Build A COMPLETE Wardrobe Under $1000 (Fast Action Guide)

Build A COMPLETE Wardrobe Under $1000 (Fast Action Guide)

Build A COMPLETE Wardrobe Under $1000 (Fast
Action Guide) [0:00:00]
[Music] $1,000, gentlemen, it will buy you this entire
wardrobe you see right behind me. No. That’s a lie. $1,000, you’re lucky to build a fraction
of this wardrobe. You see, most guys think you need to own a
lot of clothing to look good. That is wrong. No, what you need is a strong core wardrobe.
These are the items that build the foundation of the clothing you wear.
In today’s video, gents, I’m teaching you how to build your core wardrobe for under
$1,000. So, for today’s video, I’m going to niche
down, I’m going to assume you’re a professional living in Chicago maybe you’re a consultant
maybe you’re in the marketing field. You are getting started or restarted with your
career, and it’s important that you look good.
Now, your casual wardrobe, yeah, it could use an upgrade, but let’s focus in on the
clothing that’s going to help pay the bills. The clothing you need to wear to work.
So, my initial goal here is to build three outfits. What am I going to start with? Your
foundation suit, and right now I’m going to spend $200, 20% of your budget.
Now, your foundation suit should be dark, should be solid. We’re talking navy blue,
charcoal gray. You can also go with the medium gray. Black is more for black tie. Try to
avoid it, too stark of a contrast. Navy blue, charcoal gray, more interchangeable.
And, what I mean by interchangeable is we want all these clothing to work together.
That way, you can own the least amount of clothing, get the most number of outfits.
Think of it this way, if you’ve got three suits, three pairs of shoes, three shirts,
and they’re 100% interchangeable, you have twenty seven total outfits. Compare that with
if they weren’t interchangeable pieces, you would only have three outfits. See how
it works? Now what about other fabrics? What about patterns?
Well, look at this glen check right here, what you’ll notice about it is it’s a
muted glen check. And, actually it’s not till you get up close that you start to see
there’s a pattern. I think this is a great second suit, maybe even third suit, but first
suit it’s a little bit iffy. I would rather you go with the solid, that way you can wear
the same suit two days in a row and no one’s really going to notice.
Now, this other check pattern, notice how pronounced the check is. Notice that there’s
been a contrast. This is definitely not a fabric you would want to go with for a first
or even second suit. You would want to go with something that is more muted that isn’t
going to draw attention to itself. Now, what about the style of the suit? You
want to go with something that’s classic conservative. Why? Because it will be in style
now, it will be in style two years from now. Twenty years from now, you could actually
probably wear the suit. So, you’re looking at the lapels. You don’t
want to go with anything really eclectic. So, don’t go with peaked lapels, don’t
go with, you know, shawl lapels. You want to go for a classic notched lapel.
Look at the back of the jacket, you don’t want to go with a no vent, you want to go
with a single vent, preferably though a double vent.
Pockets, you should have flat pockets down here. You don’t want to have patch pockets.
Patch pockets, they’re fine for a sports jacket, but not a suit jacket.
And, for goodness sakes, guys, don’t forget fit is king. Don’t buy a suit unless it
can be adjusted to fit you perfectly. And, let’s not forget the belt, a $50 budget
here. And, don’t forget when it comes to matching your belt, metals should match metals,
leather should match leather. As long as you’re close though, you’re fine. And, if you know
that’s a rule and you decide to break it, well, all the more power to you.
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know what this is. You’ve got an inch between each hole, you get all the indentions and
it gets stretched. Yeah, it just doesn’t look great. And it’s not really comfortable
because it doesn’t adjust that much. The microadjust system, guys, we’re talking
to a quarter of an inch and this is the way it works. It just goes right in there, a perfect
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And, if you want to give Anson away as a gift, maybe to the guy that’s got everything,
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Gents, Anson is an American-owned family business. I love what they’re doing. Support them,
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a single belt, maybe go grab yourself a set. I think the set is the best deal. But, guys,
use that link. Go check out Anson Belt & Buckle. Great company, I’m proud to support them.
So, shoes, let’s budget $200, again, 20% off your total budget. The reason we’re
spending a lot of money on the suit and on the shoes. Why? Because this is the foundation
of a sharp-dressed man’s wardrobe. You don’t want to go cheap here because you’re going
to end up crying because those cheap shoes are going to fall apart quickly.
Spend good money, get yourself a decent pair of shoes. If you can afford to maybe spend
$300 to $400 and get something that’s Blake-stitched, get something that’s actually Goodyear-welted,
I would highly recommend. Now, can you find something at a $200 price point? Yes, but
you’re going to have to look around, you’re going to maybe have to find a deal.
[0:05:04] So, this shoe right here is the one I recommend
every man to start with. It’s a black Balmoral oxford, and really this is a classic workhorse
dress shoe. You can wear this with a suit, you can wear this with a casual suit. You
can wear this with odd trousers and a sports jacket. The only thing you wouldn’t wear
this with are jeans. So, here I’m going with a capped toe and
I’ve got a little bit of broguing in on this. Again, I stuck with a black shoe, so
it’s going to be very not really noticeable. And, the key here, again, is interchangeability.
Now, what about color other than black? Yeah. You can look at oxblood you can even look
at a dark brown. Now, once we start getting into a medium brown, and that’s what this
is, all of a sudden the broguing, notice it becomes a lot more visible. So, I would recommend
this not for your first shoe. It’s a great looking shoe. It’s a classic shoe. This
would be a workhorse, but make sure that is maybe your second, third, maybe even your
fourth shoe if you work and you wear dress shoes often.
Now, shoes like this, they’re going to grab attention, and this is not for your first,
second, and probably not even third shoe. This is something that you wear maybe once
a week, every other week because you’re going to get attention you’re going to get
compliments, but it’s not so much interchangeable even though it does have a closed lacing system
and it is a classic oxford, it’s just the color right here just grabs too much attention.
Now, next up on the core wardrobe, we’ve got your base foundation shirts, and guess
what? Bright-colored shirts with bright patterns, these are not going to be your basic shirts.
You want to go with white or light blue. Two whites, one light blue, maybe two light blues,
one white. It’s all about interchangeability. It’s all about simply having clothing that
gets the job done. And, nothing is going to be more interchangeable than a light shirt.
But why not go with a dark shirt? Because when you’re wearing a dark-colored suit,
the contrast this is what creates the more formal look. It gives a crisp clean appearance.
So, how much to spend? About $33 per shirt. Now, you can find something a lot cheaper.
Go over to Target, $15. Or maybe you want to spend a bit more you got a larger budget,
you can easily spend $100, $200 on a shirt. The key point here is to know that you can
get three amazing shirts for well under $100 if you look around. Jos A. Bank, Men’s Wearhouse,
tons of menswear store on the web. Just look around look for deals.
Now, what about the style? Again, simple, classic. Big thing here is the color. You
either want to go with a medium spread or you want to go with a point. A point is going
to probably work for most people. Why? A point is made to be worn with a necktie which takes
us to the next point. So, when it comes to neckties, there were
less and less nowadays. However, when you need one, when you need to give that presentation
when you need to look good, you’re going in that interview, you need to have this with
the right pattern the right color. It can just make your whole outfit look amazing.
And, let’s talk tie price, $20 is what I’m going to set as the budget. Now, if you go
well under $20, what you’re going to find here polyester neckties. I’m not going to
say that you need to go with that, but it is something if you’re on a budget, you
can find decent neckties in the polyester range, yes.
Once you go beyond $20 or at $20 point, you’ll often see some $30 or $40 ties marked down.
And that’s what you’re looking for. You ideally want to go for silk, but I understand
at this point you’re really on a tight budget, I would ask around because there’s so many
guys out there that have neckties that they’re willing to get rid of, so you could actually
score a great looking necktie for free. With solid neckties, you want to go with deep
rich colors. So, you don’t want to go with anything bright, definitely nothing neon.
You want to avoid anything that’s going to be like a pastel, anything that’s going
to be a tint. Instead, look for shades. These are colors that actually have a little bit
of black infused into them and therefore, they’re just going to feel richer. So, maybe
navy, you maybe want to even look at red, purple, even a dark rich green.
Now, beyond the solid tie is my absolute favorite which is the small repeating pattern tie.
So, this is going to be something that has multiple colors in it. Again, the base of
the tie in my opinion should be a deep rich solid color. But then, you’re going to have
few colors patterns on top and this is where it gets fun and interesting because it makes
the tie very easy to match. Whenever you’re matching a tie with your
outfits what you’re looking to do is to find one of these colors right here that works
with something. It could be your pocket squares, it could be some, you know, a color in the
jacket, it could be a color in the shirt. But, right there, that’s going to add a
lot. And, again, if you just got a navy suit with a white shirt, then in that case you
actually don’t have to match it exactly, but the dark rich color is going to look good
with that combination. Next up, we’ve got socks, underwear, and
undershirts. Each of these I’m going to give it a budget for $15. What this means
is you’re going to probably need to go to a big box store. You’re going to need to
compromise here. You want to go for tidy-whities or maybe you’re a boxer brief guy, you can
pick up a six pack for $15. When it comes to, you know, black socks, just get a pair,
you know, six pack right there for $15. When it comes to undershirts, you know a five pack
for $15. So, at this point, gentlemen, we are at $614
and guess what? We’ve got three outfits. So, now let’s expand past the core wardrobe.
Let’s bring in a bit of variety. So, what’s the first thing we’re going to add? Well,
at $99, again, let’s bring in three more shirts. Do they need to be three more dress
shirts? Again, it really depends on your particular needs.
[0:10:08] Maybe this guy right here, he only goes to
the office two to three days out of the week, the rest of the time he’s able to work and
he travels in and around Chicago. So, in that case maybe he wants to bring in some casual
shirts. He wants to have fun with some patterns. Now, notice I didn’t say necessarily colors
because, yes, you can bring in colors, but understand when you bring in colors it affects
the interchangeability. There’s so much you can do with white and blue whether it’d
be stripes, whether it’d be checks. Again, sticking with this keeps it very interchangeable.
But, if you want to introduce some red, if you want to introduce some paisley crazy patterns,
go ahead have fun. Next up, we’re going to spend $200 on a
sports jacket odd trouser combination. Now, depending on your professional needs, you
may want to go with another suit. That would be a wise purchase. But, what I’m looking
to go here is something that’s going to be a bit more casual than a suit, something
that you can wear on Fridays, maybe on Thursdays when you’re out and about and you’re not
necessarily in the office. So, when it comes to sports jackets, this
is where you’re going to have fun you’re going to bring in patterns, and tons of options
out there. Now, right here as you can see we’ve got this dark green and we’ve got
this really nice herringbone fabric. This is going to work great because you could also
wear it with dark-colored jeans. But, you could also dress it up with a dark pair of
gray slacks. Or, let’s look at this right here. We’ve
got a blue flannel. This blue flannel, absolutely beautiful. When you touch it, it’s going
to have a napped surface and that right there enables you to even wear it with blue trousers
because they’re going to have a different type of basically the texture is going to
look different. So you could actually wear this with blue jeans and it would be perfectly
fine, but it’s going to look best when you wear it maybe a lighter colored chino or maybe
a contrasting even red trouser. Now, what about tans? What about browns? I
think it’s a great option as well, but you’ve got to be careful. So, this tan right here
is going to be fine, but the light color is going to make it a bit more informal. I wouldn’t
recommend it necessarily as your first sports jacket, but maybe a second or third.
Another option for a first sports jacket though would be great, this is Donegal tweed. So,
when you look at it closely up at this fabric, do you notice how it’s got a little bit
of blue in it, it’s got the gray, it’s got the white? What I love about this is it’s
really gray is a non-color, so it’s going to match almost anything and, yet, it’s
got that little bit of color in here, so it’s going to look great with a wide variety of
your shirts. Now, what if you’re not into sports jackets?
Tons of casual options out there. You can pick up a nice leather jacket, although that
may run you definitely the full $200, possibly even well beyond that depending on what company
you buy from. Again, look for deals out there. But, another option is to go with a blouson,
another classic jacket that you can put on, it looks great.
So, when it comes to odd trousers, tons of options. You can never really go wrong with
gray. Gray, again, a non-color it’s going to match pretty much any type of shirt and
trouser out there. But, right here as you can see we’ve got a lighter gray that’s
got a little bit of a napped surface. That flannel right there is going to give it a
bit of texture. And, pay attention to the style. The style
right here is more of a jeans style, so this is going to be a bit more casual although
you wear it with a sports jacket, it will look perfectly fine. Now, if you’re in a
more formal workplace, you definitely want to be looking at dress slacks, dress trousers.
You’re going to know this because they’re going to be made from a worsted wool material
similar to suits, but you don’t have to always go with that.
Right here, we’ve got gray flannel. So, gray flannel trousers, a little bit harder
to find out there, but if you can find them I think that they’re just a great addition
to any man’s wardrobe especially during the fall, spring, and winter.
Now, when it comes to khaki, when it comes to chinos, or when it comes to trousers, they
are going to be in a brown color. Understand that actually these are very interchangeable.
I’m a big fan of them. Why? Because they’re going to work with a wide variety of all of
the different sports jackets I showed you. They’re going to work with any of the shirts.
Now, chinos like these are great especially for summer, but they’re not very interchangeable
and I wouldn’t recommend them this early in your core wardrobe. So, avoid bright colors,
something in red. I would instead look to maybe grab a pair of jeans and that’s going
to be the next item on this list and guess what? I’m only going to budget about $30.
No, we’re going to knock up it up to $40. You can find great jeans at this price point.
And, I think if you look – if you look there’s some great deals out there. Why dark-colored
jeans? It’s going to be more interchangeable and it’s going to work with the items we
just talked about. Next up, let’s talk about your casual shirts.
So, you got a couple of options out there. I can give you a $25 budget, you could go
with a polo. Easy to find a polo with $25 mark especially if you can find a good quality
one on sale. Inexpensive polos they’re going to run you sometimes $20 to $15. The issue
there is it they will start to really fall apart after a few washes. So, again, try to
find something that’s on sale. Now, you can also spend that money on a casual
shirt. The big difference between this and a dress shirt is it this is not made to actually
be worn with a suit or with a necktie. You’re going to see little style details sometimes
in the patterns, it’s going to be a bit more casual. You’re going to notice right
here we’ve got a pocket that actually has a button on it.
So, small details like that are going to make this much more casual. And, I really like
this especially if you’ve got, you know, thinner arms, you can just roll up the sleeves,
it’s a great look and they work fine during the winter.
And, to round things off and not bust the budget, let’s maybe add in another necktie
or maybe a couple of pocket squares for $20. So, at this point, gentlemen, the grand total
is $998. We have spent almost the entire $1000. Now, guess what? We’ve got about fourteen
different outfits here. Yes, you’ve got the six shirts, you’ve got the two suits,
but we also got those jeans in there. Really, you could put together easily fourteen outfits
from this core wardrobe. All right, gents, so what video to watch next?
How about how to dress for your body type? So, I talk about fit, but how do you make
sure clothing fits you if you’ve got a hard to fit body type. You’re big, you’re small,
you’re tall, you’re thin. Whatever it may be, guys, I’ve got you covered in this
video right here, how to dress for your body type.
[0:15:37] End of audio

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