Économiser 800€ chez Louis Vuitton ??!!! (DHGate Unboxing / Review)

Économiser 800€ chez Louis Vuitton ??!!! (DHGate Unboxing / Review)

hello everybody and welcome to my channel ! I hope that you’re doing good. At least I’m doing great. Thanks for asking I’m not going to beat around the bush since you’ve already read the title of this video today I’ve received in my mail box an highly anticipated package that I couldn’t wait to open because it contains as you can see the Louis Vuitton sneakers ! They are from DHGate’s website and we’re going to talk about them right now So for those who don’t know about DHGate Well it is an online selling platform where you can buy directly from chinese manufacturers You can find anything on there : clothes, electronics, etc And if you search deep enough on this website, by using specific key words you can come across some interesting stuff like luxury clothes, plenty of well known brands, etc and all that for incredible prices incredibly low prices I would say and there is a good reason for that because these products are counterfeit obviously therefore, the big question that we’re dying to know the answer to is : is it really worth it? is the product quality good enough to be willing to pay the price ? because it has a cost Not a very high one but it is money getting out of your pockets nonetheless How many time does the delivery take. And what are the customs fees? Well in my case, I tested it out with these shoes So I’ve bought them from a seller, but I don’t remember his / her name. I’ll put his / her link in the description box below this video Click on it if you’re interested in getting a pair for yourself So firstly, concerning the displayed prices on the website You must know that those prices vary Because this website is mostly targeting wholesalers people who buy a lot at once So the more you buy, the lower the price goes for one unit In brief, the chinese manufacturer gives you a discount each time you buy some more from him / her for example, I’ve bought these shoes for 70 euros, but would have costed me less if I had bought 10 pairs Secondly, concerning the payment methods this website accepts VISA cards, and Paypal I think. I have to check again for Paypal, not sure And the interesting part is that your money doesn’t go directly to the seller when you purchase an item because DHGate keeps it until you confirm that you’ve received exactly what you ordered the seller will be paid by the website only after your confirmation So that’s cool you can be refunded at any given moment in the process and it forces the seller to send you a good quality product to get paid afterward for his / her work. Thirdly, concerning the delivery In my case, it was kinda long (I live in Paris, FRANCE) because I had to wait around 3 week until I received the pair of shoes I was given a tracking number but it was a little bit complicated to folow because I had to go through a chinese shipper’s website So all the indications were in mandarin for like a week Then, the tracking information have got transferred onto my country postal agency’s website (Colissimo – french) Therefrom, I could follow the package daily Until it came to my house And here it is so that’s perfect And fourthly, the most important part, it concerns the quality of the product honestly it’s super well made I’m not gonna lie, the shoe is super sturdy It has some weight to it, ok it not a shoe that is going to wear off quickly I think Well for 70 bucks, you would expect them to put some quality into the manufactering There are a lot of details everywhere The Louis Vuitton logo in the front is well centered There is another LV logo on the tongue of the shoe By the way, the tongue is made of a smooth material, I like it The attachment at the back is fully functional you can pull it out, untighten it, etc There is even the LV logo engraved on it There are little breathing holes for your feet You don’t want to buy designer shoes and realize afterward that you’re walking around with stinky feet on people. That’s not a good look, you feel me ? and there are details even on the inside it’s written “Louis Vuitton Paris” on the sole, which is made of a leather-ish material. It feels really comfy to wear The only negative point that I’ve found is that the shoes smelled like factory when I received them. you know ? So I would recommend you to air them out for like a day or two to get rid of that smell and then you can wear them. Because if not, it won’t be pleasing to walking around with shoes that smells like industrial glue In conclusion, it is worth the price to me. 70 euros instead of 850 euros at the real Louis Vuitton Store. It’s the perfect deal Nonetheless, you must be patient because you have to wait from 3 week to a month like I said, until the package comes to your door So there you have it. I hope you enjoyed this video. Concider subscribing to my channel. Give this video a like. And I’ll see you in the next one 🙂 Take care

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  1. Lien pour les chaussures dans la description / Link to the shoes inside the description. Dont forget to subscribe 😉👌

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