Desus and Mero Quizzed Bernie Sanders on the Prices of Sneakers

Desus and Mero Quizzed Bernie Sanders on the Prices of Sneakers

-You’ve had not only a lot
of politicians on your show, they’ve been great on your show. I think we’ve seen sides of them
we haven’t seen before, certainly questions
they’ve never seen before. I want to show a clip.
Bernie Sanders was on your show. -Shout-out to Bernie.
-And you showed him shoes… -Yes.
-Yes. -…and asked him
to guess the prices. -That’s right because
if you have someone running for president, you want
to ask them about sneakers. -Yes, and is it safe to say
he was very surprised at how much —
-Oh, that is an understatement. -Let’s just say that
Bernie Sanders won’t be standing in front of the Supreme store
anytime soon. -How would you describe the face
he makes when you tell him? -It was like bringing home
a report card to my parents. -Yo. Seriously.
-I have never felt — I felt like Bernie Sanders
was about to spank me. -Let’s take a —
Let’s take a look. -Have you ever stepped
in dog [bleep] barefoot? -That’s —
That’s what it looks like? -How much do you think
this retails for? -100 bucks?
-100 bucks. -What’s the resale
on these bad boys? Is it — -$1,500.
-$1,500. -$1,500.
-Last one was $1,500, right? -Right.
-Mm-hmm. -About — What’s this? $250?
-$250. What’s the resale on this? $4,500.
-$4,500. A.K.A. two Honda civics
in the Bronx. -This is a status thing?
-Yes. -It’s a flex. It’s a flex. -Oh, you’re not —
you’re not a big flexer? [ Laughter ] -You gotta — So much — I have so much respect
for Bernie. Bernie never pretends like —
He never caters to the audience. -Yeah, no.
-Bernie says it how it is. -Yeah. You’ve also had AOC
on your show. -Shout-out to AOC, the homey.
Ah-ah-ah. BX all day. Yerrr! -And she’s on — She’s touring
with Bernie right now. -They’re going hard. -He’s caught up
with impeachment. She’s actually on the campaign
trail in Iowa on his behalf. What do you think about the idea
the two of them sometimes go out together on the road and just thousands
of people show up? -It’s beautiful, man. -At first, I was like,
“They’re touring? This sounds like the worst
version of ‘A Star is Born.'” -But it’s actually
really, really, really good. ‘Cause I don’t if you remember
that album that Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga cut together.
-Yeah. -That was a joint.
-I want to see Bernie — I want Bernie
to come out like… ♪ Tell me something, boy ♪ [ Laughter ] -What do you think
about Bloomberg? Obviously, a New York candidate. -Bloomberg has too much money!
-Yo, stop! -You don’t have to
run for president! -Stop making money!
-You could play “Fortnite.” You could do anything. -Bro, just buy
a lot of video games. -The only thing with Bloomberg
is I’m like, “If I had that much money,
would I run for president or would I just buy
my own private island and, like, sunbathe naked?” He could do anything else. -I do want to get
your take on this. Let’s take a look real quick
at what he did when he met a dog the other day.
-Oh, boy. [ Laughter ] -What is this? What is this? Who —
-Yo. -Okay, clearly, right before
Bloomberg met this dog, he was on Wikipedia like,
“How to meet dog.” Like, just him and Zuckerberg
are like… [Robotic voice]
“Yo. Canines. Camels. Hello. Hello. -“Man’s best friend.
-Hello, Fido.” -Hello, Rex. Hello. Would you
like to ingest my hand?” -I also want to mention
real quick. I’m so excited. “God-Level Knowledge Darts:
Life Lessons from the Bronx.” -Boom. That’s right.
-That’s coming up. April 14th, I believe. And so excited to read
what you guys have to say. Always a delight
to have you here. Thank you so much.
Desus Nice, The Kid Mero.

89 thoughts on “Desus and Mero Quizzed Bernie Sanders on the Prices of Sneakers”

  1. C’mon, America’s dad Bernie Sanders doesn’t know the price of sneakers (that he’s shocked by), he doesn’t even own a comb! (Must have been a low-static not-windy day.)

  2. Bernie Sanders knows one thing that the USA does not have the money to pay for all the things he is promising to you all.

    Common sense isn’t working
    I refuse to bow down to dicKtator tiny hands mushroom dick donnie
    I will kill myself first

  4. Bernie Sanders is the most authentic and trustworthy politician in the Senate. Rated most popular senator 11 straight times in a row by the people. Record grassroots funding. Beats Trump by highest margins. 1st or close 2nd in almost every poll.

    Mainstream media: unelectable! All hail Klobucharizard! (Whom .5 of every 10 Democrats choose)

  5. I think Bloomberg does have a private island. That's where he was that time NYC had that blizzard where cars were stuck in the middle of the street. He had to take his private jet back to the city to address the fact that he didn't have sufficient snow cleanup. That was around 2010? Also, #Die4TheHive

  6. No way Bernie has ever bought a new pair of shoes.. he's a Goodwill kinda guy. Little brown marker on those scuffs, a coat of wax.. good as new!




  8. Good lord. I can see paying big bucks for some collectibles, but sneakers aren’t one of them. To each his/her own, I guess.

  9. Such a waste of opportunity to talk to Bernie and actually ask questions. Instead let’s get him to guess the prices of SHOES. Fucking moronic.

  10. Bernie's expression was hilarious and perfect! Whatever you may think about Bernie's policies, the one thing most people will agree about him is that he doesn't hide what he thinks.

  11. $4,500 for some damn shoes. If Im gonna spending that much on shoes, they better float, self-deoderize, and have a built-in Alexa.

  12. Wealth tax has been proven to fail time and time again, the only logical answer is a VAT tax. a lot of Europe countries have ditched their wealth tax. Austria, Denmark (1995), Germany (1997), Finland (2006), Luxembourg (2006) and Sweden (2007) because it is easily manipulated. ways it failed include – wealth taxes are difficult to administer and enforce. There is no way the Internal Revenue Service would be able to track down and value everything U.S. residents owned on a global basis. Before repeal, European wealth taxes with a variety of rates and bases tended to raise only about 0.2 percent of gross domestic product in revenue, based on Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development data that is only 1/40th as much as the U.S. federal income tax raises. Another problem is that wealth taxes have disappearing tax bases. In Europe, politicians carved out a number of exemptions from tax bases. Exemptions were often provided for farm assets, small businesses, pension assets, artwork, and other items.
    And here’s the kicker. Since the base of wealth taxes is net wealth, debt is deductible. That allowed wealthy Europeans to jack up their borrowing and invest in the exempted assets to shrink their tax bases. If a wealth tax were imposed in the United States, the farm lobby would most certainly get farmland excluded. Then rich people would borrow heavily and invest in farmland, shrinking the tax base and distorting the economy.

  13. Fine out when your state votes and if you need to register. We need to overwhelmingly turn out so they cant accuse Bernie of cheating. #Notme.Us

  14. I spent like a day trying all makes of shoes, expensive to cheap. The one that fit my foot best was a simple 29.99. I was trained to want the fancy bluetooth Nikes, but its a shoe. If its not comfortable to run in, I just wouldn't run as much. lol

  15. Where is Trumps S S A Commissioner

    With the vengeful acts committed by Andrew Saul, targeting lowest paid employees, mostly women demanding telework cease and people rerun to work, he's been M I A for 67 days. He doesn't mind stealing from Tax Payers and his new attack will now cost the tax payers 8 million a year.

    Swamp at its finest

  16. Bernies reaction is just priceless in all its no filter-ness.

    Imagine a world going from Trump to Sanders, from the worst pos liar in recent history to this humble and honest guy.

    Don't screw this one up, America. The universe handed you a once in a lifetime chance.

  17. Ok, is it me, the way he shook the mouth of that dog was kinda risky. That dog had hard core patience. A pit, pincher, or a Shepherd would have shown another type of greeting

  18. One is supporting the racist liar.. as in Warren. She is not cancelling all student and medical debt and backed away from Medicare for all. Many natives are asking her to drop out.

  19. I absolutely HATE Bloomberg.
    However, I sometimes do that to my dog to, and I think people are just making a big deal over nothing.

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