Clarks Torset Vibe SKU:8832039

What’s going on, fellows? My name is Joe And this is the Torset Vibe. It’s from Clarks Now these shoes are gonna be very lightweight They’re part of the Clarks® Cloudsteppers™ Series They’ve used all synthetic materials here on upper including a ton of perforations up front to allow the foot to breathe Some light cushioning throughout the entire shoe But a ton of cushioning here and the footbed It’s the Tetrasoft™ footbed It’s got a really soft fabric here on top Really squishy material And look at all this extra squish you’re gonna get there You see there’s another layer of cushioning below that And I’ve used EVA cushioning here in the midsole outsole combination That really helps keep the weight down as well Here’s a nice flex and shock absorbency Sporty style has never been so comfortable They’re from Clarks

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