pack my underwear and socks in one, my husband's in one, my teen's in another. When we get to the ship or hotel, I put each person's cube in their drawer. I also hang each person's dress clothes up in the closet right away. Emptied suitcases get put away in a closet or under the bed. Done! It makes it easier for me to unpack and get everyone organized for the length of our vacation.

  37. You are lucky not to travel by wiz ear one very sm 40x 30x 20 ..God help you if you medication to take .

  38. OMG!!! I liked your video as soon as I saw your gorgeous black kitty come on screen. I'm subscribing as well for this great content, your informative & relevant to the subject matter without waffling on, please keep doing more videos like this. Love it! 😁👍🐾

  39. @TravelTipsbyLaurie >>> While your tips and suggestions in this video are wonderful, the MOST AMAZING PART is YOUR CAT NEVER CRAWLED INTO THAT SUITCASE…😊

  40. How do you feel about cubes in a backpack vs carryon? Right now planing on using more of a backpack instead of a carryon.

  41. Wow. So this was unfortunately done all wrong. I actually own this EXACT SAME carry-on suitcase.
    Packing cubes are far superior if you know how to properly pack them.

    #1. You shouldn't be rolling individual pieces of clothes. They need to be stacked by types so that the tops and bottoms are turned in an alternate fashion (i.e tip to tail). THEN you roll the whole bundle into 1 big roll. This works for everything (dresses, tops, underwear, pants, shorts, etc.).

    #2. Once you have the big roll then you put them into the packing cubes. Also, the cubes you used were WAAAY too big. Google "Ebags Packing Cubes". I fit a minimum of 5-6 of those plus the Ebags "Pack-it Flat" toiletry bag into this exact suitcase. My vacations are usually 2 weeks long and I always come home with 5-6 unworn items.

    Finally, if you need to have even more space you can also Google "compression packing cubes".

    Thanks for taking the time to make a video and share your perspective though. Hopefully, you and the other people watching will be able to pack better using the 2 simple tips I shared above. 🙂

  42. Just watched your video, speedy but not convinced about the saved space. Please, try the nylon compression (double zipper) bags. Inside, You can roll or fold. I no longer could travel without it!…

  43. I rolled my clothes once and they got very wrinkled. Now I use packing cubes. A folder type for tops and I can fit 12 tops in a very small space. If you use packing cubes correctly, they actually compress the clothes and you can fit almost twice as much in. I use a small one for underwear and socks and it has the double zipper compression. One has all my nighttime stuff. very easy to find what I'm looking for and which cube to open. Pants I use a larger cube and that goes on the bottom with the other 2 over it so I just have 2 layers of packing

  44. Love the cubes. I also have compression cubes and a folder. I cut a plastic placemat into a rectangle the size of a large cube and rounded the edges. I use that to fold my clothes to uniform size, and it saves a great deal of space.

  45. so far it seems like no one has a good answer to what is best method. but to me it looks like even if my sister talks about packing cubes, I would rather roll and/or use space saving vacuum bags. I pack alot so. So I hope that vacuum bags will be great way during travels

  46. You don’t pack your shoes that you have walked on streets and public bathrooms with your clothes. You should wrap them in plastic bags or shoe bags when you pack them with your clothes.

  47. Packing cubes are not very helpful, but compression cubes are AMAZING! You should test packing v compression cubes v rolling.

  48. I've heard a prime benefit of packing cubes is usually multiple small cubes so you can easily access items without unpacking everything. Using one seems to miss the point.

  49. You can fit even more if you put clothing items in a ziploc and squeeze all the air out, like vacuum packed. I do that with socks, shirts, and sweaters.

  50. Did a 14 day cruise back in January. I mainly use a garment bag. All my main clothes and shoes are packed in it. Get on the ship and most of my clothes are already on the hanger, so I just open bag and hang up my clothes. Done
    You did give me a couple of ideas, but I will stay with my garment bag.
    By the way, I don't fly. So I can see your way for airport travel.

  51. Hi Laurie, I have a packing tip for you. STOP PUTTING YOUR SHOES DIRECTLY AGAINST YOUR CLOTHES. You are transferring GERMS all through out your luggage. PUT EACH SHOE IN A PLASTIC ZIP LOCK BAG (I have 2 gal bags in bulk from Amazon, that I use for packing, food, whatever). Not just picking on you, but so many tipsters don't seem to have a problem in spreading germs. THIS IS GROSS!

  52. I actually used both for my trip to Florida, last year, and brought a back pack, I watched some of your videos from the r travel because, it had been a long time, since, I was on a plane, so, thanks to your tips, everything went very well 👍 and I had a great time

  53. I don’t pack used shoes unwrapped with your clothes. It’s very unhygienic. I use shoe bags or dept store plastic bags.

  54. I used cubes for my first international trip to Egypt for two weeks in June. I have one fairly small suitcase and was able to organize and pack everything I needed with them. It took careful planning since tank tops and shorts were not options. I rolled my stuff, and utilized all my space, while making sure I never went over any weight limits. The cubes seemed to be very helpful and I could find what I needed easily.

  55. I always roll my clothes very tightly. I separate them in different themes such as underwear, tops/cardigans, trousers/dresses, sportswear, rain clothes, shoes (which I don't roll ;-)) and then I roll each garment and squeeze them (also very tightly) into quite smaller packing cubes than the one you used. This makes the packing into the suitcase more flexible. And I have one empty pouch for laundry. This keeps my luggage organized, and I get the benefit from both the space-saving rolling and the cubes. I always know where everything is. I have many sorts and sizes of packing cubes – also the type you have. The zippers are still OK, and I have been using them for a long time.

  56. When you get to your destination you're going to unpack anyways so the cube is a bit useless. The confined space of the cube makes you stack your clothes higher thus ending up bulging the suitcase. A combination of rolling and folding of clothes is the best way. Fold clothings in the middle for dress shirts so it won't wrinkle and rolled clothing for tees, undies and socks. Around the middle.

  57. My approach to packing cubes is to store like with like… I think of them as 'drawers' in my luggage. My cubes are all different colours and sizes which I have mentally colour-coded to streamline my travel organisation. And I also put my shoes in shoe bags. My husband likes to pack his shoes full of socks, but I prefer to pack my shoes with tissue, which – while it adds slightly to the weight – it increases the freshness of my tights and socks when I wear them!

  58. Compression packing cubes by Eagle Creek beat both of the methods here. Best travel investment ever. Why put things into a cube if it doesn’t net you more space? Cubes that compress are the best of both worlds: you can fit a lot into a tiny cube/items are less wrinkled because they don’t shift around/cubes are organized so you can pull out just what you need (workout clothes in one, day clothes in another, etc). Watch eagle creek videos for tips.

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