Guess Which Of These Outfits Costs $22,000 at Fashion Week | This Look Is Money | Harper’s BAZAAR

Guess Which Of These Outfits Costs $22,000 at Fashion Week | This Look Is Money | Harper’s BAZAAR

(upbeat hip hop music) – Hi, I am Gabriella Zacche. I’m a full time content
creator here in New York, and I like to think of my
style as being city chic. And I just like to throw in
a mix of statement pieces that are timeless and I can
use over and over again, and some vintage finds that I find in thrift shops around the city. I love this pair of Fendi
boots that I just got like three days ago for fashion week. I feel like I really really need a pair of comfortable boots to
walk around fashion week, ’cause it gets really crazy. I love that they have this
entire black leather part in the front, and then this
nice little monogram detail on the back. This dress is from Ganni and Ganni is one of my favorite emerging
Scandinavian brands, and it’s one of my
favorite transition pieces. The fabric is just perfect
for transition weather. It’s just thin enough
that it’s not too hot, but the long sleeves
kind of protects you from the cold weather if it gets cold. I just love how neutral
this Dior saddle bag is. I got it actually at a
vintage shop here in New York. I wouldn’t pay full price for
it, because it’s so in trend and I know that it might
go out of trend very soon. If I see that an item is too trendy and I feel like it could be a fad, I’m less likely to spend
a lot of money on it so I try to find it pre-owned or vintage. But if I see a really good designer item that I feel that it
could be timeless piece, I would definitely spend a
little extra money on it. I love those Dior shades, I
just got them recently in Paris on a trip that I made. I think that the shape is just
perfect for all year round. They’re just so classy
and elegant, but stylish at the same time. I really like this
bracelet that I recently got from Monica Vinader. I really love this whole
chain trend for jewelry, and I think it’s just a
really good statement piece to elevate your whole
look without you thinking too much about what you’re gonna wear. And the earrings are from
the exact same collection and same brand. Just because I feel like matching jewelry just have this power of making
you look so put together, and I just love it. And now guess how much
my whole look costs. (hip hop music) – Hey I’m Tyler Joe, I’m a photographer. My personal style is like
a unicorn with accents. I wear the same white jeans
and the same white T-shirt or the same black jeans
or the same black T-shirt every single day. I work in fashion, so I
see clothes all the time, and I just don’t wanna
think about what I wear. These shoes are a collaboration
between Nike and Acronym. Acronym’s one of my
favorite tech-wear brands. I got these for $400
resale because I slept on the release. Now they’re worth $1900 on resale market, and I don’t know why. Maybe because people are just way too lazy to tie their shoes so
they wanna zipper it up. But you know, convenience
costs money so (laughs). These pants are Stan Ray painter’s paints. I don’t paint, but I
like them because they’re really wide and roomy
and I can move around when I’m taking photos. And they’re like $30
a piece, so I can just get down and dirty when I’m taking photos and not care what happens to them. This belt is from 1KCorp. I like it ’cause it’s super functional. So this shirt is from Raf
Simmons, my favorite designer. Normally in the summer
I would just be wearing a white T-shirt and white jeans, but since it’s kind of
moving into fall now, I can just throw on an over shirt. It adds a nice pop of color
and it adds a nice accent to my minimal uniform. The T-shirt is Uniqlo. It’s a T-shirt and cheap, and
I don’t really wanna invest in $1000 T-shirts ‘cuz I know they exist. I wear them every day. I throw ’em out, I get new ones. There’s no need. This necklace was given
to my by my grandma this past summer. My dad has one, my uncles
have one, she gave one to me at my cousin’s
wedding because I think she wants me to also get
married, so it’s kind of like a nudge nudge. This ring is from a Norwegian
brand called Tom Wood. My friend Mona Jensen is the designer. I modeled for her once and she
gave me the ring as a gift. I never had worn rings
before, and now I love ’em. The watch means a lot to me. I don’t know anything about watches, I’m not a watch guy, but I
know it’s a very iconic watch. And the story behind it
is my grandfather came from nothing, he worked
his butt off moving from China to America and never
bought anything for himself. But when he did, he bought this watch. Just to kind of prove that you work hard anything can happen. And he never wore it,
he just kinda kept it just to prove to himself
that you work hard, you can get what you want. So when he passed away,
he handed it down to me. So I kind of wear it to remind myself to always work hard. During fashion week, the only thing I wear that matters, is this. It’s kind of permanently
with me, whether it’s this one or that one. Fashion week is fun. You never know what you’re
gonna get as far as photos. I love documenting
people’s personal style. When you see someone who
just has like a true innate, real cool sense of personality
with what they wear, so trying to find that and document that and trying to get an amazing
picture at the same time, with all these different
variables that are around you can’t control. I find it very exciting and dynamic. And now, guess how much my look costs. (hip hop music) – Hi, my name is Karen. AKA KarenBritChic. I run a YouTube channel by that same name, and Instagram, and my blog is called Where Did You Get That. I’ve got a bit of a tomboy style. I love to mix high and low. A bit of thrift, vintage, high street, and maybe a bit of
designer thrown in as well. The one thing in my
wardrobe that will always be is my Converses, and I
think I’ve had Converses in my life since I was in
college, in university. So it has a special place in my heart. I think they just go with everything. It’s a really good way
just to casualize anything. I think I’ve invented the word casualize. And then also, my dress,
which is from Zara. I say this is the dress
that keeps on giving, because it’s sequined, it’s
long and it has pockets. How many sequined dresses do you know that have pockets? Exactly. This is a trench that I
found from Beacon’s Closet. I think it was about $70
and I could not believe it. I literally levitated off the floor and moved, floated
towards this trench coat. It goes with everything and it is the perfect transition
piece to just fling on over any of my dresses. And my bag, this is the one and only Christian Dior saddle bag. I know, it’s that it bag, it is that bag. But I actually got mine right
before they relaunched it, so I picked it up from Poshmark. I was so chaffed I could not believe it. And this bracelet, I got this from oh there’s a street vendor I really like, he’s outside Balthazaar
restaurant on Spring Street. He is my guy, he is brilliant. Anyways, so I picked this
up, it goes with everything and I like the actual
clash of like silver dress and gold with the gold. You see what I’m doing here? During fashion week, I like what goes on outside on the streets. There’s always that someone
who’s off to the side who’s got something really unique about the way they put their clothes together. I’ve never been a believer that you should be having the latest it
thing from head to toe. I think you should have
clothes that reflect who you are, what your style is. To me style is not about the price point. It’s just about enjoying
the clothes themselves. But it’s the way you combined
it with everything else that’s in your wardrobe. The colors, the shapes, everything. That is what produces a killer outfit. And now, guess how much my look cost. (hip hop music)

100 thoughts on “Guess Which Of These Outfits Costs $22,000 at Fashion Week | This Look Is Money | Harper’s BAZAAR”

  1. Someone who needs labels and logos on their clothes screams, "I DON'T HAVE A PERSONALITY, SO I BOUGHT SOMEONE ELSE'S!"

  2. I actually liked the photographer's santimental pieces! It's cool to wear something that you connect to!

  3. this video is so superficial. who cares what matters is how someone puts the outfit together not the stupid labels. cheap and fake

  4. I was sure it was the guy's when he talked about the watch and I knew right away that the girl with the shiny dress had the cheapest one but the girl with the 4035 outfit fooled me cause I thought it was about 10000-12000…damn

  5. Tyler's style is casual yet put together… expensive yet looks attainable. Please continue featuring men who love fashion. Good job, HB! ๐Ÿ‘

  6. The Male is definitely the one with the $22,000 outfit. His watch has a hefty price tag. ๐Ÿ’ฐ

    I'd guess Karen's outfit is under $1000 and the woman in the Fendi boots is wearing about $4500

  7. Supporting my fellow black Brit Karen , love you and your style sis ๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ‡ฌ๐Ÿ‡ง๐Ÿ‡ฌ๐Ÿ‡ง๐Ÿ‡ฌ๐Ÿ‡ง๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–

  8. Hearing the guy say that he wears t-shirts and throws them away breaks my heart. This is why the humans and animals may not survive on this planet much longer. We should be shopping more sustainably. We should wear the things we buy until they are no longer wearable. Or if we no longer want the item we should give it to someone we know can use the item or recycle it.

  9. Tyler Joe's is worth 22k because of the watch.

    The first girl's outfit about 6k. Nice boots, but the pattern of the dress and the boots, and the scale drown her. Nope.

    Karen's is about 3k but comes out the winner style-wise. Authenticity, that's what she has.

  10. Tyler Joe you've killed it. You really don't need flaunting Designer outfits to be honest as your watch cost more than anything put together ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ‘Œ

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  12. it' crazy to spend 22k for an outfit already, but to spend 22k for nike, white t-shirt and white pants… you can call it fashion but it's disgusting to me

  13. I wouldโ€™ve never guessed the photographers was the most expensive not just because of what his fit looks like (which I like) but because his comment on just dressing minimal and accenting.

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