Deborah SLAMS enormous £4M valuation with NO PRODUCT!  – BBC Dragons’ Den

Deborah SLAMS enormous £4M valuation with NO PRODUCT! – BBC Dragons’ Den

So you want two hundred thousand for 5 percent. That’s right So 4 million pounds Yes. I am assuming evaluation of 4 million pounds must have some sales
No We have put it in places but it’s processed product You put it in places, how many?
Five in total A trial product with zero turn over and Evaluation based on future potential can be a little cocktail in the Den Is a hangover already setting in For Peter Jones I am Ok with people investing in business where it’s pretty revenue understand that model How much money have you raised for this business 2 million to date You have spent 2 million.
Yes Where did you get that 2 million from A private investor And he said I really like the idea.
Yes And his company has invested 2 million pounds To date.
And how much of that 2 million is still with the business? It’s all spent So you spent the 2 million Who owns the company? he owns 90 percent, I own 10 Ohh Ok. He is here waiting to come in No Why? He is on holiday at the moment You should brought your investor here He got 90 percent shareholder and it’s not here and that’s, that’s a big thing I need to drink Michael’s admission that he owns just 10 percent of the company that already some

100 thoughts on “Deborah SLAMS enormous £4M valuation with NO PRODUCT! – BBC Dragons’ Den”

  1. 3:00 “and I haven’t even said anything” bruv all you’re gonna say is “I’m out” spare us the bullshit love

  2. I own 10 percent I don't have a patent I've already spent 2 million I'm six months away from production fancy investing?

  3. dragons im here today to show you my nuclear reactor that it's only powering this one room as we speak. Dragons: because this is highly dangerous and is very unstable on those bases but dragons says I'm out of the country.

  4. I have a business valued at 500 Billion and fifty two pence, with a pending patent. Im looking for 500 billion and fifty two pence for 50% of the business. Anyone like to take up this offer?

  5. Jenny needed a drink the second she realised she wasn't going to invest and needed to use up all the free bes before they were taken away

  6. Lol Jenny had a reason to be out, reality is she would have been out anyway. Thought you could hide behind it Jenny. Nope.

  7. Spaceship lands in Jenny's backyard.
    Alien: I got technology that will cure all man diseases and I will give you my spaceship to travel the cosmos.

    Jenny: I'm out.

  8. How do you spend 2 million and the business hasn't even got off the ground? Give me 2million, I'll get you 10% interest minus my commission with no risk to capital.

  9. Just to let everyone know
    I heard. Might be wrong but the
    Dragons lost out this business went over the roof.

  10. Best Cliff hanger ever still non the wiser what it was – ink cartridges – soda ? – hope it's not gun cartridge he will blow his brains out in the lift…wait no he won't he's smart

  11. The main company owner is not at the pitch…
    It’s a total clusterfunk mistake but it seems to happen so often on this show.

  12. Ur smart are u Deborah???? Wat about that 90million£ business that u slagged off, pro gains and missed a huge investment opportunity

  13. Also, the dude has already sold 90% of his business for £2m. Therefore his company is only worth a little over 2 million. He can't value at £4m….

  14. Haha this guy fucked his investors. He spent all the money on strippers and booze. What’s the business? where did all the money go? The guy who owns 90% of the company is an artificial person😂

  15. This guy raised 2 mill. What a legend. He can convince lonely rich women and milk thier money and also get rich young girls and be thier suger daddy as I thino this guy must have a large ding dong

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