just a straight-up question for you guys and leave your answer down below in the comments but our Nike football boots uncomfortable what's going on guys Josh from soccer reviews for you comm bringing you a video today to once again discuss another high profile Nike athlete cutting holes in his football boots a few years ago we had the drama with Phil Coutinho cutting holes in his Nike Mercurial Vapor Elevens and actually wearing them in a match like this it was a theory that he had blisters it was also a theory that he could potentially be suffering from Haglund's deformity but that's just a theory either way it was a big deal that he was doing this and it got to a point where Nike actually ended up making him a custom variation of vapor Elevens as well as vapor 12s that clearly had some kind of special modification because of this particular issue fast forward two years and we've just seen sergio ramos training and not his normal nike tiempo z– but instead the phantom vision which he has trained in before but with the heel cut out where are these boots that I have sacrificed where did I put those to hold man where are those that's not it it's got to be here oh cannot find these now the reason why you would cut a hole out of the heel of your football boots is in the situation where you had a blister football boots fit quite tight and the one thing that really irritates a blister is pressure against it so in the case of the heel on your football boot if you cut a giant hole out of the back there would be nothing pressing against your blister allowing you to play comfortably in your football boots it's a solution that definitely works but once your blister has healed you're left with a giant hole in your boots now I'm not sure if Coutinho was the first player to have this idea but it was definitely the first situation that a lot of people notice and ever since he did it it seems like a lot of other players are doing exactly the same thing in the case of Sergio Ramos this time around it's really interesting because obviously it's just pre-season training and what he wears in training doesn't necessarily reflect what he's going to wear in the game but Sergio Ramos you have to keep in mind has been one of the main faces for Nike and the Tiempo line and what did Nike just do two weeks ago they launched a brand new tiempo legend eight of which he's actually already prior to the official release of the tiempo in the pre-release camo variation that we saw a lot of other main phases for the tiempo line training in but he's not wearing the new tiempo he's playing in the phantom vision with a hole cut out of the back it's also worth noting that this is a situation that has happened at the start of pre-season training where these players are coming off a little bit of a break at least Sergio Ramos would be so it's very likely that at least for the last month or so he hasn't done a ton of training if he has has probably been very very light and most of the training he's done probably hasn't been in tight-fitting football boots which are more likely to give you blisters than pretty much any other form of footwear so at the start of pre-season training starting to wear tight boots again your feet aren't necessarily used to it you are much more likely to suffer from blisters the interesting part about this situation though is the fact that you have two very high-profile Nike endorsed athletes cutting holes out of the back of their boots for what are seemingly issues with the comfort of not just Nike boots but their own custom-made Nike boots because you have to realize that as well not all professional players but definitely big names like this are just buying boots from the Nike store like everyone else they're getting them custom-made made specifically for their feet so they're meant to be as comfortable as possible but clearly they're not it's also worth noting that this is not a situation that Nike is trying to highlight themselves you don't see a Phil Coutinho mercurial ad with giant holes cut out of the back of the heel in this particular situation with Ramos these are actually pictures that he posted himself on his own Instagram which I'm sure Nike is very happy about at the end of the day if you're regularly running around in football boots blisters are pretty much inevitable you can do your best to avoid them but eventually they're just going to happen it's just very interesting that it's happening to such high profile highly paid Nike endorsed athletes that in the case of Sergio Ramos at least are so publicly displaying the issues that they're having with their boots and given the circumstances that Ramos is one of the main faces of their brand new tiempo line and he's now spotted in training posting it on his own social media wearing the wrong booth with giant holes cut out of the back very clearly noticeable in this bright orange color way sure it's something that Nike is not too pleased with and don't get me wrong I'm not saying that Nike makes the most uncomfortable football boots out there because we have seen pros wearing adidas boots cutting holes out of the back as well same thing goes for other brands but in the case of these two very high-profile Nike athletes it's definitely an interesting trend anyways that's it for this one if you guys enjoyed this video and perhaps want to see more boot spotting style videos on the channel don't forget to support this one with a like also let me know what your thoughts are on this situation down below in the comment section and if you have any questions regarding anything that I talked about feel free to ask that down below as well I'll do my best to get an answer out to you as soon as I possibly can if you enjoyed this video so much that you don't wanna miss out on future content for me I make daily videos on all the latest and greatest football boots so make sure you hit that subscribe button along with a little bell notification so you get 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  1. I had a pair of puma boots I don’t know what they were called but I got so much blisters I ordered a new pair of Adidas predators and they feel so much better

  2. Don't buy nike shoes in general, mainly because I had problems with blisters in the best fit I could get… Not only on boots, also trainers and basketball shoes…

  3. I can’t get a comfortable fit from my legend 8’s. Got them the morning of the release and was so excited and then got blisters the first time from a tiempo.

  4. Nike also made Coutinho custom Vapor 12s? That's news to me…

    As for the question, Nike boots aren't uncomfortable to me. They just need some long break in time, my Vapor 11s gave me blisters for the longest before they were fully broken in.

  5. yup, got heel blisters with my Tiempo Legend 7 elite fg so sold it already. Only nike im wearing now is the Nike Premier 2.0 anti-clog, feels so much better compared to tiempo; more plushy, better cushioning & fit. Only drawback is that it looks out dated.

  6. Hey josh I want to buy a pair of boots but I don’t know which I have a budget of $300 but I have wide feet what do you recommend for me

  7. Jalemba, Mercurial you can prob cut out and play… but Phantom Vision? How does Ramos able keep quadfit together?

  8. Why are they cutting holes !!!? If they don’t come with giant holes in the back then don’t do it !(sarcasm)🙄 now we don’t see Josh complaining when athletes do shit with their OWN PAID OF BOOTS

  9. Josh, is it normal to have small holes in the inside of the boot?(syntethic inner layer, toe-box area, copa 18.3)

  10. Surely if u cut a hole in the back , it will make the boot more uncomfortable coz of the little spiky bits that will dig into your heel .
    Just saying

  11. If you are going to pronounce a Spanish name
    Please do it well.
    Say Ser-He-O
    Not Ser-shi-o.

    Sergio the GI should be pronounced like “HE”.

  12. Nike boots are plenty comfortable, but I have really thin feet so my fit isn’t the same as everyone else’s, but I wear the tiempo 7 pros and they fit phenomenally. The pros released with a Kangaroo Leather upper, giving it a premium feel. They were a little awkward at first, but after you play on them 2-3 times they break in nicely.

  13. Which boot is the best out of these.

    Adidas Predator 18.1
    Puma future 18.1
    Puma one 18.1
    Adidas x 18.2
    Nike mercurial vapors 12 pros

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