Flohio | Against the Grain | Nike

Flohio | Against the Grain | Nike

It’s a hobby,
but I really like this hobby, I see this hobby going crazy places,
let me just stick at it. My community just so happens to be
this creative bunch I met in Bermondsey, When there is a community of you,
there is literally no boundaries. I just always wanted to get my hands dirty, You’re the creator, you’re the author, Do it yourself,
no one is going to do it for you. Best feeling you know,
knowing you’ve just overcome an obstacle by yourself. You just got to bring your inner child,
got to let your inner child live. I’m done with the norm,
you know I have my own style, I know what I want it to look like,
I know what I want it to sound like, And if I have to be a rebel
to make my voice heard then so be it, It’s gonna resonate for ever man.

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  1. Hey nike .

    I am from Indian I am greatly interested in shoes . Do you have some work from me I am going to turn 18 this April first week.

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