FRIENDS LOOKBOOK + STYLE GUIDE | Six 90s Inspired Outfit Ideas

FRIENDS LOOKBOOK + STYLE GUIDE | Six 90s Inspired Outfit Ideas

Hey guys my name is Khatia and I love
taking style inspiration from TV shows So I thought today I’d consult the
ladies of “Friends” and come up with six 90s inspired outfits. So without further
ado, let’s begin with Phoebe Buffay Phoebe’s style can be described as boho
eclectic and thrifty. She even says in the show that she thrifts all of her
clothing so the pieces we see her style are often unique and one-of-a-kind. She
also loves to mix different colors, patterns and textures, so for her outfit
I chose this maxi floral skirt as floor-length skirts and dresses tend to
be a motif in her outfits. I layered this mesh long-sleeve top underneath a green
velvet button-down jacket, as we often see her go for velvet textures and
oversized jackets similar to this one. The two necklaces I chose are both
handmade and have a rustic feel. I thought they fit her aesthetic as she
regularly uses large necklaces as statement pieces. I also added four golden rings and Mary Jane shoes. The final accessory are these
green bubble scrunchies since Phoebe seems to incorporate quite a few varying
accessories into the majority of her hairstyles. I unfortunately didn’t have a
guitar to pose with but “Smelly Cat” was playing in my head if that’s any
consolation. The second outfit inspired by Miss
Buffay features this gorgeous green satin midi dress. We see Phoebe style
cardigans with midi and maxi dresses quite often, so i paired it with this
mint green one. The shoes Phoebe wears are no exception to her unique style so
I chose the quirkiest shoes I had, which happened to be these magenta satin flats
with rainbow bead embellishments. I accessorized with a black floral
embroidered mini handbag and a daisy choker just to spice things up a little
more. Next up, we have an outfit inspired by
the character who is still considered a huge fashion icon today: Rachel Green.
Rachel seems to go for more classic pieces, specifically within the black
white and grey color scheme, as well as simple patterns such as plaid and
gingham. Quite a few of her looks are office wear so I chose this structured
blazer for the first outfit. We see her layer blazers unconventionally such as
with shorteralls in “The One with Ross’s New Girlfriend” so I chose to pair it
with a simple gingham mini dress, similar to the one she wears in “The One With The Thumb.” However, my dress has a square neckline, which we also see her style
often and is very remnant of the 90s in general. I added simple black tights
since the combination of tights and mini skirts seems to be a running theme in
Rachel’s outfits. Finally I added a simple gray and gold watch and these
black patent oxford heels to really emphasize the business casual vibe of
the outfit. The next Rachel inspired outfit pairs
two of her go to pieces: a simple black top and plaid pants. We also see Rachel
style these pieces together in “The One Where Joey Moves Out” I also added these black platform slides as Rachel uses similar sandals to make
her looks a little more casual. They were also the most 90s shoe I could find in
my closet. I chose this tattoo choker to stay within that vigorously 90s feel
the rest of the outfit radiated Last but certainly not least, we have the
queen of casual and 90s fits: Monica Geller. I’ve seen this particular look
recreated over and over again on Instagram, so I decided to join the
bandwagon and pair this red cherry coke baby tee with light wash mom jeans. Mom jeans tend to be Monica’s go-to in the majority of her outfits and baby tees
seem to be a wardrobe favorite as well. I also added this tiny black bag similar
to the one she styles with that particular outfit, a black barrette, and white Air
Force Ones. I finished the look off with a watch as
it tends to be her favorite accessory. The final outfit is inspired by a look I
saw Monica wear in the very first episode, in which she layers a floral
maxi dress with a baby tee and then uses a cardigan to kind of cinch in the waist.
So I went for this orange floral maxi dress and layered it with a white baby
tee. Since I didn’t have a white cardigan, I went for this white button-down
instead and I think it works just as well since it’s more of a belt than a
cardigan in this look. I kept the jewelry simple with a single rose gold honeycomb
bracelet and I finished the look off with the same Air Force Ones,
since Monica seems to wear white sneakers with a majority of her outfits. So that completes my six “Friends”
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like to check that out it will be linked in the description, along with everything
else I wore in this video. Let me know in the comments which look was your
favorite and what other shows you’d like to see lookbooks for in the future!
Thank you so much for watching and I’ll see you next time, bye!

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  1. I was around when it came out in the 90s, but I was not that much a fan of Friends at the time. Looking back, yeah I miss the 90s and it's a great show in reminding what a better place living it was then!£
    I always liked how Jennifer Aniston looked like Rachel and you nailed her looks, that's for sure!

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