43 thoughts on “Can We Keep It?!?!”

  1. Matt there are two types of countries those who use the metric system and those that have been to the moon

  2. Is there a way for us to customize one shirt if we just want it for our selves and not for a business

  3. I fostered kittens and I found out I was allergic to cats. Butttt one turned into a foster fail and after 6 months my allergies went away ๐Ÿคท๐Ÿปโ€โ™€๏ธ

  4. The Unfinished Mansion could be a dream but if haunted could be a freaking nightmare it is a toss up haha.

  5. I would 1000% adopted chip if you could get him to Scotland
    Pit bulls are amazing dogs (well all dogs are)

  6. Chip is so adorable. Sadly, I'm a renter, and it's near-impossible to find a place that doesn't discriminate by breed.

  7. Hi Matt. Make a video of what some of your days look like. Morning routines. Evening routines. When do you ever get work done as well lol. Thanks for the videos.

  8. Yo Matt, do you want to make some shirts and/or caps for a European Rocketry Society? Check out our Channel, Delft Aerospace Rocket Engineering!

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