Dress Shirt Factory/Manufacturer (Exiid International)

Dress Shirt Factory/Manufacturer (Exiid International)

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  1. Uniform Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter.

    we have uniform manufacturing factory in Bangalore, India. we do all type of uniform for school, college, corportate, office and sports. we use quality uniform fabrics with prints and embroidery. uniforms are made as per customer required specifixations. quality uniform manufacturers in India. more about uniform manufacturer


    [email protected]

    Ph: 8951601180


  2. I would love a tutorial on how to make one .. for cosplaying
    I don 't know if it 's just me but I 'm having a hard time finding one as well as dress shirts on stores for womens … All they have are see through ones & also ones that don 't button up all the way and what not …

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