Guys Wear Heels For The First Time

Guys Wear Heels For The First Time

– Like, look at that, hey, oh my God. – I’m tackling a little
bit of a phobia today. – I’ve never worn heels before. – I like heels on women. – Oh, they’re sexy. – I feel like there’s a
pressure on gay people that they’re supposed to be able
to wear them without fail. – I’m excited to strut. – I mean I’m sure I’ll look nice and sexy. – Make it happen. These are terrify–, these are weapons. – This is like a toothpick. This thing is for sure gonna break. Alright, I’m just gonna go for it. – Ah, it’s giving me anxiety. – Oh, God, it’s already bad. – Already feeling sexier. – One, two, three, Ooooh, (bleep) me! – This is the worst. – I don’t like this, oh my God. – I can’t stand straight,
I can’t, I can’t stand. – Because I’m afraid that I’ll fall. – Whoa! Okay. – Ha, ha, ha, ha! – Whew! Here we go. – Oh (bleep). – This is pain city over here. – It’s like walking for the first time. – Jeez, I’m like pushing 6’9″ right now. – I feel sexy, hold up, let
me strut, let me get this. – I’m just figuring out that if you like swing your hips with it, you get more like distribution of weight. – Props to models that can
walk in a straight line without looking like a horse. – I kinda wanna get good at it, you know. – Oh, I’ve got the hang of it. – I like the sound that it makes. – Like a workout. – My muscle in my leg is
literally going like this. – They should have these at the gym. Just some bros, like put on
some heels and just walk. And then that’s like ooh, one set. – I’m sweating ’cause I’m working so hard. – Like my calves like, look at that. – This is harder than
football practice, for sure. – I feel a little bit
like a rock star though. – It kinda feels like
you’re hiking or something and you step on a log by accident. But the log is always in your shoe. – My feet are in mousetraps right now. – I forgot that women have to
wear these for a whole day. – By the end of the day, I
would want to cut off my feet. I understand why every woman
I’ve ever met wants a foot rub. – Can you imagine doing this drunk? – I thought I’d be better
at this than I was. Work! – Oh, it’s kinda almost like
worth it to just put them on just so you can take them off later. Because it’s gonna feel amazing. – It was worse than I expected. – I didn’t think it was that hard. Actually, I thought it
was gonna be harder. – I find back, pssht,
chicks do this all the time. – I’m like at a loss for words. – I already feel like my calves
are getting strengthened. – Next time I’m dancing with a chick I’m just gonna be like, “Are you okay?” – I would never ask you to do this for me. – This has changed my
view on heels forever. I’m never, like if I see a heel in a store I’m walking the other way. – To all fabulous women
and drag queens out there, I salute you. – Wait, this is (bleep) up, hold on.

100 thoughts on “Guys Wear Heels For The First Time”

  1. I like heels, but I like heeled boots. They're more comfortable. And heeled boots look badass.

  2. If I could teach them how to walk in heels I would cause if a 15 years male teen can walk without any problem (me) than they can do it as well

  3. Wearing heels is hard! We (2 guys) just ran 100m to set a new world record for our video haha I thought my ankles were going to break!

  4. You know how most of these guys are like 'oh man~ Just here HOPE ing that their feet get better. If you spot it your awesome reply if u do😄

  5. If they wear socks then heels don't hurt too badly. But try wearing them whilst going up on wooden platforms and they feel like you are trying to walk on top of a plane with turbulence!

  6. "I feel like there's a pressure on gay people that they should be able to wear them without fail."
    …what? For the record, I myself am gay and I'm 100% sure he just made that up.

  7. I have danced Boombayah by BLACKPINK in high heels not because I wanted to but because I had to and they were killing so they were complaining about wearing them for like 5-10 minutes I wore them for 4 minutes while dancing 3 times.

    Btw i wore them three times because I had to dance 3 different danced and they all included high heels and dancing without the heels made the outfit look really off

  8. High heels are terrible for your feet and cause varicose veins. They make you taller and make your legs look great, but any orthopedic doctor will tell you that your feet will look like a science experiment if you wear them more than occasionally.

  9. but if a guy were to see a woman in a bar walking like that he would be like oh. hell noooooo he be walking with his feet 3 feet apart

  10. I'm a girl and a tomboy and my school's graduation is coming soon so my mum bought me high heels so that I could be a little more "girly" but when I use them and try to walk I look like these guys😂 and I still can't do it properly can someone tell me how to walk properly in heels??😂😂😂

  11. Fact- High heels were originally designed FOR MEN, NOT WOMEN! Also the reason they aren't liking wearing those heels is because they are too skinny and also not the right shape for a high heel. A platform shoe is the better type of high heel for men because they have thicker heels and are more supportive.

  12. I love that they say that women have to wear them, no we choose to wear them. Yes, heels are painful, but they look amazing!

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