Corey St.Rose- NO LACES

Samos in 2020 working true colors
entertainment you see the game they call me Saint Rose I’m switching my phones
which it might closing I had to the show not gonna do the pros I’m gonna be I’ll
leave me a slow I’m coming out swinging and with gang bangers working hard
prada shoes no laces pocket swallowed I be caking Jamaica have I’ll be
racing they copy my style they copy my tux no income tax I got paid by the
folks I’m giving out panniers first Billy up now but look what it took seven
summer six winners my small with some winners stacking up talking figures
drinking henny mess my liver zip him up toss them put them down to small go
running down murder him right these wrongs cursor back to the show swing just wrap your shit like a hobby – hi
I’m Scotty spinners girls call me Bobby she stopped me could do a sloppy person
exile on me one gun three hommies there got home trying to eat over time kids
feast catches money with my Truong second to my site buzz still gets
the don’t get popped up niggas been to a lot though simple month it’s awesome
hunt him down stalk him running down Mirko buddies vials cursor I’m coming
now swangin and we can bangers working hard
jason prada shoes don’t you call me say bros I’m switching my Thrones which it
must pose in the head to the show not gonna to put on the clothes I’m gonna be
on give me a star I’m coming out swag and we gangbangers were hard fought a
shoelace my son what’s going on

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