100 thoughts on “Carrie Underwood Pranks Unsuspecting Fans in Nashville”

  1. Carrie has a porn out there from before she was famous. Its definitely her. Same tattoo on her hip etc. If it's not her…..she has a twin sister.

  2. I knew her husband when he was playing minor hockey so that makes me 1 degree of separation from her and that might be the pinnacle of my life lol

  3. I will never forget watching American Idol in 2005 with my 12 year old daughter who laughed when Carrie was asked if she had seen any stars in Hollywood and Carrie said "well, it's kind of cloudy"

  4. Can we talk about the 'Buy one Pair, get TWO free' sign? How much are those boots marked up if they can afford to give two pair free?

  5. I would love to be pranked by Carrie Underwood. Philadelphia, Pa girl! I attend the community college of Philadelphia. Check out my potential Youtube Channel Music and Fashion with Catherine Rooks.

  6. Wow, she did a super job making up lyrics so fast! She is truly lovely, classy, very beautiful, and talented beyond belief! 💃💖🐶🎶

  7. Gotta love us guys. Always too cool to play the fool. Those two dudes were like "high five"??" I don't think its that serious", "yea ok we'll do it, but we won't be enthused". Gotta be cool. Laid back lmfao.

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