Fashion Nova Helps Me Find Boots

Fashion Nova Helps Me Find Boots

greetings boys girls and gender rebels I'm plunder bunny and today you are joining me for a clothing haul with a twist today's clothing haul is once again with the wonderful fashion of a curve who I've been working with for quite a while now today though I decided to do things a little bit differently and focus just on shoes and accessories because I haven't really delved that much into fashion overs shoes and accessories I've gotten one or two items here or there but yeah today's episode is just going to be about shoes and accessories also good news for everyone who's requested shoe holes for me for the many many years hey you go sure [Applause] I'm going to start with the accessories and first up we have the ball of a time evening clutch and this clutch is so freakin cute it's like a disco ball wearing a dress and I love it yeah okay it's just a little purse it should take with you honor on an evening out probably to a disco or some kind of fancy dinner date it's so silly it's so silly and I love it like it's way too small to be practical way too small for a cell phone only big enough for like money and a few essentials like you could put your card in here could could bung in a few tampons or something but like oh gosh it's so cute this is as much part of your outfit as whatever dress you're wearing and whatever shoes you're wearing there's it's just so cute and silly like I would wear the crap out of this too like a styled like a dress-up birthday party something disco themed or like I don't know it just feels like such a statement piece it feels great this feels like the sort of pass that you ask somewhere and everyone's like oh my god I love your bus why don't you get it from because it's like ooh sparkly shiny flippy exciting I just I love it it's really cute incredibly incredibly impractical really cute next up I have the chilling out evening clutch and it's the same size and style as the last one but significantly more simple it's much more of a bud cage design significantly less blinged out but similarly impractical because it's just as small but this one is transparent so it also has the end out of benefit of letting everyone know what you're taking out with you but on a stick this time I love this like this is so pretty it makes me want to put like a fake butt in it and then put it in my hair in some form of elaborate op do like a Georgian and NoHo let them eat cake about it because it's just it's just so good definitely use of the photo shoots something just put magic something inside of it like I don't know it just it feels good steampunky witchy kind of Victorians it's just good I don't know don't know how well it works as a bag but it works good as a as an artistic statement piece yes yes yes so next up I have the so extra floppy hat which is definitely definitely accurately named and it's great this hat is only 33 dollars which i think is ridiculous this hat I'm got Tryon footage of it logically even though it's just an accessory largely because it's hard for me to show you how large it is this hat is big enough that you could use it as a burlesque prop extremely easily this hat makes me feel like the most eccentric southern belle going to a Derby you could undo this and unfold it which is probably what's intended to be done which I will probably do once I am ready to wear this hat on a photo shoot y'all better believe clementines gonna be wearing this hat but it's so here it's so great it's so ridiculous it's so extra and it is named appropriately so extra oversized be at I I feel like I could take off with it like goodbye it's great this is great I love this hat and next up I have the exposed sunglasses and I'm just gonna expose to you all how much lighting I use with the reflectiveness of these great great guys I love these sunglasses these sunglasses are very cute they are round they are large and they are plastic and that is hugely beneficial when you have long hair because metal sunnies get tangled in your hair so for me this design is one that I love but it's always done with wire frames in fact the wire frame is like the slenderness of the frame is part of the aesthetic and usually it's not pulled off in plastic so I'm very enthusiastic about these sunglasses and I know I'm going to wear them until they die because it's just such a look that I've been looking for for a very long time specifically just big round kind of Lara Croft sunglasses that are plastic so they won't wreck up my too much fluffy I like these they're good very good they're just Sony's but like if this is a nice thick you've been looking for I can tell you how to find them fashion over next up is the mischievous sunglasses and I got these for a similar reason to I got the last ones I have been looking for ridiculously oversized cat eye glasses for quite a while I rarely find them however I'm not sure if I love the way that they look on my face shape as much as I had hoped just from like the way that I've seen this a static on people who have slightly smaller faces I feel like this look is a very like Audrey Hepburn sort of vibe to it which I absolutely adore but on me it has a bit of a like can I speak to the manager feel which but I do love them like these are very very cute pair of sunnies that I've been looking for to try on for a very long time yeah from this point on it's going to all be shoes and we're starting off strong with the thank you next pumps and oh my gosh these are pretty I was pretty sure when I ordered these that they weren't going to fit but I had to order them just in case see I have a really difficult shape and size foot my foot is it's around an 8 8 and 1/2 in length and then it has an 11 s width so shoes are really really hard to find fitting for me so I ordered a size 10 in most of these and hope for the best and I was very pleasantly surprised to find that these fit me now they are not the most comfortable shoes in the world I could not wear these out to a night dancing but I could wear these preferred oh shoot very easily like these are no more uncomfortable than any of my photo shoot high heels these are definitely the most uncomfortable shoes that I tried on out of everyone but I'm going to show you today but they still are definitely wearable and this sort of freaking shirt like these just make me feel like a cyber mermaid who lives in space and crushes alien skulls under her boot for fun and I mm next up we have the don't wake me up booty's and I really love these shoes these shoes are the most comfortable in all of the heels that I show you today they're definitely not as comfortable as some of the flats but these are even more comfortable than some flats that I've tried in my life like these are a beautifully designed shoe for comfort see the width of this heel at the back here it provides so much stability and the height of the boot provides ankle support and it's mm-hmm it's so cute and these I've been looking for a pair of shoes like this for so long it has such a Barbie doll feel because it's got that like kind of naked vibe obviously only for my skintone but for people who share a similar skin tone to me it definitely has that naked vibe and for people with darker skin tones it has that like plastic PVC doll vibe which is still similar and I just love it like I I don't know I don't know why I love these shoes so much maybe it's just they feel like they could go with just about anything anything really and they have this futuristic vibe but a simple vibe and they're comfortable which is rare for me and my weird feet I just really like these shoes I just do yes hmm I think these are my favorite heels I think they are just based on the fact that they feel super versatile it's hard to tell though because I have some good ones coming up next up I have the hold on bootie and okay these boys have such a horse girl aesthetic I had no idea that they would be Reince turned and I have to admit that due to them being Reince turned I'm really not a fan of their aesthetic I thought that they were a little bit more like that the Rhinestone makes it just a little bit too blingy for me however I'm glad that I got them because they're extremely comfortable like they have this wide heel thing on the back same as the last pair of boots that I showed you and this ridiculous pointed toe and like from the profile it looks like it's a very slender heel and the rhinestones like these boots feel very fancy like I wouldn't have gotten it if I'd seen the stones but I'm glad that I did because I feel like this will work so great for a lot of costumes like this to me I know that I've said horsecar a bunch of times but this is a My Little Pony shoe if you're gonna do yourself like on my little pony casual cosplay and not wear hooves like hmm this is rarity right here this rarity right oh look cute and next up I have to show you they're not giving up heeled sandal and these shoes are really interesting to me I got them because they have this kind of weird aesthetic where it falls halfway between looking like a straightjacket and halfway between looking like a ridiculously elegant evening wear pair of shoes like it's got all these like pretty golden brass accents with this like bandaged skin baiji like I just I love them like they they feel oddly sinister whilst at the same time elegant Oh me yes I'm a very elegant business lady I'm not at all in evilness who's gonna go harvest people for Pyramid Head I love these shoes they're very huge next up we have the meet me they're pink sneakers and I really dig these these are extremely comfortable they are very soft and very padded and they have a kind of somewhere between hiking boots somewhere between like Lofa aesthetic like very much loungy comfy but I'm gonna go camping but and I love the pink I love just like the the pink and the cocky together this is one of my favorite color clash combos like I've mentioned it before the whole like lace like girly lace a static mixed with combat this has that just kind of built into the style of the shoe like these would go so great with something both kind of can't be combat ace they all are super girly because of the colors like it's very much it straddles a cedex and doesn't really live firmly in any one specific area which is something that i appreciate i don't yeah and i don't know i don't know why i think there is cute as they are it helps that they're as comfortable as they are these are great for someone who has a wide foot the toe area is really wide on this shoe I could have possibly ordered a size 9 in these bad boys because of how wide they run which is yeah yes yes which is a yes good for me for the problem with penny feet but if you have very narrow feet these shoes you're probably gonna have to wear yourself some hiking socks some big fat hiking socks so they don't chafe the crap out of you yeah real cute I like next up I have the first instinct cocky bootie and these bad boys are really uncomfortable like for the shape of my foot unfortunately the way that these ones run specifically narrow towards like the the middle of the foot like the the bowl of the toe is just it just caused me pain the whole time I was wearing them I wore these out for like a good 8 hour day and when I came home I did have blisters on the balls of my foot which is such a bomb alike I did try to test all of these shoes so I could have a fairly good idea on comfort to tell you all and if you are like me and you have wide feet these are not the shoes for you however if you have very narrow feet that skew on the the longer for their width side these are great shoes I love the fact that they have a very subtle boost to them but really desperately wish they were more comfortable because they are so cute they have they again have a kind of hiking aesthetic but also a very like about town aesthetic because of like how alabaster white the base is and like how thick and chunky it is like I really dig really really really dig the sole these shoes at least makes them stand out simple not especially comfortable shoes next up I have the envious match faux leather boot and these boots are so tall I am 5 foot 10 and these suckers come halfway up my thighs I am obsessed like if you also have chunky leg like like a penny if you also have chunky chunky thigh you know how hard it is like playing like cosplaying or dressing up or just any form of aesthetic that has these ridiculous tall boots because they just don't exist and like yes they do want to roll down like like a pair of socks does but I'm just like mmm I can't I can't with how happy I am with the fact that these fit they have a massive platform a really tall heel they go way up my thigh I just I'm very very impressed with these heels and I couldn't recommend them enough if you are looking for a similar pair of shoes for a pair of big ol thighs highly recommend so the area on my thigh that these boots come up to is 29 inches and the widest area of my calf is 18 and a half inches so if your measurements are smaller than those then these boots should fit up your thighs as well good news hey boots for big legs yay now in my opinion I've saved the best until last and these are the tall talk flat boots these AHA over-the-knee faux suede brown laced boots and I love them I love these boots I have wanted a pair of boots like this my whole life genuinely my whole life like I think for pretty much as long as I can remember because the first things that I fell in love with my fantasy stories and I always heard stories of like you know adventurers with that tall leather knee boots and how like stylish they looked and I just it's just never been something that I have found in a size that would fit me and these boys aren't stretchy like this is not a stretchy area so it just has to be large enough to fit over your cuff so if you are a person with smaller legs than an 18 and a half inch calf these will be baggy on you and and that's fine because it will have like the scrunchie aesthetic which I think might even be how they're intended to be worn like kind of scrunched but I'm glad that they did that because it means that people with much larger legs can wear them tight and that's extremely cool to me because I've just genuinely never seen these kind of like adventure boots in like chunky I just haven't and what's more is they hold up I wore these bad boys on a full day of hiking around the Grand Canyon and they really don't look worse for wear like you can't like I was climbing over old areas that had been forest fires looking for morale mush and I was like sliding over bits of burnt pine and like it was raining and you can't tell that after my whole day of hiking around the Grand Canyon held up amazingness Legolas shoes and I love them like I don't think I could wear them hiking every single day for a year because they are just fashion shoes no they only cost forty five dollars which is extremely cheap for a pair of boots like this but if you're gonna wear them mostly around town and every now and then on the event like the the average adventurous walk or whatever these are really good I want to go and buy a pair of these for myself and just keep them in the wardrobe for when these ones eventually die because I know I will wear them to death because of how much I love them so I can just have a replacement pair cuz they're just so perfect I've been working with fashion Novikov for quite a while now they send me all of these items for free however I don't make any money from these videos they don't pay me for making the videos and I also don't earn commissions based on sales or anything like that so all of my opinions are my own but I'm very glad that fashion over sends me these clothes because there's no way that I could afford to get this many items this frequently to tell you all my opinions on them so I really appreciate them sending me these things but that doesn't mean that I'm gonna pull punches if I think something's crap yeah linked to fashion Nova and the names of all of the items in today's video are down in the description box also links to my patreon and Twitter and Instagram and all that good jazz are down there as well from the bottom of my little black heart thank you so much for joining me everybody and I hope to see you next time goodbye [Applause]

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