100 thoughts on “High-Tech Parking Boot Gets Ticket Scofflaws Back In The Driver’s Seat”

  1. While the cop was bounding that to my tire, it damaged my wheel metal center. Police said it's the problem on my side !

  2. What makes you think they're going to give the boot that they can literally just take out the tracking chip and steal that shit

  3. The boot is ridiculous period. Where I live the licence bureau simply will not renew your driver license, any stickers, allow change of ownership etc… really won’t do any service until all outstanding tickets or fines are paid in full with interest if late. You might be able to avoid payment for a while but they get you eventually.

  4. Here in Ontario,Canada they don't boot they just put any & all tickets against your Vehicles plates so you have to pay to get your yearly sticker!!

  5. and that when you walk in and tell them you owe me 25 for gas since gas is 315 a gal for bring it back and give them a bill and show it to a lawyer and then if they dont pay take it to court lol

  6. Return it within 24 hours. I never asked for the boot to be on and Im not responsible for the boot before or after.

    Once is off is staying where is it. Not wasting my gas for a piece of metal.

  7. They should have shopped more, these new boots are a failure in UK; much easier to remove. You just need ratchet driver and torx bit. 3 or 4 screw removed and you're clear.

  8. This sounds like the start of a scam, and if I'm punching in the code and taking it off after I paid you you're coming to get the thing I'm not taking it to you.

  9. grinding the boot off is a felony. if they catch you doing that, which they will, you're going to jail. is that really worth it?

  10. Don’t forget the code because is the same code from the same device write the device number along wit the pin code and you will have the code of that devise

  11. The chump parking officer might possibly see it, but, if I DID get one of these boots, I'd scratch the code somewhere discreet on the boot so the next person might see it and be able to remove it without paying. I doubt the code ever changes and we all know city workers are lazy as fuck and might not ever notice a tiny set of numbers scratched onto it.

  12. 2 ways to remove it: There are screws inside the boot at the bottom (where the clamp slides). Remove them and the boot opens up. OR you can just remove the tire and put a spare on.

  13. Seriously, it seems that half of the people commenting below are felons.
    Cut the thing, destroy it, I don’t care, hide your license plate and VIN tag…
    This is why we have such a prison problem, you guys just can’t stay out of jail!

  14. Yea looks pretty cheesy, I bet I could get they off fairly easy. Then I’d put it in a box, shit in that box, then drop it off at the station.

  15. No need for human to come and take it of, I use other means to take it of, it's against constitution's to put on your vehicle in the first place, strawman illusion YouTube

  16. Pay the fine then take a detour of your busy day to return their stupid boot, pick it up where you left it

  17. California always looking for a better way to take the taxpayers money even after citizens pay taxes. City council always want more money in there pockets

  18. I used to hang out with a guy who had a big old chevy work truck with a READING brand bed and a torch setup in there with his welder. He'd park wherever, never pay, and had his license plate on some neodynium magnets. Park, toss the plate in the toolbox. He got the boot once when we were getting lunch. Took him 30 seconds. He said she was too heavy to tow and I believe him.

  19. This is Bullshit, why should I pay the city money? Why should they put this piece of shit on my car? Fuck you LA.

  20. I was with it till they said return it in 24 hrs. You just held my car hostage and then want me to return the tool that was used in said crime to the owners so they can repeat on another unfortunate idiot. If I gotta return it in 24 hrs ima spend 23 of em learning about how to unlock that shit so I never gotta pay u [email protected]#<!hz again.

  21. Well, not sure about the boot, but the windshield barnacle is taken off by drilling into the suction cup. Ezpz. I still have a dozen of them in my garage. We were driving from BC to TX and got this shit placed on our windshield up in Seattle on a restaurant parking lot. Every single car got booted like this on the lot, including some really expensive ones like a Gallardo and a Bentley bentayga that just came out back then. I was an odd one there with my lifted F 350.
    As I understood from conversation – restaurant had a land dispute over it's parking lot and a pond. And the owner of the land decided to go after the restaurant's clients instead of the restaurant itself.
    You ain't messing with a Texan in a pickup truck on apportioned plates. I have a 5th wheel in that sucker, you think I won't have a drill? In 20 minutes I removed them from every single car with much aplauze of the owners, grabbed all 13 of those boots, and continued on with my journey. I might have given a wrong phone number to the restaurant management, and the apportioned plate is only good for a year, but nonetheless two years have passed, and I still have 13 barnacles from Seattle in my possession.

  22. What a scam! They are looking for alternative revenue streams to fund their illegal immigrant insurance initiative. 4I’s. 😂😂😂

  23. So what you want to do is get a spot welder and burn off the smaller bar that is on the inner part of the wheel boom no mo boot

  24. those boat to stop drivers from driving cause they make you pay for the parking ticket so my tip dont park in a handcap spot

  25. Cops and government just not learning people are tired of corruption I mean how many cop and government people geting shot do they need to see history is replay

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