Full Size Run Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex

Full Size Run Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex

Oh doh Oh what's up sneaker shop yeah all right yeah what what should I wear these for your show or those snicker shop votes when we got to set that up yeah no what are you Matthews what way Grilli in a grill out yep huh no grill fair guys right sneaker shopping it's finally happening just call Joe up again this guy not a chance dude put the knife down it's gonna happen you psycho what's that even about flipper ski have you ever bought resold sneakers I'm about to wrong show guys sneaker shopping what up everybody its Joe from complex we're in New York City at Stadium Goods with my guys from full-size on lumpy Trinidad and Brendan done good to do some sneaker shopping today gonna see what they're feeling what they're not and then hopefully these guys are gonna buy some sneakers cash this bring let's go wrap the adidas Walt we have to focus on one member of the full-size we always don't put your an adidas employee first in a complex employees second when did you fall in love with the brand though growing up I remember I used to go down to my grandparents house in South Jersey and I always used to buy these um adidas pro shelves the mid top shelter with a strap all throughout high school I just wrap okay no but I was into like Rod Laver Stan Smith ZX shoes and land in the past like maybe like six plus years or so I really started getting like heavy heavy into the brand like going to football matches or not that's what like really got me back into the company what's your footwear tire when you go to the matches the trainers not the anchors but train yeah just like the flat the flat the flat the flat the flat at the flat the flats old stuff with the suede or maybe like a pair of running shoes desi Al's a Red Bull stick to put on today how long it took it took a little yeah it was the mathematics in the head okay all kidding aside what I like is that you are a fan of the brand but you're also at times their toughest critic yeah you love something so much you want to see the brand do better so the brand messes up you have to call them out on it because you want better product and then they say em you want Instagram yes well it's me up and gets mad look at him driving we don't have to mention named Big Mike's question go ahead Trinidad have you ever read those sneakers yes oh do you have my sneakers off for Marcel in this shop exactly our way that's some personal collection right you know what size is this yeah it may there may be some wealthy sneakers right here adidas give my man his all specialis come on guys it's time we need the wealthy specialis do you see any speci outs here Wow no and what does that mean for someone who knows he always thought you know he always talks about the influence of the spazzy house they call him the mat well t's funny though what thousands of pairs of sneakers not one speciale here what do you think what what is that an indictment of you or what we actually wear our shoes so okay good answer looking great as ever well that will team let's go over here we got to go to the trophy case talk some expensive shoes maybe a little out of my pay grade but Trinidad yes sir long history in the sneaker game but one thing you even said on the show that you now host ok look bitch give you an inch ball you spent over a million dollars on sneakers back when you were copying heavy legends of summer Justin Timberlake freeze yes what was it like back then you know you grow up you know you love Jordans but you only get what your parents can get you if that some people never get a chance to get what they actually really want when it comes to sneakers I'm about to be able to buy all the things that I said to myself not want it so it's just a great time then to be honest with you and you could say it's a full-circle moment now you know he's so quick I'm ready he's so quick look at the hands the brain is always going that tuition what are some of your favorites over here looking for D's in a size my size 11 or whatever these are really good shout to Seoul whole lotta friends and family definitely these are really classic right there I want to get another pair of these in my size 11 check out some of my old stylist friend Renaldo Nehemiah okay while we're here but you said in Atlanta you could ask about me and no one will say anything correct about your sneaker kind of catalog and your sneaker heritage right right and you said none of these guys that have put in a week of work for foams right tell us the story about that let me get the name I have the foam in it yeah I want to hear that story which phones are we talking about yes right bring it over beautiful bringing it this year you didn't go into the story you just mentioned that I don't think I would be here right now talking to you if it wasn't for this shoe at Walters which is a very laudable classic place like you know I'm saying all right pre mr. walk and all that you know his love we spent a real five days like you know I worked the downtown Atlanta a real job you know I'm saying got off work and like when camped out are you showering in between oh wow look yes have you guys ever waited in line for a week no of course no the closer and closer you get to the time to give the shoe new people pull up with a energy invested elaborate ease want to pull up with their energy and you thinking like dude I'm to do I'm trying to cut you in line or what happen nobody coming along but seriously don't like people to just count like people come with all different type of energies you gotta hold your ground if somebody might look at this my purse your shoes but this is important done one thing I like about you many things I like about you guys just but just you just want how much time we have so off-camera you come into the office and I never know what you're gonna wear your rotation is very diverse yeah it seems like you switch every day where did that come from I don't think it was always that way but I think just being into them for so long there became like this the set of shoes that was so standard that if you were into sneakers these were the sneaker head shoes and I have a Jordan one you know I mean I have I have the off whites at home whatever whatever but like I just wanted to do something different to show that I wasn't just picking obvious things you know absolutely made of the people right approach but I do say that I would say in the past year a couple years you do tend to enjoy the Nike running silhouette here coming out yeah totally what do you like that they're doing you know I just like focusing on newer stuff because I think it would be a shame if everyone who was into sneakers only cared about shoes that came out twenty years ago thirty years ago like I said this before but how depressing would it be if the best shoe ever made came out in 1985 you know you have to we have to celebrate new stuff so it's a you know new innovation type stuff the actual performance shoes things like that it's funny that you're into performance shoes not that good at sports Oh give me that one give me one you know what was your half marathon time like 140 or something that's good right it's all right I'm respected I'm working on it you went to the University of Oregon yes fuck you you can't say that to innocent bystandard we want to get wealthy triggered let's go to the Jordan Bowl boy oh so we're in the Jordan section how much obviously sweat de beating down Jordan section of your personal hell just I just don't like any shoes none you don't like any of these shoes not there's not one I could appreciate it from like a historical perspective but when it comes to if you told me to spend my own money and wear any of these sneakers that would never ever happen no no no he does own or he has owned one pair of Jordans the Aqua eights Hey and it's funny Trinidad because you actually rapped about these this song was called what height piece yes this is it so I talked about how you've got these on these in 1993 okay second grade I remember my mom got me these at Foot Locker this is well teen yeah well the old Foot Locker when they had the shoes too long like the circle tables it wasn't just like a shoe wall I remember getting these and I just beat the hell out of them they were dude you playing basketball or what maybe we can put them that we could finally use the jump shot photo in this episode you work at Foot Locker right yeah I have a retail background yeah as well were you good at selling sneakers and if did you hate Jordans back then – how would you sell Jordans if you didn't like that I could run the shoes I was really good at selling shoes I was really bad at selling insoles and socks and I hated sell the accessories be like buy one get one half off wait too much money what would you sell Jordans though yeah I saw these are a classic these are underrated when these came back they were too limited than the they were they were wild limited when they came back the last time but we didn't have them cuz I stopped working able to regulate any lines or anything like not not as yeah the thing on you what the reign in stain repellent well we talked about everything now is the easy part there's the shelves see what you guys are gonna take home this see this is easy and kind of hard absolutely you're gonna pay for it right yep I got it whatever game you gotta find something yeah I'm gonna do the JWM just in Converse this isn't really a typical pick for me but I was actually texting Trinidad the other day about how I need a pair of these and he said to go for it I don't know if I can really pull it off but let's do it I really like the Tailwind I'm gonna go for it it's not a bad choice at all I'm gonna get these on my sister let me get these in the 5 let me get these right here but I don't have these black cause fours let me get those my brother yeah I mean this Judy's Gennesaret and no remember ever having these this is crazy I feel like it's a lot of power right yeah let me get these joints right yeah let me get these for my boy Lincoln man all right just cash it up all right gentlemen your total altogether is three thousand seven hundred ninety two dollars and 73 cents incredible I'll pay for my boys all right team we are dit gentlemen you're all set thank you sir so the crossover episode full-size runs sneaker shopping just went down to really open we did it thank you guys so much for taking the time make sure you check out full-sized run Thursday 6 o'clock on the soul collective channel and sneaker shopping Monday's 10:00 a.m. mostly full-size right now I don't know about that a is yo better late than never but it finds ain't got the plaque what's that silver Shire case subscribers that's cute this is amazing you're hyped over a hundred thousand subscribers what do you mean that's nothing it's a big moment for the brand it's not my own channel and get a hundred thousand subscribers you don't want a million I'm not trying to touch that shit to his all go okay you guys we need more subscribers subscribe to the show I'm at addressed like will T back to being the common folk nobody wants that it's not pretty I already lost my Gucci suck they're gonna fire me we don't get more subscribers that's actually true subscribe to the show or they're gonna stop sending me speciale subscribe to the show so I keep flexing on you niggas man you see these goddamn kicks on my feet I think the one with smoke just hit the button I mean God how much how much more can we ask

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  2. Man since the new format and the amazing combo of Dad, Welty (the lord), Brendan and the Editor started I've been addicted to FSR. Seeing you guys go Sneaker Shopping with JLP got me all emotional. Miss guthrie the icing on the cake.

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