Chris Jericho To Smackdown, Tag Team Heel Turn! | WWE Payback 2017 Review

Chris Jericho To Smackdown, Tag Team Heel Turn! | WWE Payback 2017 Review

A tag team heel turn, Bayley loses the title
in her hometown, and Chris Jericho’s just been drafted to Smackdown. Kind of. I guess it’s more of a shake over to Smackdown. I’m Oli Davis, I’m still confused over
how the Superstar Shake-Up works, and this is WWE Payback 2017…in about 4 minutes… Enzo & Cass beat Galanderson
Galanderson dominated the opening match until Enzo got a last-minute roll-up. It was a completely throwaway contest – so
perfect for the pre-show! Miz TV With Finn Balor
Finn Balor’s got a great look, entrance music and he can wrestle. Unfortunately he’s not that good on the
mic and is much smaller than most of the roster. How do we hide those perceived flaws? Put him in an in-ring promo segment and have
The Miz call him short! Luckily there are few better talkers than
The Miz, who effortlessly carried this segment. But yet again, he found himself the chump,
getting beaten up by Balor. Chris Jericho beat Kevin Owens
This was a neatly thought-out match, back referencing their Wrestlemania encounter where
Kevin Owens used his finger for a Walls of Jericho rope break. But this time Y2J had a response, crushing
KO’s hand between the ring steps. Not like it matters, though. We all know Jericho’s off to tour with his
band Fozzy in May-SWEEEEEEEERVE. Jericho beat Owens to become the United States
champion, and the latest addition to the Smackdown roster. He’ll probably end up dropping it to Mojo
Rawley or someone on Tuesday night, but really, this is the way the KO/Jericho feud needed
to end – the betrayed babyface overcoming the wicked heel. Austin Aries beat Neville
Austin Aries and Neville had a cracking 10 minute match, where Neville took the DQ loss
pulling over the referee. This smartly continues his feud with Aries
using yet another dirty finish. Hardy Boyz beat Sheamaro
Patched Together With Chewing Gum And Sellotape Matt Hardy was his most Broken yet, leading
delete chants, laughing like a maniac and saying ‘tremendous’. When Cesaro put him in the swing, Corey Graves
even said on commentary, ‘Matt’s going to think he’s in a different Universe after
this’. Jeff tried to join in on the Broken fun, but
took it way too literally and lost a tooth. Sheamus and Cesaro turned heel on the Hardys
after losing, dishing out a vicious beatdown using the ring post. This makes the dynamics in Raw’s tag team
division infinitely more exciting. Alexa Bliss beat Bayley
Bayley got a huge reaction in her hometown for this match, but that’s exactly where
her downfall lies: she wrestled in her hometown. Alexa Bliss beat her in a decent match to
become the first ever holder of both the Raw and Smackdown Women’s Championships. Bray Wyatt beat Randy Orton
The mysterious House of Horrors stipulation ended up being half pre-taped horror film,
half in-ring match. Using the supreme acting skill Randy Orton
learned in 12 Rounds 2: Reloaded, The Viper walked around a creepy house, occasionally
pausing to say ‘what the hell?’ to then be surprise attacked by Bray Wyatt. It was ridiculous and the wrong interpretation
of Bray’s character – he’s a cult leader, not a supernatural force – but that said…this
was really fun. Later in the night, Wyatt and Orton made it
to the ring, where Bray picked up the pinfall win after Jinder Mahal and the Singh Brothers
interfered. You heard me right – Bray Wyatt actually won
the blow-off match to a feud. Seth Rollins beat Samoa Joe
Samoa Joe worked over Seth Rollins’ knee for the majority of their match, where one
beautifully selected replay showed Seth screaming ‘mother f*****!’ in slow motion. His knee injured, Seth needed the fluke win,
pinning Joe off a rear-naked choke. Their feud ain’t over, folks. Braun Strowman beat Roman Reigns
Say what you will about Roman Reigns being shoved down our throats or how he should be
a heel, but the criticism that he can’t wrestle just doesn’t stand up. He put on another really good match with Braun
Strowman here, based around his fantastic selling of the left shoulder. [
And to WWE’s credit, it was exactly what the match needed to be – Roman doing his valiant
best while injured, but succumbing to Strowman’s might in the end. Following the match, Braun continued to beat
up Reigns with the steel steps to chants of ‘Thank You Strowman’. So that was WWE Payback 2017 in about four
minutes. Here’s Raw’s ratings recap, from top to
bottom – In Awe, Cor, AVRAWGE, Poor and Bore. I’ll reveal my rating for the show in a
moment, but first vote in the poll above my head to give it your own score. I’ll announce the results in tomorrow’s
WrestleTalk News. This was a surprisingly solid show, with a
really exciting heel turn, shock victories from Jericho and Bliss, a perfectly booked
main event with Strowman going over strong and an endearingly awful House of Horrors
match. Payback is Cor. Find out exactly why Chris Jericho’s US
title win was so shocking, because his last scheduled WWE date is tonight, and WWE are
raiding TNA Impact Wrestling’s roster for talent. Learn more by clicking the videos to the left
and press subscribe. I’ve been Oli Davis and that was wrestling.

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  1. it was a solid show but 2 things Vince is obsessed with making popular baby faces losing in their hometowns and Y2J wining was perfect fit to the storyline but now what? Owens become 2x US champ or dropping the best to someone else my pick to be the next US champ if not Owens. I pick Nakamura or Ziggler

  2. Did he really say Roman put on a good match? That match was horrible and only got saved by the beat down afterwords

  3. If anyone has True Detectives – the first season…the good one. They find the evil bad guy in a house much similar to Brays house and Bray even had a wooden symbol much like the bad guy in the series would build – I think someone's been binge watching the show before the match.

  4. I could be way off on this, but I think Jericho is going to Smackdown because maybe John Cena could be out longer than WWE anticipated and they need a face to cover up for his extended absence.

  5. Why can't they just put Finn Balor in the Cruiserweight Division? He is small and 190 lbs., that is 15 pounds less than 205 SO Finn Balor could be the legit to Austin Aries and Neville. A Balor vs Perkins match would be somewhat of a dream match.

  6. fantastic ppv with awesome booking decisions. the only thing I didn't like was bliss winning but bliss does deserve it.

  7. House of Horrors was fucking STUPID!!!!!!!

    it wasn’t even for the title… fucking retarded!!!!!!!!

  8. What a fuck..u said in the past u said Jericho is going to lose and end his career..u still didn't admit..shame..

  9. are we going to ignore the fact that is was day time here in California when the house of horrors match happen but night time at the house?

  10. I am so glad you mentioned Bray Wyatt's sudden character change. His current gimmick would've blended perfectly 25 years ago, but it's way to hoaky for today's product. However, the Cult Leader is much more exciting to see especially in an age where backstage reality gets more attention during a lot of today's storylines

  11. when bray left the house i thought it was about to burn with randy in it. to bad it didnt happen, could have make alot more impact but i guess they had to end the feud on payback so they couldnt allow that to happen.

  12. Sooo…. Wasn't that a WWE title rematch or am i tripping i couldve sworn this was Brays Rematch and the 30 day Claus apparently doesn't exist anymore

  13. For the house of horrors match the house should have been a cabin or more creepy house not a drug house that was different and bigger on the inside with a second story inside. Having Randy having to make it make it through different rooms and having to go through former Wyatt and Bo Dallas. Through the whole thing you keep hearing the sounds of a girl and when Reigns gets to the last room Abigail should appear and then Bray ambushes him and just finishes Randy off and HAve Bray saying something to the point of how the family was never broken and then have a whole bunch of people wearing sheep mask step out of the shadows and go to Brays cut and end it there.

  14. I remember around 300 Years ago Lesnar defeated Goldberg for the Universal Championship … he has been missing since then

  15. Thing is Roman still looked strong. He almost beat Strauman while he was "injured". That doesn't make Braun strong. It makes Roman strong, especially since when he fought Brock Lesnar he was getting thrown around like a rag doll while 100%.

  16. The crowd was awesome live! How was it on tv? It feels like the network lowers the volume a lot

  17. I thought it was a good PPV. Glad Jericho and Alexa Bliss own. I thought the House of Horrors match felt, well, horrible.

  18. Dont know if the network aired the end when roman was slowly walking up the ramp but the crowd chanted "you deserve it" pretty funny

  19. fuck you roman hating bitches. hating a man for doin what his boss tells him to do…. so imma be smart and DELETE this channel

  20. ⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻ says:

    PPV was 8.5/10 until that horror of shit match that turned it straight 7/10

  21. I think the best thing about this was that none of the results felt like they were going to be the obvious result. Sure, some seemed more likely like Seth Rollins and Hardy Boyz, but Jericho, Braun, and Wyatt, all pulled up some major upsets. Even the endings of the matches weren't super predictable. Jericho made KO actually tap out, The "King of the Cruiserweights" DQ'd himself to keep his hands on the title, and even Sheamus and Cesaro pulled out a heel beatdown. They even utalized Roman reigns well without pushing him onto the fans.

  22. I voted "In-Awe" because the PPV was poorly built up, but it delivered far past my expectations. It was a great show. I even enjoyed the house of horrors match because it resembled Outlast2. The most boring and "bathroom break" match of the night was actually Rollins Vs. Joe. That match was expected to steal the show, but it was a yawn fest. Every other match on the main show was great except for that one. so I guess "Cor" would've worked too, but I'm generous today and giving it "In-Awe because it was a great show that just flew by with excitement.

  23. Why House of Horrors was stupid:

    1. Title wasn't on the line. Wyatt winning means absolutely nothing.

    2. Using pre-recorded action on a live PPV never works.

    3. It advanced a Smackdown storyline (Jinder Mahal vs Orton) on a RAW Exclusive PPV.

    4. It wasted time that could have been used for Ambrose to defend the I-C Title.

  24. Reigns move list for every match
    superman punch, spear, superman punch, spear, drive by, spear, punch repeat & rinse till pinfall.

  25. Most of the voters are influenced by your rating. They just agree with you and not think on themselves.

  26. Jeff lost that tooth a while back, his fake tooth fell off though hahahah….had that been his real tooth he would have been bleeding a lot.

  27. I don't know why anyone enjoyed this PPV. The first two matches were alrighr I guess, but the rest of the night was horriable.

  28. The issue with Roman is that everything is so obvious and forced. He came out in a full body wrap, held his own for a good portion of the match, and then had to take two finishers to get the three count, but that's not all! Super Roman was able to walk out of the ring after a brutal after the match beatdown by Braun, and then got the upper hand when Braun came back for another attack as Reigns was about to be put into an ambulance. The protective cloack they put around Roman is the huge issue, and the fact that they have been doing it for years. Throwing away potentially incredible Rumbles and Wrestlemanias in the process.

  29. I think people need to lay off Roman. OK, he is not main event material, but he is a big time player.

  30. The pretapeness….not a word, was so bad that Ortons stubble was gone so he shaved and it was pitch black out when the sun was still out in San Jose

  31. Hey, you remember how this channel and every other wrestling media site said Chris Jericho is losing his match?

    Yeah, fuck off with your fake news.

    I stayed subbed to this channel just long enough so I can see when you upload your Payback review so I can point out how you were wrong and usually are wrong. Thankfully I always used a adblock.

    Unsubbed, seeya shills.

  32. Oli…bray wyatt actually owns the house irl. Theres an article on it. Should reference it in a vid at some point. Been on market since mania for 36k. In missouri. So the limo drove wyatt from there to san jose in half an hour. Maybe vanguard one teleported him

  33. Oli I know roman reigns is getting leave and that is probably why reigns lost the way he did. but don't you think that now had put a dent in the undertakers legacy I mean roman reigns just retired the undertaker at wrestlemania and he loses his first match back. won't that effect undertaker or are they putting strowman over and reigns who should be super dominant after being undertaker like lesnar was when he did just is not gonna get anything out of the win.Except for the win itself. I mean weren't the 2 in 23-2 suppose to face off according to heyman but may now be at wrestlemania like why is reigns not stronger after beating undertaker

  34. I m not a Roman fan but like it or not, the guy took way too much in this match and the steel steps to the chest was brutal. Wonder was he really bleeding. When was the last time someone took that

  35. Cool Payback!!! I honestly thought it was going to be a bore one…. BUT I must agree with Oli here: CORE!!!

  36. 3:27
    Did no one notice how the referee screwed Samoa Joe over, by counting the pin even though Joe's right shoulder was off the mat? 😅

    [Going by this week's RAW, apparently not.]

  37. I thought Payback was a very solid and entertaining event. Considering how they followed it up with RAW last night and how they followed up Wrestlemania with two very entertaining weeks, I think WWE is back on the right track.

    For not having any huge spot last night, RAW was kind of perfect. Aside from Alexa and Sheamus (who did alright) everyone's promos were seriously on point. The commentary was top notch. The matches were all really good. Even Dean Ambrose was entertaining and carried the continuity in a way that made perfect sense. Rollins and Balor not getting stuck in a mid-tier title feud while also raising the value of Miz, Bray, Joe and the title itself was also beautifully done.

  38. I chose Cor. From what I got to see of it (because the network wouldn't connect until mid way through the house of horrors match) it was a solid PPV. So much better than the other Raw ppvs we've been seeing.

  39. I thought they said a few weeks ago that The US title was Smackdown property with the winner going to Smackdown. So why is Kevin Owens still a part of the Smackdown roster if he lost the match?
    Also, wasn't the House of Horrors match suppose to be Bray's rematch for the title?
    I'm sorry but Charlotte should've gotten the first to hold both womens titles, not Alexa Bliss

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