CROCHET TUTORIAL: Boho Sandals from Foam Flip-Flops - Perfect For BEGINNERS

CROCHET TUTORIAL: Boho Sandals from Foam Flip-Flops – Perfect For BEGINNERS

today I wanted to give you a quick tutorial for these really cute boho sandals and quick I mean quick they take about 10 minutes they are made using cheap foam foot flops which I bet you have a pair in your closet right now be sure to check the description I have links to the materials that I'm using as well as a link to the written pattern on my blog this is a fun quick project I know that you'll love your new boho sandals ready started okay so we're gonna go ahead and get started on making these flip-flops what you need is a pair of foam flip-flops I got mine from Old Navy for two bucks a g hook and some cotton yarn the hook and the yarn doesn't necessarily have to be what I'm using I'm using red heart um scrubby smoothie um you can use I would suggest cotton but you can probably use whatever get warrant yarn you have on hand and then your hook would be according to the size of yarn you're using so if you're using like a thinner yarn like a DK or baby weight or something like that you can definitely use that but you want to use a smaller hook because as you're working your stitches you're trying to fill in the gaps so that it looks like it's all crochet right there and if you're using thinner yarn you're gonna need to make more stitches however if you're using a larger hook the stitches on top will kind of ruffle as you're trying to squeeze as many stitches as you can into there so it's a bit of trial and error as you're trying to find the right hook for the right yarn but for me G hook worked really well for this medium weight cotton so gather your supplies and we'll get going okay so we're gonna get started crocheting you're gonna you're gonna start by crocheting around this part on the foot flop because I'm right-handed I'm starting on this side this left side and it is a little bit awkward so it's gonna take possibly take a little bit of practice to kind of figure it out you got to kind of hold the flip flop weird and you're trying to make it work but you're gonna stick your hook under it this puts a loop on your hook and then pull it through that's the first stitch and it's a little wonky still so kind of hold everything put your hook back under grab one more and then that second stitch kind of holds what you're doing in place and it will move a little bit after you get going but I do like the ridges on the whole Navy flip-flops cuz it kind of hold the texture kind of holds the yarn in place so again you're gonna need possibly need a little bit of practice doing this you want to keep it loose enough that the loop isn't being like tugged down because you want it on top but you need it tight enough that it won't be loose and sliding around so it's a little bit of a a little bit of a trial and error as you're trying to get the right gauge and again see the flip-flop kind of gets in the way as you're trying to work so you're just gonna be reaching under grabbing the yarn and then working your single crochet around it okay so once you get here I like to work a few extra there just because it's a little bit easier to work it back a little bit and then adjust it forward than it is to just actually work it right there so adjust your stitches and you can see I got it pretty good a pretty neat there and then sometimes they'll like cross over and I know what I'm doing I'm like watching what I'm doing and I don't know why sometimes this stitch crosses so you can just go in and just using your finger a needle or something just manually uncross them so that it looks a little nicer okay so when you get here there's really no way to crochet around that so don't worry about it just turn your flip-flop like this and start crocheting up the other side and again you want to make sure that it's loose enough that your stitch sits nicely but tight enough that it's not sliding everywhere so I'm gonna undo that one because I pulled it a little bit too tight and this stitch was kind of laying on top instead of to the side how I wanted it so slow and steady wins the race on these guys if you go nice and slow your work will look a lot nicer and it really is a fast project even though you're working kind of slowly around here once you get this done you're halfway done and you know it's only been a few minutes since we started and when you get down here it starts to get a little crazy because you're trying to hold the yarn and trying to hold the flip-flop you have to get kind of creative the way that you're gonna hold the flip-flop I kind of have had luck holding it like this like with you know my hand like that and it seems to be I get a little better access to the bottom part of it there you go so that is crocheting around the strap so we've let's see make sure that you push them to where you you know that they're the way you want and you have enough stitches in there I actually think I have too many so I'm gonna pull mine out I don't like how it's kind of roughly right there so I'm gonna pull a couple stitches out and then spread them down a little bit and see if I like to look at that better yes looks much better okay so let's set this aside for a minute you need to cut your ends and then set the flip-flop aside again you will also you need to repeat that for the other shoe your other flip-flop now we're gonna make the square piece so we're going to start with a so with three chains then you're going to double crochet 12 times into the first chain and then you're gonna join with the first double crochet then starting on round two you're gonna chain one single crochet one in the next stitch and then in the next stitch you're gonna form a corner so you're gonna see single crochet chain two single crochet into the same stitch single crochet into the next two stitches and then you're gonna work another corner in the next is you're gonna single crochet chain two single crochet into the same stitch so you'll crochet into the next two stitches and work the third corner in the next stitch single crochet chain two single crochet into the same stitch single crochet into the next two stitches and then the last corner has worked in the next stitch and then single crochet into that last stitch and join with that first single crochet stitch so that's the little square piece so make two of those and we will sew them onto the slipper onto the foot flat ok so we have our square and you should have make sure you weave in your tails before you attempt to sew it on so I definitely recommend pinning so you want to pin it in place and this helps it just kind of stay where you need it to stay I'm gonna look kinda ugly when it's pinned of course oh and make sure it's lined up right there at the bottom okay so it's pinned in place so you're gonna throw two lengths of yarn onto your dirty needle and you can start on either side but you want to go you want to sew through the stitch on the flip-flop and the stitch on the square and so I just go under the two loops and under the two loops on the square and I'm just doing a simple running stitch so I've got that part kind of in the right place I'm going to remove my pin so I'm going to go back in through the under the two loops on the square under the two loops on the flip-flop and just keep doing that as you go around the this your stitches may not exactly line up with each stitch like you have a corresponding stitch on the square but just do your best to sew them so it nice and neat okay so once you sew around at once I recommend going back over it you don't really have to if you don't want to but I go over it twice just because when you're wearing them like it's gonna kind of stretch a little bit and I just I prefer to make sure that it's really tight so so back over one more time and then we will get these flip flops finished okay so now that this is attached securely let's make sure we take care of this little and these little ends right here so my preferred method is I wrap it around like that under so that the end is hidden and then under this part I put a little dab of hot glue this just keeps it in place and this keeps like the the yarn from like sliding up cuz really it's just kind of wrapped around it it's not like super secured onto it I'll just take it and I kind of twist it in there so that it grabs all of the glue let that cool off and then repeat onto the other side so you're gonna take it again you're gonna take it you're gonna wrap it like this and then glue it on the underside of the strap okay and then once it has cooled off take your sharp scissors and cut the end okay so one more thing now we just need to crochet the little chain that goes around your ankle so again this will completely depend on your hook your size foot your yarn that you're using but for me I did sixty-five and this medium weight yarn with it do you hook so just use your foot for and and then and then you may even want your chain to hang down your ankle longer you may want it super short so you're just gonna have to kind of use your your own preferences of the gauge for how long you want to make your chain okay so there's my chain you want to clip your ends put netting knots on both ends and then that little corner that chain to corner you know just pull the chain through there and then I like to clip that enemies down pretty short I mean that part goes around your ankle so you're finished so repeat that for the other shoe and then of course repeat it for every other phone clip up so you have in your closet because you're gonna want to make more of these thank you so much for watching don't forget to subscribe bye

8 thoughts on “CROCHET TUTORIAL: Boho Sandals from Foam Flip-Flops – Perfect For BEGINNERS”

  1. I'm going to make these for my beautiful, stylish mom in black for Mother's Day! I know she'll genuinely LOVE it, even though she's really hard to impress– that's how amazingly cute these are! I can see her wearing these flip flops to lunch, to dinner, out and about, and, of course, by our backyard pool, getting a lovely sun-tan! Obviously I'm gonna have to hide in my room, and hide them until the time comes, but it has to be a surprise! I can't wait to see the look on her face when she sees them and a crocheted rose on Mother's Day 2019!

  2. Thanks for the re-up. This is a fantastic idea, and I think it would be great for littles who have a hard time keeping flip flops on.

  3. Would love to make a pair with natural color yarn and accent with wooden beads!!! These are so cute! Thank you for sharing!

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