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– [Announcer] This week, Joaquin Phoenix’s Oscar speech
makes Lena Dunham go vegan. Nike launches new vegan
shoes made from trash. And Tim Hortons finally adds
almond milk to it’s menu. All this and more on
LIVEKINDLY’s Weekly Vegan News. If you’re new to our channel, you can subscribe by hitting the leaf icon in the bottom, right corner of the video. Click the bell icon to
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like and comment below. Nike’s new Space Hippie
line of sneakers are vegan and made from recycled trash. – Our job is also to help
protect the future of sport. – [Announcer] The American
sportswear company created four futuristic
designs for the space hippie, with environmental sustainability in mind. – What if waste becomes
our future feedstock? What if it is actually
the material that we use? – [Man] And that’s really where the idea of Space Hippie was born out of. – Anything that is
headed for the landfill, if we intercept that, we
bring it back into the shoes that’s kind of like the
lowest carbon footprint way we can do things. – [Announcer] According to Nike, the vegan sneakers have the
lowest carbon footprint scores out of all of it’s shoes. “Space Hippie product
presents itself as an artifact “from the future. “It’s avant garde, it’s
rebelliously optimistic. “Space Hippies is also an idea. “It is about figuring out how to make most “with the least material, the least energy “and the least carbon,” said John Hoke, Nike’s
Chief Designer Officer. – Our job is to leave
the world a better place. – [Announcer] The Space
Hippies’ uppers are made from a material called FlyKnit. – It’s 25% old t-shirts. This is just post-consumer t-shirts and then 25% is textile
scraps from the factory floor. And then the last 50% is
recycled plastic bottles. – [Announcer] The sole
incorporates recycled rubber and recycled foam materials. Nike’s Move to Zero initiative details the company’s goal of both zero carbon and zero waste. Many other sneakers, including Nike Air, now use recycled materials
and renewable energy. And according to the company, the Space Hippie line represents a new benchmark in
responsible shoe design. (calm music)
Coming up, the FDA will now send retired lab animals to sanctuaries. Lena Dunham says Joaquin
Phoenix’s Oscar speech made her go vegan. “The Girl’s” creator shared a video of “The Joker” star’s Oscars
acceptance speech on Twitter. Phoenix won the Academy
Award for Best Actor. His acceptance speech was
about human oppression and the cruelty of the dairy industry. – I think that we’ve
become very disconnected from the natural world. We feel entitled to
artificially inseminate a cow, and when she gives
birth, we steal her baby, even though her cries of
anguish are unmistakable. And then we take her milk, that’s intended for a calf, and we put it in our
coffee and our cereal. – [Announcer] His words
struck a cord with Dunham. She tweeted alongside the video, “Welp, it finally happened. “I do believe Joaquin made me vegan.” Vegan, six-time Formula One
champion, Lewis Hamilton, shared a clip of Phoenix’s
Oscars acceptance speech on Instagram, saying
that he’s leading the way for the world. The FDA will allow the
adoption and transfer of healthy, retired lab
animals to sanctuaries. The policy change follows campaigning from the White Coat Waste Project, and over 1.2 million animals advocates. Advocates called on the
FDA and other agencies to create animal retirement policies. WCW said that government
spending on animal testing, more than $15 billion, is a waste of both animal lives and public funds. Justin Goodman, Vice President of WCW, acknowledged the significance
of the FDA’s decision. “We applaud the FDA for creating a policy “allowing primates, dogs
and the other animals “purchased with tax dollars “to be retired from federal
labs when testing ends. “Taxpayers bought these animals “and they want Uncle
Sam to give them back.” According to WCW, despite the trauma lab animals experience, they can still thrive
during their retirement. Several government agencies, including the Environmental
Protection Agency, and the United States
Department of Agriculture, have not set policies for
retiring animals after testing. Research by animal rights organization, Cruelty Free International, indicates that at least 115
million animals per year are used in experiments worldwide. – Using animals to test cosmetics is still allowed in most of the world, which means that thousands of animals can continue to die for
the sake of a new shampoo. Which is ridiculous. – [Announcer] Aysha Akhtar, a neurologist and author of the 2012 book “Animals and Public Health”, explained in the journal, “Cambridge Quarterly
of Healthcare Ethics”, “The unreliability of applying
animal experimental results “to human biology and diseases
is increasingly recognized.” – We have found that most of the drugs that are found safe and
effective in animals are later found to be unsafe,
or ineffective, in humans. That is a high, high failure
rate in drug development. – [Announcer] Wersut Seguni’s Indonesian Traveling Dolphin Circus, known as the world’s
cruelest dolphin circus, will no longer travel with
it’s captive dolphins. According to the Dolphin Project, the Indonesian Ministry of
Environment and Forestry chose not to renew it’s permits after a decade of campaigning
by animal activists. As of February 5th, the
dolphin training company, Wersut Seguni Indonesia, closed it’s traveling circus tents. “This is a historic day
for all of us involved,” said Dolphin Project’s
Indonesian campaign manager, Femke Den Hass. “Since 2009, when the traveling
dolphin show first started, “we have worked tirelessly.” Cara Sands, a Dolphin
Project representative, described the cruel conditions experienced by traveling dolphins. “The dolphins recruited
for the traveling circuses “were transported from village to village, “from city to city, for
a period of four weeks “at each location.” Dolphin Project’s Indonesian
team documented their travels and obtained footage of dolphins spending up to three days
in a coffin-like boxes. According to Dolphin Project, dolphins performed in restrictive and over-chlorinated pools. Captive dolphins performed
up to five times per day, including jumping through the hoops and dancing to loud music. Despite the restrictions placed upon the Indonesian Traveling Dolphin Circus, Wersut Seguni Indonesia will continue with dolphin performances
at a permanent facility located in Central Java. The facility contains 20
to 30 captive dolphins. Coming up, Trader Joe’s is
launching vegan milk chocolate. Musclefood is selling make
your own vegan bacon kits, The Nottingham-based retail seller, which specializes in sports nutrition and premium lean meats, has branched out into Vegan products. It’s new Crispy Facon kit
features peeled parsnip slices. It also includes a
marinade of liquid smoke, yeast, garlic, soy sauce and black pepper. The brand says to simply soak the slices in the sauce in the fridge
for about 30 minutes, and then place them in the
over for about 15 minutes. The result is crispy, vegan,
bacon-like parsnip strips. It has the same taste and
flavor as regular bacon, but without the health consequences. It can sometimes be hard for Brits who want to cut down their
intake of animal products to get over the hurdle of giving up foods they’ve grown fond of over the years. “A comforting Bacon
Butty or a filling fry up “are staples of our national
cuisine,” said Amy Kershaw, the Head of Product
Innovation at Musclefood. Tim Hortons is launching vegan almond milk at all it’s Canadian locations. After reporting falling sales and profits in the most recent quarter, the chain is going back to basics. “At Tim Hortons, our
performance did not reflect “the incredible power of our brand,” said Restaurants Brands International, Tim Hortons parent company. “It is clear that we
have a large opportunity “to refocus on our founding values, “and what has made us famous
with our guests over the years, “which will be the basis
of our plan into 2020.” RBI plans to improve
Tim Hortons’ performance by improving and modernizing
it’s core categories. This includes improving it’s coffee and adding an almond milk option. Many Tim Hortons customers
have been waiting for a vegan milk option for years. And the brand confirmed via Twitter that almond milk is coming this spring. (light music) Vegan egg are now being served in college, health care facilities,
and corporate cafeterias throughout the US. California-based food tech brand, JUST, had entered a partnership with global food service corperation, Sodexo. The move is part of Sedexo’s
Better Tomorrow 2525 strategy to slash it’s carbon
emissions by 34% by 2035. Made from mung bean protein, a cholesterol-free JUST egg uses 98% less water, 83% less land, and emits 93% less carbon dioxide than conventional eggs. (exciting music) – I eat eggs everyday
and I didn’t even notice. – Yeah.
– Wow. – Wow, it tastes like real- Yeah, it tastes and feels like real egg – [Announcer] The
plant-based egg is versatile. It can be used to make scrambles, omelets, quiches and
other egg-based dishes. Since launching it’s liquid vegan egg to retail and food services
distribution last year, JUST has sold the equivalent
of 20 million eggs. “We’re thrilled to become a
preferred supplier to Sodexo, “which serves over 75
million consumers each day. “Sodexo’s sustainable
menu innovation initiative “has resulted in hundreds
of new plant-based recipes, “and we’re excited to see a range “of delicious JUST egg dishes “arrive at client’s facilities
in the months ahead,” said Josh Tetrick,
co-founder and CEO of JUST. Trader Joe’s is developing
vegan milk chocolate bars. The grocery chain revealed the news on episode 21 of it’s podcast,
“Inside Trader Joe’s”, hosted by the chain’s Director of Words, Phases,
and Clauses, Tara Miller, and Matt Sloan, the Vice
President of Marketing. In conversation with
Alison Nadler Guerette, Trader Joe’s’ Catergory Manager for candy, cookies, and cereal, Miller brought up the development of the milk chocolate bar. The chain’s tasting panel
has already approved the new product. – [Alison] It was milk chocolate but made with almond beverage, so it’s an almond
beverage-based milk chocolate, as opposed to a dairy milk chocolate But I wouldn’t have known the difference if I haven’t been told. I mean, it just tasted like really good, creamy milk chocolate. – [Announcer] According to the chain, the vegan milk chocolate bar is a response to customer demand. That’s if for today. What do you think about
Lena Dunham going vegan? Let us know in the comments below. Remember to subscribe and
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