Wednesday morning I have one crazy idea This clipless shoes it tatter Like this It’s broken So I have a idea to put sole of this one to this one Today it’s not feel hot I arrived Hello he isn’t come? I want to try Shoes maker : No it’s can’t !! Really? It’s can’t be this sole not good anymore So bad It’s ok thank you As I said that I will bring this shoes to fix So it’s can’t do that That shoes maker said this one not good anymore the sole was stretch Go buy a new one kid Arm : This Ads. break God mother nooble It’s hard to take it out I will keep this thing Ly : And I will show you this thing Ly : If it 4D vlog you will smell this Yes, 4D Don’t smell it bro!! Ly : No mercy Come on ! Wow awesome Ly : What you will do with this one This one? Ly : Use it as protector ? Protect you elbow What da elbow protect!! Yes! Oil : after P’He finish you next This one ? You surprise me !! I saw you at camera LCD Let’s go to lunch can we told them to order for us? Today sky very beautiful I wanna shoot timelapse Are we going to voice record now? Oil : not yet 2 PM ok 2 PM this morning I almost got nike clipless shoes but actually Nike have clipless shoes I have before I will show you This one clipless nike sneakers I came out at 2008 Olympic It’s have 4 type 4 country but now price really expensive So cool!! Or I need to buy a DIY kit? Let’s go record boxing program first! P’Joe P’Hoe Red side! Black knee spear fight with blue side Lord of knee attack “Fire Panang” Toon : Panang is Thaifood !! not that!! Hahaha Fire panang!! haha that why I feel like his name like Thai food!! Ok ok fire blaze haha Lord of Fire blaze knee! Lock target and act haha my fault Eagle eye Deep attack Done oh I have one more ok make it strong I feel like I’m ride a bike to office again I got a job! He : So easy you finish meeting? He : What meeting? let’s do it He : go gooo goo goolde vote Add number 2 in that logo What is that fish ! Arm : monster fish 6 PM let’s go home It’s time to go seee you oil Let’s go home and try making a clipless shoes I don’t know how it work maybe it’s won’t work but I think better if I try I will go to take a baht first Awesome Cool Look so awesome I will try it out side How it’s work ? This is a test that I wanna try because this shoes I will throw it always soon if I don’t make like this but why I can do this because I have this plate from DZR shoes , if you don’t have don’t do it! and plastic plate from DZR shoes so strong and it full part Let’s go! It’s can clip in but when I pull it up I feel a bit weird let’s try Finish trying , so I don’t use shoes maker for this anymore I feel so good but I’m not recommended to do this , you better buy it Buy a complete shoes better I think for fixed gear so danger because when you skid you need to pull this but It’s ok for Roadbike If it tear off from this spot , the plate inside will come out when you pull it while skid and it’s so danger but how to fix this problem cut it in a circle so this is ok clipless sneakers shit it’s not fit! I need more space maybe it can I will try it if you wanna see I will wear this tomorrow I will test how strong it is first so you need to buy the clipless you better than this I’m not recommend you to do this if you wanna do you need to use a thick sole shoes better This one so old shoes So I try both of it already if it’s low type sneaker like this I can slip off than Hi type hi type is better! and again I’m recommend don’t do this It’s dangerous So why I do this? I want to see your kids

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