Custom AIR MAX 95!! 👟🎨 (Giveaway)

Custom AIR MAX 95!! 👟🎨 (Giveaway)

What’s going on everybody welcome back to a brand new video! I’m Sam Alxr and today… We’re going to be customising… An all white pair of Air Max 95s! So recently i’ve been doing quite a few pairs of air max. I’ve done 97s (Air Max 97s). Like two pairs of 90s (Air Max 90s). So I thought why not switch it up an do some 95s! So the colours we will be using are White, red, black, dark green and light green. If you’re new Subscribe, if you enjoy the video leave a thumbs up! And let’s get into it! let’s go! So this is the finished shoe then! Completely done! You’ve got roses on the side, black at the front, white laces And then I did the little Nike Air thingy thing on the back black as well! I think they turned out pretty cool! You know, I think they turned out pretty nice! But yeah, make sure to let me know what you guys think of them. Would you rock them? Also I’m not sure if I mentioned at the start of the video, but these are a Giveaway. To enter the video, you probably know by now. All you’ve got to do is Subscribe with post notifications on! Like this video! And follow my Instagram! It’s @SamAlxr I’ll put it on the screen or something. And i’ll pick and announce the giveaway winner on… let’s say January 29th! Which is also my birthday! So that’s in like, that’s in like two weeks! So you’ve got a couple weeks to enter! Let me give you guys a like a little bit of a hint of what the shoes going to be for the next custom. You see, you see that box, you see that box right there (Pointing at Gucci box) That’s a hint right there! That’s the next custom! Make sure you stay tuned for that! Today’s comment shout out goes to Kimani. I appreciate you watching! I’ll see you guys in the next video! I’m out! Peace!

100 thoughts on “Custom AIR MAX 95!! 👟🎨 (Giveaway)”

  1. すごく可愛い…!!商品化して欲しい!!

  2. I'm not gonna lie. I'm a brand new subscriber. I saw you from the airforce lace video, you really helped a lot! I don't have a lot of shoes and these are in my exact size. I hope to win the giveaway! My Insta is @phillipboesen

  3. I would wear them like if you agree! There so sick!!
    Honestly dont care if I get them(probably won't lol). I just hope someone who loves them does!

  4. These are honestly straight heat 🔥
    It's honestly so satisfied watching you customise/design shoe's I could never get bored watching you 💯
    If I could buy them I straight up would & I'd give a pair to my sister because I know she'd love these & it's her birthday next month & if I did win the giveaway I'd give them to her cause she means the world to me ♥️,I love you content keep customising shoe's & inspiring other people to do the same 💯

  5. I’m new subscribers I watched about 10 videos of urs they are super cool
    And ur talented
    Keep up the good work ….

  6. Would love a pair of 95ultra se far lighter to wear them for me.. 95s feels like your walking with 2 breeze blocks on.

  7. Bro ive commented on you insta now imma start doing it here. Im desperate for these shoes they are too good. Imm start doing it every day they are fire


    I really hope I win

    Bro you really are talented

    Edit: bro I wanna know how r u gonna announce the winner. Much love and support (no homo)

  9. 352_tyson13 is my instagram and i aint gonna lie I just subscribed not to long ago .And would like to have a pair of them even if i don’t get a pair ill try to cop some and try to get someone to customize them as good as you keep doing this yo shoes 🔥👍🏽

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