First Look - FourLaps Athletic Apparel | Unboxing

First Look – FourLaps Athletic Apparel | Unboxing

hey Jen I've got an exciting new look at a brand new athletic wear company called for laps now I had the chance to meet the founder and talk about the company a little bit what I'm going to do today is to open this box give you a first look and then I'm gonna put the clothing through its paces against my current go-to athletic wear which is for the most part Lululemon and some Nike stuff if you want to check out the company a little bit further I have a link in the description make sure you subscribe to keep videos like this coming and give a thumbs up for regular exercise which makes everybody a little bit more healthy talking to the founder of four laps it really stands for the first four laps around a track which is your first mile and they say start before you're ready because it's all about getting out there and getting active there's a lot of companies that have popped up I for one have used Lululemon for most of my athletic wear if you also look at Roane and some of the other companies that are popping up on the web just like almonds where there's never been a better time to get clothing now the reason that he started this company was that you have companies like Rome or Under Armour or Nike and Lululemon and all those price points are pretty high for product that you could actually get for a little bit better of a price and four laps is about having accessible athletic wear with high quality materials so I had him send me a few items and what I want to do is I'll give you a first look we'll check them out and then after you give me a few weeks I'm going to wear these in actual use and let you know how they compared to companies like round and Lululemon so we have a graphic tee here for four laps if you checked out Men's Fitness Magazine they featured some of these clothing and this workout tank is actually I mean this this colorway is so cool to me this and a vintage type red white and blue I'll also also show you some of the stuff around track Smith because I know that's another one that's been talked about a lot so we have an exercise T here have some shorts you know four laps a little reflective logo on the back here and another colorway of the shorts so I'll try these on show you how they look they feel very premium they feel very good and the biggest thing with any of these exercise clothing is the moisture wicking sweat wicking and the have odor fighting material so let's try these on we'll talk about it and go from there just out of the box there's very little material field difference between these $90 Lululemon shorts and I want to say these four laps shorts come in around 45 or 50 dollars which isn't cheap for workout clothing but it feels very premium you know you can go to a Marshalls and get cheap workout clothes but comparing to price points one very high one very accessible 4550 dollars seems pretty good now I had asked him to send me all of their kind of more colorful styles they do offer these and like a gray and a black and some of the others but I'm really a big fan of you know showing a little more Flair and showing a little bit of color the bolt short I have the 7 inch in both a small and a medium because I wasn't sure what size I would be I usually find myself between a medium and small and most of my clothing whether it be t-shirts or shorts as far as choosing between the small and a medium I do find that they line up very similar with other athletic apparel I typically wear a small on Lululemon and they are very form-fitting I find that these fit very similar to your standard athletic apparel sizing one of the things I like about these bolts shorts is that they have side pockets for anything you might want to put in there but they also have zipper pockets that fits up to an iPhone 6 and that's pretty important because it some of the shorts that I have don't even have and pockets from Nike and some of the other companies there you have a Jets huge fan of the kind of vintage retro look of all these tees and as a brand new company take a look I have a link in the description below if you're in the market for some new I political air I would definitely check them out I'm gonna put it through his paces and I'll check in with you in a few weeks to let you know how my field tests go if you have any questions about the product the company or I have suggestions for others let me know in the comments below or at the underscore Cavalier on Twitter and Instagram be fit stay active and until next time gents this is the gavel here you

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  1. hey man, besides mizzen and main, what other wicking dress shirts with good collars do you know about? Sleeves were a little short for me with the small trim

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