Best New Cycling Helmets & Shoe Tech From The 2020 Tour Down Under

Best New Cycling Helmets & Shoe Tech From The 2020 Tour Down Under

– Helmets and shoes. Two items of kit which I obsess
over the fit and comfort of more than anything when
it comes to cycling. And luckily here at the
Santos Tour Down Under there are loads of bits
of kit lying around. So I can get these grubby hands on them and check out exactly what’s new and hopefully custom too. After all, Elia Viviani’s
just over my shoulder and he’s definitely got something. (wind rushing) (metal ringing) (slow electronic music) Just checkin’ out the
helmets of UAE Team Emirates. And this is a MET Trenta. And it’s the 3K Carbon one, because it’s got a little bit of a carbon weave going on
here at the back of the helmet. And actually it goes all the
way through to the front. I hadn’t noticed that before. It’s amazing how when
you look at something in the different angle
of light it changes. I really like the cutaway of this helmet but lets look at the facts then. 19 vents and it weighs just 235 grams. It weighs not as much as I
thought it would, to be honest. I always thought it looked
a bit of a heavier helmet. I like the rounded
approach as well of the, you know, the structure of
it, the external features. And also this little vent here on the top. Just to suck a little bit more air in when the going gets tough. Big exhaust vents on the rear of that too. Nice looking bit of kit. Elia Viviani then, a guy who
loves to customize his kit. And well, when you’ve won
the races that he’s done and got the titles,
you’re entitled to do so. So this is his Ekoi Corsa Evo helmet. It’s got 23 vent on there, 235 grams. Now Ekoi is a brand which we don’t really tend to see much of. Certainly not in the UK. But they do have the
option on their website to be able to customize
equipment to your hearts content. And I’m pretty sure there’s
a pretty quick lead time too. I like the fact that he’s got himself a gold detail on the back there. A retention system. Love things like that. Just wait though until you see his shoes. They are fancy. And well, if this isn’t fancy enough, I must just point out
the fact that he’s got a magnetic closure on the
buckle of this helmet too. Just simply clicks into
place and off he can ride. (slow electronic music) Last year at the Tour Down Under, Elia Viviani wowed me with
his DMT KR1 Knit shoes in the Italian Champs colorway. Well this year check out
on his feet what he’s got. He’s got the same shoe but in
a European road race champion. Now these shoes would be ideal down hear at the Tour Down Under, because it’s well pretty
hot, let’s face it. Very breathable shoes because
of the knitted construction. And, well, I’m just a big fan of them. What about this then? Last year you’ll remember
at the Tour Down Under that the folks from Specialized released a limited edition
range of shoes and helmets well, to celebrate the Tour Down Under and the colors involved. Well this year check
out this blue and yellow and almost a greeny color as
well to these accessories. You know what, I’m going to
put the hat on first of all. And then talk about the
rest, ’cause I like the hat. And I can explain there story behind it. Well, we’ve got here a
couple of eyes on the side and that’s to celebrate
the Australian budgie. I used to have a cockateel,
but that’s totally unrelated. Right, but the reason they’ve
actually released this product in this color way, is actually to raise money for WIRES, which is an Australian wildlife fund. And Specialized are actually
going to be donating 100,000 US Dollars to the
fund to help try and save the Australian budgie. Which, of course, is an
animal which is native to many of those forest fires
which have been happening here in Australia. I think it’s a great
touch, a great gesture, on one of the products that’s
absolutely fantastic too. I just wish they were in my size. Helmet might fit. (slow electronic music) Matching up then with that budgie themed
kit from Specialized is this Specialized Allez
Spring aluminum bike. And if you cast your mind back 12 months you will remember that
Peter Sagan and Jay McCarthy from the Bora-Hansgrohe Team were using an aluminum
bike in the Criterium ahead of the actual Santos
Tour Down Under itself. This year, Eric Basker, and I’m pretty sure Jay McCarthy
has also got one of these kickin’ around too. They’ve got this bike in a pretty cool, limited edition colorway too. Again, to actually try
and raise some funds for that Australian budgie. So, a Specialized Allez Sprint,
as I’ve already mentioned. And we’ve got the Delucio
Smartweld technology you can see. So, most of the welds are in,
just kind of standard places, if you like, on the bike. But, where it gets
interesting is on the downtube and the seat tube. Because the welds there
are kind of pushed up, if you like, from the standard positions. And the reason behind that is actually to try and increase the
ride properties of it. I imagine trying to make
the bike nice and stiff. Well I think the bike
itself looks pretty good. They won’t be using it in the
actual Tour Down Under itself. But certainly in the
Criterium ahead of it. Because, well it’s great
publicity for the brand. And interestingly this bike too is fitted with tubeless tires. Whether or not they race
them in the tour itself, I don’t know. Remember as well last year, there were a couple of
riders using tubeless tires in the world tour. Will this be the year where
they really do make inroads? Other than that, well we’ve got Shimano
Dura-Ace DI2 group set. And of course it’s the disc brake variety because all of the riders
using Specialized bikes in the World Tour are on disc brakes. It’s a great looking bike. I really like the color. In fact we had to take it outside because inside you just couldn’t see it in all of its beauty. It’s kind of a brushed aluminum, but got an anodized finish to it. Lovely. Alex, I was looking through
Instagram last night, whilst I had insomnia. And I came across-
– Jet lag. – Yeah, jet lag, insomnia,
probably a bit of both. And I noticed you’d been filing away your base plates for your cleats. You were doing something anyway. Talk us through what you been doing. – I’m back on Bont and
Speedplay this year. I thank the team allowed
me to run Speedplay which is really something
I was really pushing for. I’ve got a 3mm leg difference. I run a 3mm shim on my left foot. So the Bont, sorry the Speedplay adapter, it takes you from a three
bolt to a four bolt. I took a second one of
them, put it on top, and then had to file it. It’s got a few ridges and edges. So just filed that. So it was sort of clean and flat. And then, yeah, and just made that work. So it sort of, once I get back
to the UK I will get my left, because the adapter plate
is 3mm, fortunately. I will get my right shoe drilled to make it a four bolt
fitting so that I can just run the standard adapter on my left foot. And it still gets the
leg difference I need but I will be 3mm closer, or
3mm further down actually, than I was before. And I think that brings
me a total stack height of 9mm difference from the
pedals I was using last year. Which is quite significant. – Yeah that’s a lot. That’s mean you got to drop your saddle by a centimeter, effectively. Do you like playing around with tech? Like, tinkerin’ stuff like this? – Yeah I do like it. I’ve always liked the
tech side of cycling. The aero side. You know, the time trial is sort of, my time trial specialty
comes hand in hand with that. So, yeah and it’s great. You know, Israel Start-Up Nation is
quite an innovative team. So very, the sponsors all understand as well that if something can be improved then the teams very open minded to do it. Whereas I think in the past
we’ve been very constrained by whichever sort of sponsors we’ve had. And it can be quite limiting. And, you know, it’s like every
team runs good equipment. And there’s some, like, kit will be slightly better than another. And you look at another team, saying, “Oh, we’re giving away
a couple of watts here, “compared with those guys “that are running that specific
chain, or handlebar set up.” Or something. But then they’ll be looking
at us and thinking like, “Oh, they’ve got faster skin suits.” Or something. It’s all like swings and roundabouts where you just try and make the best of what you have access too. And just hope that the team is open minded and willing to, sort of, just, I guess, join your
search in the quest for speed. Which, Israel Start-Up Nation
is great for, it seems. – The Ekoi Legend helmet as used by the squad of AG2R La Mondiale, and of course home of Romain Bardet. Apparently, Bardet was
actually quite instrumental in the whole development of this helmet and kept going back
with certain refinements until he felt that it was just perfect. A bit of information
then about the helmet. It’s got 28 vents, weighs just 235 grams. And I think, personally, it has a kind of real retro feel to it. Reminds me of the old
hair net helmets of old. And I like them. Although I don’t think they
should bring them back. But they’ve got pretty
close to it with this. Nice work. (slow electronic music) Right Lucky, last year I
remember seeing you rockin’ a pair of sort of prototype
shoes or something like that. This year you have got a pair of shoes which I’m desperate to put my feet into, but I reckon, you’re a
little bit small then me. Yeah, are you the only
one with these, or what? I mean they’re pretty cool. – Nelson’s got a pair. Yeah, I mean, they
showed up a few days ago. So, yeah, they’re like
new ref for race shoes. And they’re great. – Matching with the color of
the kit as well, don’t they? Is that an important
thing for you, or not? – I mean, not really. I’m
not like too fussed about, you know, how I look. (laughs) But no, they’re good. I’m pretty fussy with shoes. I rode like Shimano used to make these, it’s called like an R315,
it’s like a 2011 shoe. And I used those for like four years. ‘Cause I didn’t like changing. So when these turned up, like less than a week before the race, I was like, “Yeah, no chance.” And then I put ’em on, I was like, “(beep) these are pretty good.” (laughs) So yeah, I got ’em on. – Right, when you, just go
back to the Shimano ones, just quickly. When you had them and you realized, “Oh, they’re getting a little bit tired.” Did you try and find some anywhere or not? Did you just, were you just like, “Oh, I’ll just keep wearing ’em.” – Yeah, no, I like, I bought all the 43.5’s
you could buy on eBay. And then, like, all like
old stocking shelves. And then, ’till finally, like, there was just no more
43.5’s available anywhere. And I was like, “Oh, its time.” (laughs) It’s time. I’ve still got one pair, I like keep just in case I
need to go back to, you know. I got ’em. They’re there. – The good news is, I just found out, your 43.5 and I am too. So you better keep those
under lock and key. Otherwise I’ll come along
and have ’em off your feet. – Yeah, right. – There we are, some
interesting bits of tech when it comes to helmets and shoes. And I love to see these things because it’s not often you
can get to see a lot of them inside of a bike shop. Let me know what your
favorite bit of kit was down there in the comment section bellow. Don’t forget too, check out the GCN shop at and why not download the GCN app too. Available in the app store and
also the Google Play store. And now for two more great videos, how about clicking just down
here and just down here.

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