Gigi Hadid Gives Jimmy the Only Men’s Pair of Her EyeLoveMore Mules

Gigi Hadid Gives Jimmy the Only Men’s Pair of Her EyeLoveMore Mules

-we have you.
Darryl Strawberry’s here. -I’m so excited for you.
I’ve heard that’s your person. -Yeah, he was one of my
all-time — He was my top-ten athlete
growing up. I’m like, I love — Yeah. Do you have a top-ten… -Kobe was my…
[ Cheers and applause ] I grew up in California! -Kobe Bryant?
-Yeah. -Are you a big fan? -Yeah, I was a big Lakers fan.
My 13th birthday, I went to a Lakers game,
had a Lakers cake, and you know,
had all the jerseys — the home jersey,
the away jersey, the special edition,
both numbers. -That’s right.
He as 7 and… -8, 24. -Oh, was it 8? Yeah. [ Laughter ] I was getting up there.
7, 8… 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18,
19, 20, 21, 24. -It’s okay.
You got it. -Yeah.
Well, I mean, 24 minus 8… 7. Uh, so, uh… [ Laughter ] I met him once
when he was a rookie. He was barely on the Lakers,
and I was barely a comedian out in L.A.
Somebody asked us to go on a beer run together.
-Nice. -And I was like,
“Okay, let’s just go.” We went to a place called
Pink Dot, which — Do you know a Pink Dot?
-Yeah, delivery place. -Yeah.
You can buy stuff there. -So, you walked up to the door
and they’re like, “Nuh-uh, buddy.”
-Yeah, the guy’s like, “We don’t sell stuff here.
You have to get it delivered.” And we’re like,
“I don’t know what to do.” And he put his ID up
and he goes, “I’m a Laker.” And they guy’s like,
“Come on in!” -Yeah, it worked.
-Yeah! -It totally worked.
It totally worked. -That’s awesome.
Congrats on the cover of “Glamour” here, and were also
recipient of a nice award. [ Cheers and applause ] Woman of the Year —
Congratulations on getting a nice award, come on.
-Thank you. Woman of the Year feels like
a really big thing. And, like, no one wakes up
feeling like Woman of the Year. You know? So.
-No? But you do now.
Yeah! -Still don’t.
-I know. Tell me about this new shoe line
and what you’re doing here. -So, this new shoe line — So, last year,
my first collaboration with Stuart Weitzman, has
already gone towards building three schools.
They’re done — One in Guatemala —
-Is that right? -Yeah.
One in Guana, and one in Laos. And these shoes will go towards
our commitment to build another three
in the same countries. So it’s awesome.
And if you bought the shoe last season, your money has
already gone towards schools that are up and running.
And yeah, it’s really cool. -How does that feel?
-It’s awesome. I love it, I love it.
-That feels great. -It makes me so happy. -What are they called, again? -These are called the EYELOVEs. -The EYELOVEs, so —
Ooh, I see. So, is this like an evil eye? -Yeah.
So, my dad’s Palestinian, and it’s a symbol
that I grew up with. And it’s not only
in his culture. It’s in a lot of cultures,
shown in different ways, drawn in different ways,
but it has the same meaning of protecting you
from bad energy. And I think, besides
the spiritual side of it, it’s just a good mental reminder
that when you put them on, just don’t let those bad things
come your way and don’t let
it affect your day. So, kind of nice.
-I love that. Yeah. And they look gorgeous. We actually got
a couple pairs in my size. -Okay, that’s what I asked for!
I’m so glad! Do they fit?
-Are these the eyes? -Those are the EYELOVEMOREs.
-EYELOVEMORE, ’cause there’s more eyes
on this, the EYELOVEMOREs. -You guys, Jimmy’s
the only man in the world that these are made for. They’re only for women,
but we made them in his size. [ Light laughter ] [ Cheers and applause ] You can wear them
if you’re a guy. I think they’re still cool. You’re going to walk in them? No!
-Yeah. [ Cheers and applause ] -Okay, wait.
[ Band plays music ] We’re gonna foot model. -I mean, this is not bad.
Is that how I — Like that, like that? Yeah. [ Cheers ] Hey, they’re comfy.
-They look amazing on you! I’m gonna wear
this around the house. I love ’em. Yeah.
-And your toes are warm, right? -Totally.
They’re toasty. This is fantastic.
-Great. -And again, Pencils of Promise. -Pencils of Promise, yeah. -Congratulations on that.
-Thank you so much. -We love having you here.
Last time, we talked about our love of burgers.
-Yes. -And we had
a hamburger together. -We did.
-A bite of a hamburger. Well, today, now I’m going
to give you a bite of my favorite hamburger.
-A tradition! -This is now a tradition,
now that we’re doing this. This is from…
-From where? This is from a place in New York
called Island Burger. -Yes! -This is on 51st and 9th
here in New York City. And this is like —
This is like a secret one that’s on the
secret burger list. -So, we’ll try, like,
a new one every time. -Every time you come on,
we’ll try a different burger and give props to
a good burger place. -Love it.
-And any suggestions, you know, send them on in.
If you have, like, you know — I know I’m going
to hear from Wahlburgers. -My mom’s going to be so proud
of me that I putting my napkin on my lap.
-That’s what I was about to do. -There we go, mom.
-I just want to take my flats off first.
Here we go. [ Light laughter ] Here we go. Ready?
Let’s have a — And cheers to you.
-Cheers. And cheers to EYELOVE.
-Cheers. I love burgers! [ Cheers and applause ] [ Band plays music ] [ Mumbling ] [ Cheers and applause ] [ Mouth full ] Congrats
on your new shoe line. [ Applause ] Go to
to learn about a great organization. Gigi Hadid.
Look for EYELOVE and EYELOVEMORE shoe selections
available today.

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