Every WWE 2018 HEEL TURN Ranked On The Main Roster! | WrestleTalk

Every WWE 2018 HEEL TURN Ranked On The Main Roster! | WrestleTalk

Near the end of 2018 in WWE, it felt like
the promotion turned more people heel than it had TV segments. Some were ingeniously planned out, with complex
motivations spanning years. Others were because Vince McMahon woke up
one day and thought ‘SURVIVOR SERIES ISN’T VERY GOOD, LET’S CHANGE EVERYTHING’. It’s also because WWE lost an unprecedented
number of its top stars to injury or illness, forcing a soft reset the character dynamics
on each brand. Not to mention their total and utter inability
to book babyfaces. Keeping track of them all can be hard. Especially when some are ambigious at best,
and they’re back to being R-Truth’s comedy dance partner a few weeks later. But don’t worry, WrestleTalk has your back
– so here’s a list of every heel turn on the WWE main roster in 2018 so far – ranked
in how good I think they are! No doubt there are still more to come (*cough*
Shane McMahon *cough*) Honorable Mention: Sasha Banks
We begin with an honourable mention for Sasha Banks, who despite repeatedly turning on her
so-called best friend Bayley, like tossing her out of the Royal Rumble and kicking her
off a pod at Elimination Chamber, she never actually turned heel. After a series of monotonous counselling sessions,
the two made up to become a team and feud for the rest of the year against the Riott
Squad. Stop being so good at your job, Dr Shelby! [SHELBY SIDE SCREEN] Now onto the full villains. Dana Brooke March 19 (Raw) Because Ronda Rousey needed to practice throwing
someone around before her WrestleMania 34 match, Dana Brooke turned heel after the 19th
March episode of Raw in the dark match segment after the show went off-air. Brooke called Rousey a nobody and got suplexed
in response. And now?: This appears to have been in the
out-of-continuity dimension of house shows, as Brooke went back to managing babyface act
Titus Worldwide the next week, and now switches from face to heel depending on the situation. The Ascension April 23 (Raw) The Ascension simply just started working
as heels following their brand switch from SmackDown in April. No reason. No Fashion Police storyline conclusion. And now?: They’re still heels, and WWE still
does absolutely nothing with them. Mickie James February 26 (Raw) Nothing specific caused Mickie James to suddenly
turn villain again. She just started pairing with Alexa Bliss
on Raw, a year after The Wicked Witch redebuted James back on SmackDown. They supposedly reached an ‘understanding’
at Elimination Chamber, which was WWE’s way of giving heel champion Bliss some backup
going into her WrestleMania programme with the much larger Nia Jax. And now?: She’s still a heel. And still doing hardly anything. Goldust March 5 (Raw) Yep, this actually happened. Goldust randomly turned up on the March 5th
episode of Raw to call out John Cena and take his WrestleMania spot, acting like a bad guy. And was beaten by Cena in under four minutes. [DO RAW… IN ABOUT 4 MINUTES GRAPHIC] And now?: He’s hardly appeared since because
of injuries, but when he last showed up in June, he was a babyface again. Braun Strowman August 27 (Raw) Suddenly lacking any heels to go up against
their new Universal champion Roman Reigns – a situation they really should’ve foreseen
– WWE turned Raw’s most popular male babyface Strowman by aligning him with Dolph Ziggler
and Drew McIntyre to battle the Shield after SummerSlam. And now?: The random turn barely lasted two
months, as when Reigns was taken out with leukemia, WWE reverted Strowman back to his
babyface persona on October 22 by helping the Shield beat his former allies Drew and
Dolph for the tag belts. Drake Maverick September 3 (Raw) The 205 Live GM was introduced as the new
manager of AOP at the start of September, looking like a kid who just won a cosplay
competition, overseeing a squash match against some enhancement talent. Because WWE is WWE, though, he remained a
babyface on 205. And now?: Drake Maverick has since led AOP
to capture the Raw tag belts, and then literally pissed his pants at Survivor Series. The Big Show October 16 (SmackDown) Big Show randomly helped the Bar defeat the
New Day on SmackDown’s 1000 episode by chokeslamming Kofi Kingstom through the announcer’s table. Which was somehow surprising in a totally
underwhelming way. And now?: The Bar won the tag team titles
in that match, but just over a month later – keeping with Big Show’s stunning record
of face and heel turns, he split with the group in a pretaped TV segment in late November. Bobby Lashley October 8 (Raw) Despite declaring his brotherly love for his
three beautiful sisters, Lashley never managed to connect as a babyface. So on October 8th, just six months after returning
to WWE, Bobbins brutally beat down Kevin Owens after their match and joined his manager Lio
Rush on the dark side. And now?: He’s basically the same wrestler
only he wrestles against babyfaces rather than heels and has to sell less. He also points at his butt now. Lio Rush June 26 (205 Live) Lio Rush debuted on 205 Live as a heel having
worked as a flashy underdog babyface on NXT, and became a blinged-up narcissist overnight. And now?: Rush is so good at being annoying,
he was given the main roster role of Bobby Lashley’s “hype man” on Raw. Where he’s actually really good. Hideo Itami May 1 (205 Live) After a tag team run, Hideo Itami shoved partner
Akira Tozawa after a defeat to The Brian Kendrick and Jack Gallagher, and confirmed his heel
turn with a promo the following week. And now?: He’s become one of the best bad
guys in WWE and really deserves a higher profile than 205 Live allows. Buddy Murphy April 10 (205 Live) 205 Live’s Little Mr Bliss Buddy Murphy
– he’s Alexa’s real-life fiance – attacked Cedric Alexander from behind during his post-WrestleMania
Cruiserweight title win celebration ceremony. And now?: He’s still a heel, and the hottest
act on 205 Live as its reigning Cruiserweight champion. Ironically, though, his big title win happened
in front of his home crowd at Super Showdown in Australia – where he was a babyface. The Bellas October 8 (Raw) Even though practically everyone booed them
when they awkwardly returned to WWE, Nikki and Brie Bella were supposed to be a babyface
act and Ronda Rousey’s best friends – because that’s what all women’s storylines were
based on back then. They eventually turned on Ronda on the Raw
after tagging with her at Super Showdown. And now?: After some great promos in the build
up and a solid Evolution main event of Nikki vs Ronda, the Bellas disappeared from WWE
TV. Nia Jax November 5 (Raw) Nia Jax turned kayfabe heel on the November
5th Raw by beating up her supposed friend Ember Moon with Tamina – which was pretty
lame – but then managed to get nuclear heat by becoming a real-life villain after concussing
Becky Lynch in the Survivor Series go-home brawl. And now?: Nia’s unsafe working style might
have inadvertently helped her career. Rather than being punished for ruining the
Survivor Series card, Jax was rewarded by winning the women’s Survivor Series match
and then entered a feud with Ronda Rousey for TLC. SAnitY June 19 (SmackDown) SANITY made their main rosters debuts as heels
without explanation, having been babyfaces in NXT after a run of video promos in June. They Attacked the Usos prior to a scheduled
match with them, establishing them as villains. And now?: Although a fun debut, they wrestle
so infrequently it’s difficult to care about them. Nikki Cross debuted to a babyface pop for
one-night-only in November, and they fought for Team SmackDown at Survivor Series. Becky Lynch August 19 (SummerSlam) Frustrated with best friend Charlotte Flair
stealing her SummerSlam spotlight, Lynch snapped and attacked the new champion. The story WWE intended to tell was entirely
different to the one that played out, though. Lynch was loudly cheered, with fans emotionally
connecting with her side of the argument, even though SmackDown continued to frame her
as the bad guy. And now?: WWE officially gave up on Becky
being a heel on November 13 when she hugged Charlotte on SmackDown, letting her properly
be the biggest babyface in company. Randy Orton July 15 (Extreme Rules) After his morally confusing ‘is he a heel,
is he a babyface’ run with the Wyatt Family in 2016/17, Orton properly and fully turned
to the dark side for the first time in years by punting Jeff Hardy in the dick following
his US Title loss to Shinsuke Nakamura at Extreme Rules. And now?: He’s taken on the role of SmackDown’s
resident masochist, where he most notably fingered Hardy’s pierced ear. Aiden English September 18 (SmackDown) English heartbreakingly attacked his buddy
Rusev after the Bulgarian Brute lost to Shinsuke Nakamura, killing Rusev Day. He tried to blame it all on Lana trying to
have an affair with him in a cracking soap opera storyline, but it was all revealed to
be a ruse. And now?: Aiden was squashed by Rusev after
a brief feud and hasn’t been seen since. Charlotte Flair November 18 (Survivor Series) Frustrated in her match against Ronda Rousey,
Charlotte snapped and beat the heckins out of her with a kendo stick and chair. She even Pillmanized her neck in one of Survivor
Series 2018’s most memorable moments. And now?: She’s a babyface again. I think. Just two days after, SmackDown celebrated
Charlotte like a hometown hero – hinting WWE are trying to make Charlotte a badass tweener
just like how they accidentally did with Becky. Drew McIntyre April 16 (Raw) After an injury in NXT, Drew McIntyre returned
on the main roster the week after WrestleMania alongside Dolph Ziggler as the Diesel to his
Shawn Michaels – where they laid out Titus Worldwide to become one of the most exciting
acts on Monday nights. And now?: McIntyre has since ditched Dolph
Ziggler, dominated Kurt Angle, and become Raw’s biggest heel who actually shows up
[LESNAR SIDE SCREEN]. There are reportedly big plans for him as
a top star on Monday nights in 2019. Daniel Bryan November 13 (SmackDown) Just days away from AJ Styles’ champion
vs champion match again Brock Lesnar at Survivor Series, Bryan shockingly won the WWE Title
off him with a low blow – saving that Sunday’s pay-per-view with a great new twist. And now?: Bryan has since become WWE’s best
heel, turning on the FICKLE fans for killing the environment, mixing his real-life beliefs
with his bad guy act in a similar way to CM Punk’s brilliant Straight Edge Society. Shinsuke Nakamura April 8 (WrestleMania 34) Shinsuke Nakamura hit AJ Styles with a low
blow following his defeat to the WWE Champion in a fantastic WrestleMania moment. Nakamura never fully got over as a main roster
babyface, largely because WWE kept booking him to lose to Jinder Mahal in 2017. And now?: He ball kicked his way to the United
States championship, but sadly WWE haven’t really done anything with him since. Dean Ambrose October 22 (Raw) In my personally favourite heel turn of the
year, WWE used the emotion around Roman Reigns revealing he’s been diagnosed with leukaemia
to fuel Ambrose turning on Seth Rollins that same night. He attacked Seth just after they’d beaten
Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre for the tag team titles in the main event. And now?: Ambrose has morphed that complex
heel character into someone afraid of germs. Not what I would’ve done, but they can’t
take away the raw feeling of that initial moment. How about all the wrestlers released by WWE
in 2018? Click the video onscreen to relive them all! I’ve been Oli Davis, and that was wrestling.

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  1. Oli, Please stop calling Orton a masochist. That's the exact opposite of his gimmick. Masochist enjoys RECEIVING pain. Orton enjoys GIVING pain. Orton is a sadist.

  2. Oli- would it not have been easier and quicker just to list all those who didn't turn heel?

    John Cena
    That John guy with the new hair
    That's it

  3. I love how Daniel Bryan turn heel by kicking AJ styles in the balls and then said I only did it that one time and nobody on commentary on videos or anyting points out the fact that he kneed Brock Lesnar in the balls at survivor series. It just shows how much WWE does not think survivor Series is canon.

  4. Hello I am Adam from whatculture and here are all heel turns ranked-oh wrong channel 😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅

  5. Dean Ambrose and Daniel Bryan’s is fucking trash to me. Especially Dean Ambrose! Drew McIntyre, Kevin Owens, Sami Zyan, Buddy Murphy, Liao Rush, and The Miz had the best heel turn in the Main Roster. I actually forgot about Becky Lynch! 😂😂😂

  6. Why A.O.P. hasn't left Drake Maverick is beyond me and how the hell do you fuck up Nukamura & Dean Ambrose? An I will never forgive WWE for killing Rusev Day.

  7. Did Goldust ever turn baby-face after his feud with R-Truth last year? Cause I don't remember that happening (if he didn't he shouldn't be on this list)

  8. Becky and Charlotte werent really heel turns in the same way you never mentioned Bayley beating up Sasha.
    And technically i wouldn't count the NXT call ups as they dont turn heel, they just appear as heels which isn't really a turn and NXT is seen as separate to Raw and SDL

  9. damn Aiden English..that story was so hot wasnt it? them together was a large act, i cant believe WWE did absolutely nothing with them, broke them up early, the cheating segment was REALLY hype but they killed it so fast. then they ended it all with that squash match, Absolutely ruined opportunities. now we literally dont even see Aiden anymore

  10. Dana Brooke works for Titus Worldwide. It's her job. She pretends to be nice because she's at work, as many of us have to do. She wrestles solo as a heel because when she's wrestling she's being her true self.

    Hence, Dana doesn't constantly turn, she's been a heel the whole time.

  11. LOL you guys should do a retro video about the WCW heel turn from Flair, Luger and Hogan and the referee Nick Patrick 😀

  12. Let's be honest: Like Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens before, Aiden English and Rusev should've won the SD Tag Title at least once instead of this back and forth stuff between the Bar, New Day, and Usos.

  13. Spoiler Warning. Seriously, don't open this comment up if you don't want one.

    Nakamura's heel run has failed too as he's going to lose his U.S. championship on the up coming show. Haha it's official Nakamura fan's, wwe has completely botched him. Wait, I'm a Shinseki fan… Damn it! And people still want big stars from other promotions to join wwe, like Omega? Why?! These guy's should avoid wwe until they're near retirement.

  14. Did anyone realize that Dana brookes shirt said flex appeal which meant sex appeal reference from attitude era

  15. I'd say Becky but… well… surely one of the measures of how good a heel turn is has to be "did they turn heel?" If they didn't, it's not a very good heel turn… In fact, it's just not a heel turn! They tried – remember the week where Becky Lynch pretended to hate the fans and said they weren't supporting her whilst they were cheering her as loudly as possible?

    The end result has been great but the heel turn itself sort of completely bombed…. The babyface got booed and the heel got cheered!

  16. The problem with Dean heel turn was the fact that his germaphobe stemmed from his real like staph infection. They could have played off of that having him blame Rollins for the infection. Saying that had he had his back he wouldn’t have had to have elbow surgery (sorry can’t remember the exact issue) and continue blaming Rollins for the infection. They kinda tipped at that during the WWE Chronicles.

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