Custom Balenciaga Speed Trainer Challenge: Prom Night | MTV Sneaker Wars

Custom Balenciaga Speed Trainer Challenge: Prom Night | MTV Sneaker Wars

– Five minutes left. – The pressure cooker. (rock music)
(gasping) Don’t chill too hard. – [Britteny] I see you. (screeching)
– Talk about pressure. – Anxiety.
(laughing) – Yo, what’s poppin’ everybody, I’m your host, Conceited and this is MTV’s Sneaker Wars. We’re the only show where
two shoe customizers go head-to-head and kick-to-kick. But not only for braggin’ rights, but for a chance to take
home the Sneak Award trophy. Each sneakerhead must
take one classic kick, one fire theme, and one secret element to remix them into a never
before seen creation. Somebody has to win, somebody has to lose. And of course, as always,
I did not come alone. So, with me today are my co-judges, you’ve seen her on Wildin’ Out, she’s also an NBA host
and sneaker influencer, Brittney Elena.
(laughing) And of course, we got the sneakerhead of all sneakerheads, my
man, Sean Wotherspoon. – What up, how ya’ doin’?
– What’s up man? – Chillin’. – Are you ready to see some kicks? – Happy to be yo, I can’t wait. – To my left we have Nicolle a.k.a. Kat. – Hey, I’m Nicolle and I’m the owner of Katty Customs, my custom shoes cost anywhere between 250 to about 1500. One of my favorite customers
was Victor Oladipo, he’s a professional basketball player. He was a thingamajig on The Masked Singer and it was cool to customize
a shoe to match that. – Goin’ against Nicolle, we have, my man, the Sneaker Mechanic. – Yo what’s up, my name is Ben Johnson, a.k.a. the Sneaker Mechanic and I am a full-time sneaker customizer from
Temecula, California. So, my shoes range from anywhere from 250 to, say, 1000 bucks. I’ve worked with Tyga,
Billie Eilish, The Game, a few other NFL players
and stuff like that. – So are y’all ready to see what shoes we’re gonna be customizin’ today? – Yeah.
– I’m ready man. – Let’s bring ’em out.
(suspenseful music) Woo. The Balenciaga Speed Trainers. This shoe fuses luxury with street making it one comfy sock you can rock. And for such a luxury shoe we wanted to take today’s theme to an extra special event. We’re goin’ to the prom. And now, the must-use element. Reflective material. These shoes gotta shine. Let’s get some time up on the clock and let’s get it poppin’.
(whimsical music) – What I feel about the prom theme, I thought it was amazing. Prom is very special, it’s really a time for a person to bring
their inner beauty out. – Really, I always thought of prom as like the time to kind of show out, you know, I wear a whole tux. It was a really fun experience for me. – I’m excited to see
what they’re gonna do. – Yeah, I’m really hyped. If we ever get a pair
of these in our store, post ’em on Instagram,
they are gone in like. I’m tellin’ you, it’s one of those shoes where–
– Reserve? – Yo, 15 people might come in in a hour just to get ’em.
– When you customize an expensive designer shoe, does that lower the value? Or do you think it raises it up? – When we’re not talking, it’s silent. – Are y’all even breathin’?
– It is like, frickin’, yeah. – Hey girl.
– Hey, how you doin’? – I’m good, how are you?
– I’m great. – So, I noticed that
you don’t have anything sketched on, it’s all freehand. – Yeah, everything is freehand. My specialty is doing everything freehand, using no stencils, no taping, no anything. Just straight to it. I’m on a time-crunch right now and I don’t want anything to slow me down. So right now, what I’m doing, I’m paintin’ the midsole black and then from there I’m gonna go ahead and paint the upper part of the shoe red. The whole goal is to make
it look like a tuxedo. From there, what I’m gonna do, is add the glitter along the midsole and then add the bow
tie onto the upper part and then add all the reflective
materials on the shoe. – What up, Ben, how are you?
– Good, bro, I’m good, man. – Not much, you don’t
need to tell us too much but what’s your plan for the shoe, I’m excited, you know.
– Close your ears. So when they first gave
me the idea of prom the first thought that comes to my mind is like a “Goodfellas”, kind of early 1900s kind of vibe. After I got the base lines down I’m gonna go ahead and
mix some black paint and some fabric thinner, because it’s a mesh material, I want to make sure that the fabric is nice and soft and
that the paint can really ease into the cracks. And with these shoes, they
always have shoelaces on them so what I’m gonna do is go ahead and poke some holes into the shoe and add some eyelets. – I see you’ve worked with, you did some for Billie Eilish? – It was cool, man, you
know her style is so crazy. – Yo, she’s got real dope style. – She’s very kind of out there and exotic and I did some Takashi
Murakami Air Force One’s for her with some chain laces. Yeah, she really like them. – 30 minutes.
– There we go, the pressure cooker.
– That’s when you see all the talent come just flyin’ out. (techno music) Ben, where did you get the
name, Sneaker Mechanic? – I was thinkin’ the same thing lookin’ at his shoe. – Honestly bro, my brother was a mechanic and we just started get
to thinkin’ about it. – And you’re the Sneaker Mechanic. – I like shoes and cars, combine the two. – And Nicolle, where does Katty come from, are you just a catty person, or? – It came to me in a dream. – A dream?
– Are you sure? – Yeah, absolutely with
my logo and everything. – Do you find that you have
a lot of dreams like that, that inspire you?
– Yeah, absolutely. – How’d you come up with Conceited? ‘Cause you’re not cute.
– Dream? – Who’s not?
(scoffing) (upbeat music) – Okay.
– Is that a corsage? – No, wow.
– That’s so cute. – Wow.
– You so girly. – Like, these shoes are
goin’ to prom together. – Five minutes left.
– Man. Time to get stressed.
– Anxiety. – Yo, the black laces though. It’s a good look.
– Of course. – It’s a good look, he transformed it. Like I said, that looks like a hard shoe. Ben got “The Godfather” thing.
– Yep. – She’s got the whole.
– Godmother. – I want to wear that, instead of heels, I’m wearin’ that. – Now those are fire.
– If batman had to go to prom, I can see him wearin’ those. – Is she havin’ a gas
mask, what is goin’ on? – I’m so happy, I’ve
been waitin’ for somebody to throw on the gas mask. – Okay Katty Customs, I see you. – It’s likely the resident evil. (laughing) He is gettin’ stressed out there. The hand’s shakin’. 10, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one. Time’s up, time’s up, time’s up! – Stop everything! – That’s it.
(trumpeting) Let’s see. Ben, what you got? – I went with early 1900s, “Goodfellas”, classic tuxedo dress shoe. I wanted to give the
shoe a nice little shine and so I did some gold eyelets, gold shoe lace tips and then a gold little trim as well along the sides. Just a nice, clean, simple look. – Katty?
– The theme was prom so I figured I’d change the
shoe into an actual suit. I used the color red
because that color pops, it screams, I added the boutonniere and then I also wanted
to put the bow tie on top and add glitter to that. I also put out a diamond
from the hidden element to put inside the flower, then I thought, “That’ll make it pop “and make it stand out a little bit more.” – Goin’ go over with my co-judges, put your kicks up.
– Gimme! – Bring ’em up.
– Gimme. – And y’all get kicked out, wow. (laughing) (rhythmic music) – All right. – I mean, they both
fully transformed them. That’s needless to say. – This definitely looks
like a whole new boot. – Even how he added that white to make it look like it
was a patent leather. – Honestly, I’m not gonna lie, I feel like this is more
of a everyday work shoe, I don’t think of prom when I look at this shoe right here. – It’s not screaming prom, yeah. – But with this, I see full blown prom. – Yeah, yeah.
– Prom night. – Bow.
– Lose your virginity. – Yeah, yeah, yeah, for sure. I love the gold on the Balenciaga though, the eyelets, it all looks so perfect. – Did you even look at the little beads? – [Sean] Yeah, that’s crazy. – And then, one key thing, it’s freehand. – True, that’s a big deal.
– The precision on the line. – Look at those lines.
– It’s freehand. And I love the matte.
– No tape. – Nothing, and she did that.
– Crazy. – I think we deliberated
and I think we got it. – Think we got it?
– I think we got it. – Call ’em in? Let’s bring ’em in! All right, welcome back, welcome back. I’m gonna start off with you, Ben. Britteny.
– I love it. I love that you put the laces in it. You literally changed the shoe. I see myself wearing this, not even just to prom, on a daily basis. I do wish that you put a little bit more of the hidden element. I do like that you have
the gold a little bit but I just feel like it just needed a little bit more of a pop. – I love the full transformation and I think you killed
it based on your theme. Like the “Goodfellas”,
the Italian mobster. I think for me, it veered off a little bit of the prom theme, nonetheless, it’s a great shoe, you killed it. The shine on the front,
it was low-key genius. You know?
– Thank you, bro, yeah. – Movin’ on, Britteny? – Girl, Nicolle, you
literally, it speaks prom. I love the bow, you
used the hidden elements very well.
– Yeah, it’s a great shoe. I tend to like more of a toned down shoe, something I see as like very approachable, you can pull it off the shelf and wear it, but I mean, given the
theme and everything, you killed it. – All right, you guys both did great but this is Sneaker Wars. Somebody has to win, somebody has to lose. And the winner for today
of the prom night is Nicolle.
– Aw, thank you. (laughing) Yeah!
(laughing) I am so happy that I won, you guys. This is a dream come true. There are girls out
here who customize shoes and I want to inspire
every girl who is into art, who want to customize
sneakers, or anything, you can do this. – You know, Nicolle is
a crazy good artist. You know, her shoe was insanely clean. If she’s ever willing
to go against me again, bring it Nicolle, but I’m humbled, it was a great opportunity. – Thank y’all for watchin’. This was MTVs Sneaker Wars and we’ll see you next time when we’re all gonna kick it, peace! (techno music)

100 thoughts on “Custom Balenciaga Speed Trainer Challenge: Prom Night | MTV Sneaker Wars”

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